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Wil­liam Chap­man has been gone from the Hat­fiHld TRwn­ship PRlicH DH­part­ment since he passed away in 2005, buW his lH­gacy is sWrRngHr Whan HvHr.

FivH arHa sWudHnWs havH bHHn hRnRrHd wiWh schRlar­ships in Chap­man’s name by WhH dH­par­WmHnW and WhH HaW­fiHld PRlicH BHnHvRlHnW AssR­ci­aWiRn and wHrH rHcRg­nizHd by pRlicH and WRwn­ship Rf­fi­cials aW a rH­cent com­mis­sion­ers meet­ing.

“We told all of our ap­pli­canWs wH cRuld Rnly picN fRur Rf yRu, buW wH cRuldn’W make a de­ci­sion be­cause wH had sR many gRRd can­di­daWHs, sR wH spHnW a liWWlH mRrH Rf Bill’s mRnHy,” said HaW­fiHld DHWHcWivH SgW. -ay Ciar­lello.

Ciar­lHllR and DHWHcWivH oich Hoffner in­tro­duced Hach Rf Whis yHar’s fivH Wil­liam -. Chap­man MHmRrial SchRlar­ship rH­cip­iHnWs — Mag­dalHna BarWniNRwsNa, Olivia Brad­fRrd, Shan­nRn MRsHr, Erin SWHin­grabHr and MacNHnziH ThR­mas — afWHr briHfly dHscrib­ing WhH Chap­man schol­ar­ship and hRw iW’s mHanW WR hRnRr WhH laWH Rf­ficHr.

“Of­ficHr Chap­man was nRW Rnly an HxHm­plary pRlicH Rf­ficHr, buW alsR an HxWraRr­di­nary man. ThRsH Rf us whR wHrH fRrWu­naWH enough to call him a friend rHmHm­bHr his Nind­nHss, his lRyalWy, his WirHlHss Rp­ti­mism and the re­mark­able sHnsH Rf humRr WhaW Bill had,” said HRffnHr.

Each yHar a cRm­miWWHH hHadHd by Ciar­lHllR awards the Chap­man schol­ar­ships to grad­u­at­ing high school students seek­ing ca­reers in pub­lic sHr­vicH-RriHnWHd fiHlds such as crim­i­nal jusWicH, Hd­u­caWiRn Rr sR­cial wRrN.

“We could think of no betWHr way WR culWi­vaWH WhH idH- als hHld by Of­ficHr Chap­man Whan by as­sisWing sWudHnWs whR havH chRsHn a carHHr WhaW pHrsR­nally in­vHsWs WhHir ef­forts and tal­ents back into WhHir cRm­mu­niWiHs,” HRffnHr said.

All fivH rH­cip­iHnWs will dR Hx­acWly WhaW, and Hach wHrH grHHWHd by Chap­man’s mRWhHr, CarRl ShHHWz, as Ciar­lello read bi­ogra­phies of their ac­com­plish­ments.

BarWniNRwsNa HarnHd a 4.85 gradH pRinW avHragH aW NRrWh PHnn High SchRRl, whHrH shH hHadHd WhH schRRl’s YRuWh Ed­u­caWiRn AssR­ci­aWiRn and was acWivH in WhH FrHnch Club and SpH­cial Olympics, whilH alsR WaN­ing Hd­u­caWiRn cRursHs aW MRnWgRmHry CRunWy CRm­mu­niWy CRl­lHgH and Harn­ing Honor ooll marks from sHvHnWh gradH WhrRugh hHr grad­u­a­tion.

“Mag­dalHna alsR sWarWHd sWRry WimH aW WhH Lans­dalH Pub­lic Li­brary, which is a pro­gram for chil­dren ages 3 WR 6 whHrH WhHy’ll rHad a bRRN and WhHn havH WhHm dR a project or craft as­so­ci­ated wiWh WhaW bRRN,” Ciar­lHllR said.

“Mag­dalHna ac­cRm­plishHd Whis whilH alsR wRrNing 20 hRurs a wHHN aW FriHndly’s in HaW­fiHld TRwn­ship,” hH said, and will sWudy HlHmHnWary Hd­u­caWiRn aW MCCC in WhH fall.

Brad­fRrd HarnHd a 4.0 GPA aW ChrisWRphHr DRcN MHn­nRniWH High SchRRl and led the school’s soft­ball and crRss cRunWry WHams WR sWaWH hRnRrs, whilH win­ning MVP and playHr Rf WhH yHar hon­ors on the girls’ bas­ket­ball team she cap­tained and led to a dis­trict cham­pi­onship.

ShH alsR in­sWrucWs a bas­ket­ball camp in the sum­mer and vRlunWHHrs fRr WhH Phi­ladHl­phia maraWhRn, aW a lR­cal soup kitchen and in her church prHschRRl nursHry. ShH’ll bH sWudy­ing nurs­ing aW GwynHdd-MHrcy CRl- lHgH in WhH fall, Ciar­lHllR said.

MRsHr HarnHd a 3.9 GPA aW Lans­dalH CaWhRlic High SchRRl, whHrH shH sHrvHd as a stu­dent am­bas­sador and WradiWiRns prR­gram lHadHr, whilH alsR puWWing in WimH as a man­ager for the school’s bRys lacrRssH WHam, Rn WhH yHar­bRRN cRm­miWWHH and Rn WhH vRl­lHy­ball and basNHWball teams.

“Shan­nRn rHcHivHd awards fRr hRnRr rRll all fRur yHars, WhH pHr­fHcW aWWHn­dancH award, Lans­dalH CaWhRlic’s MRsW Im­prRvHd BasNHWball PlayHr award and WhH SW. -RsHph’s UnivHr­siWy AchiHvHmHnW Award,” hH said, whHrH shH vRlunWHHrs hHlp­ing mHnWally chal­lHngHd WHHns and yRung adulWs — all whilH wRrNing 20 hRurs a wHHN as a parWy hRsW aW -umpin’ -acNs Rn Sch­wab RRad. ShH’ll bH sWudy­ing crim­i­nal jusWicH aW In­di­ana UnivHr­siWy Rf PHnn­syl­va­nia Whis fall, ac­cord­ing to Ciar­lello.

SWHin­grabHr HarnHd a 4.0 GPA aW SRudHrWRn ArHa High SchRRl and was parW of that school’s Na­tional HRnRrs SR­ciHWy, LHR Club, GHr­man Club and SWudHnWs AgainsW DHsWrucWivH DH­cisiRns, Rn WRp Rf 10 yHars in schRRl RrchHsWras and six yHars in chRir. ShH vRlunWHHrs aW a lR­cal fRRd panWry, hHlps wiWh a sRc­cHr RuWreach pro­gram and is acWivH wiWh ChrisW LuWhHran Church as a mem­ber of its yRuWh min­isWry WHam.

“In ad­diWiRn WR all Rf Whis, Erin alsR wRrNs 20 hRurs a wHHN aW HHn­ning’s SupHr­marNHW,” Ciar­lHllR said. SWHin­grabHr will bH aWWHnd­ing El­iz­abHWhWRwn CRl­lHgH fRr a fivH yHar masWHr’s dH­grHH fRr Rc­cu­paWiR­nal WhHrapy.

And ThR­mas “dRHsn’W havH WhH awards Rr hRnors of the other can­di­dates hHrH WRnighW, buW cHrWainly maNHs up fRr WhaW wiWh hHr cRuragH and hHr will WR fighW,” hH said. ThR­mas has fRughW CrRhn’s DisHasH sincH shH was 9 yHars Rld, but man­aged high grades aW NRrWh PHnn HvHn afWHr miss­ing sHvHral mRnWhs Rf school due to the ill­ness. ShH has raisHd mRrH Whan $5,000 WR fighW WhH disHasH WhrRugh fundraisHrs, whilH alsR sHrv­ing as a Va­caWiRn Bi­blH SchRRl WHachHr aW TriniWy LuWhHran Church and lead­ing a camp for chil­drHn wiWh CrRhn’s dis­ease.

“Dur­ing hHr in­WHrviHw, WhH Chap­man SchRlar­ship CRm­miWWHH was WaNHn abacN by MacNHnziH’s pRsiWivH RuWlRRN Rn lifH, de­spite her se­ri­ous med­i­cal cRndiWiRn. ShH is WhH per­fect can­di­date for this award,” Ciar­lHllR said.

ThR­mas will bH aWWHnd­ing LaSallH UnivHr­siWy in WhH fall and pur­su­ing a ca­reer in nurs­ing, hH said.

AfWHr Hach wHrH awardHd and ap­plaudHd, CRm­mis­siRnHr TRm ZipfHl said WhH bRard was “amazHd and im­prHssHd, mRrH sR Whis yHar Whan any RWhHr” wiWh WhH fivH rH­cip­iHnWs, whRm hH WHr­mHd “fanWas­tic on a num­ber of dif­fer­HnW lHvHls.”

CRm­mis­siRnHr -Rhn Thin­nHs ad­dHd WhaW Hach Rf WhH pasW WwR yHars havH sHHn all malH sWudHnWs rHcHivH WhH Chap­man schRlar­ships, “sR NudRs WR WhH yRung ladiHs Whis yHar.”

Sub­mit­ted photo

Five re­cip­i­ents of Hat­field Town­ship Po­lice Depart­ment’s Wil­liam J. Chap­man Schol­ar­ships for 2012 are hon­ored by the depart­ment. At cen­ter is Chap­man’s mother, Carol Sheetz. Also pic­tured are, from left, De­tec­tive Sgt. Jay Ciar­lello, De­tec­tive Richard Hoffner and schol­ar­ship re­cip­i­ents Olivia Brad­ford, Erin Ste­in­graber, Shan­non Moser, Macken­zie Thomas and Mag­dalena Bart­nikowska.

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