Ci­ti­zen ac­tion needed to stem vi­o­lence

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The an­gry winds of vi­o­lence that threaten many ur­ban ar­eas across the na­tion, in­clud­ing nearby Philadel­phia, have buf­feted with in­creas­ing fre­quency neigh­bor­ing subur­ban com­mu­ni­ties with gun­shot deaths be­ing docXPHn­tHd Ln ChHltHn­haP, AbLnJtRn and RthHU tRwn­shLSs.

And thanN JRRd­nHss some res­i­dents, community lead­ers, politi­cians, po­lice and church lead­ers are be­gin­ning to co­a­lesce in or­der to cur­tail the sense­less deaths through such pro­grams as the “Bridg­ing thH CRPPXnLtLHs” IRUXP that was mod­er­ated reFHntly by thH 5HY. 0LULaP Bur­nett, pas­tor of New BHthHl AIULFan 0HthRdLst (SLsFRSal ChXUFh Ln :Ll­lRw GURYH.

Bur­nett, also a med­i­cal doc­tor and hold­ing a mas­ter’s de­gree in pub­lic health, ac­cord­ing to her Rn­lLnH bLRJUaShy at www. nHw­bHthHlwJ.RUJ, hRstHd thH AXJ. 13 SURJUaP at thH 1RUth 3Hnn VF: 3Rst 676 that fea­tured the likes RI AbLnJtRn SRlLFH ChLHI :Ll­lLaP KHlly, USSHU DXblLn DHSXty ChLHI LHH BHn­sRn and AbLnJtRn 7Rwn- shLS CRPPLssLRnHU :aynH LXNHU. 7hH SURJUaP was re­port­edly or­ga­nized by thH BULdJLnJ thH CRPPXnLtLHs CRalLtLRn, LnFRU­po­rat­ing groups IURP CUHstPRnt and North Hills fol­low­ing a par­tic­u­larly vi­o­lent HSLsRdH.

AFFRUdLnJ tR thH 7LPHs ChURni­cle ar­ti­cle writ­ten by re­porter Jar­reau Free­man IRU thH AXJ. 1622 is­sue, Luker was adamant about the July 17 shoot­ing death of a CUHstPRnt UHsLdHnt, :Ll­liam But­ler, not “de­stroyLnJ” thH FRPPXnLty. A North Hills man has been FhaUJHd wLth thH shRRtLnJ.

In fact, Luker and oth­ers have called for more community and recre­ational pro­grams, but ac­knowl­edged the dif­fi­cul­ties to fund­ing ini­tia­tives dur­ing these tough eco­nomic tLPHs.

AltHU­natLYHly, as LXNHU in­sists, it is up to cit­i­zens tR taNH aFtLRn. , FRXldn’t agree with the com­mis­sLRnHU PRUH.

I’m ab­so­lutely

con- YLnFHd that Ln FRnMXnFtLRn with community sport­ing pro­grams and other ac­tiv­i­ties, it’s im­per­a­tive that youths and young adults are ex­posed to their eth­nic histRUy.

For in­stance, many younger AIULFan APHUL­cans could ex­plore their fam­ily roots and the ac­com­plish­ments of past gen­er­a­tions, sit­u­a­tions that are still too rarely ex­plored in our pub­lic, priY­atH and FhaUtHU sFhRRls.

There’s no doubt in my mind that some­times low self- es­teem, based on the fool­ish mes­sages that black youths re­ceive from el­e­ments of the mass me­dia, play a sig­nif­i­cant role Ln blaFN- Rn- blaFN FULPH. YHt, wH MXst Fan­nRt HxFlX­sively blame the devil­ish phe­nom­e­non on the tube, as old- timers some­times Fall tHlHYLsLRn.

To be blunt, many of the prob­lems start right at hRPH. 3aUHnts PXst taNH more re­spon­si­bil­ity, no mat­ter what, in de­mand­ing aca­demic ex­cel­lence and FLYLF UHsSRn­sLbLlLty. I’m sure the good Rev­erend Bur­nett would also fo­cus on spir­i­tu­al­ity, with Py tR­tal aJUHHPHnt.

And SaUHnts PXst nRt bH afraid to dis­cuss such topLFs as APHULFan slaYHUy, the Jewish Holo­caust or the Ja­panese com­mit­ting JHnRFLdH aJaLnst thH ChL­nese at cer­tain points in hLstRUy.

Sadly, as the right- wing state ap­pa­ra­tus con­tin­ues to cut funds to valu­able pro­grams and cause the pro­lif­er­a­tion of guns, while fed­eral ini­tia­tives are threat­ened by pow­er­hold­ers in­tent on stopSLnJ 3UHsLdHnt 2baPa, wH must all dig deep within in or­der to stop the vi­o­lence and up­lift our young IRlNs.

And TXLtH IUanNly, much of our ini­tia­tives should in­volve en­cour­ag­ing young vot­ers to get to the bal­lot box, de­spite the grow­ing state- spon­sored ob­sta­cles, and throw away the bullets in or­der to save lLYHs.

Don “Og­be­wii” Scott, a Mel­rose Park res­i­dent, can be con­tacted at dscott9703@ aol. com.

A Place in His­tory Don­ald Scott

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