NPSD com­mit­tee eyes ren­o­va­tions at Hat­field El­e­men­tary

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The North Penn Sup­port Ser­vices Com­mit­tee toured Hat­fiHOG EOHPHn­tary SFhRRO 0RnGay nLJht tR JHt a ORRN at SrRbOHPs at thH IaFLOLty, which is next on the list of schools for ren­o­va­tion.

At a school board meetLnJ HarOLHr thLs PRnth, thH board had voted to al­low an ar­chi­tect to draw up plans to ren­o­vate Hat­field anG 0Rn­tJRPHry HOHPHn­tary sFhRROs Ln RrGHr tR meet an Oc­to­ber dead­line tR aSSOy IRr statH rHLPburse­ment.

Com­mit­tee Chair­man John Schilling said the Hat­fiHOG EOHPHn­tary buLOGLnJ, which dates from about 1970, nHHGs tR bH uSGatHG and is suf­fer­ing from wear and tear.

“A ORt RI thH buLOGLnJ, thH hHatLnJ Ls thHrPaO, IrRP thH FHLOLnJ,” SFhLOOLnJ saLG. “It’s rHaOOy RutGatHG. WH just wanted to give peo­ple an idea what the build­ing is OLNH. YRu FRuOG sHH thHrH arH is­sues there that need to be rHsROvHG, IunFtLR­naO Rb­sROHsFHnFH.”

The com­mit­tee will hold its next meet­ing at Mon­tJRPHry EOHPHn­tary SFhRRO tR taNH a ORRN at that buLOGing.

“Our goal is ren­o­vate thHP,” saLG SFhLOOLnJ.


yHt NnRw hRw PuFh thH rHnR­va­tion project will cost. The ar­chi­tect will give them an es­ti­mate as part of the plan­nLnJ SrRFHss, hH saLG. Hat­fiHOG anG 0Rn­tJRPHry arH the last two schools in the GLstrLFt’s rHnR­vatLRn FyFOH, he said.

The com­mit­tee also dis­cussed neigh­bors’ comSOaLnts abRut thH Hat­fiHOG ArHa LLt­tOH LHaJuH, whLFh Schilling said he be­lieves have been re­solved. Resi- dents had griped that the ORuGsSHaNHrs usHG GurLnJ thH NLGs’ JaPHs wHrH tRR ORuG anG that thH fiHOG was bHLnJ PRwHG tRR HarOy Ln thH PRrnLnJ, SFhLOOLnJ saLG.

The league rents the fiHOGs at Hat­fiHOG EOHPHn­tary SFhRRO IrRP thH GLstrLFt. SFhLOOLnJ, whR OLvHs nHarby, said his own chil­dren had SOayHG Rn Hat­fiHOG ArHa LLt­tle League teams.

“WH want tR PaNH HvHryRnH haSSy,” saLG SFhLOOLnJ. “WH want thH NLGs tR SOay and the neigh­bors to be hapSy. WH thLnN [thH SrRbOHP Ls@ wRrNLnJ Lts way Rut.

“Our JRaO Ls, ‘HHy, ORRN, yRu havH tR wRrN thLs Rut with the neigh­bors and we want tR PaNH surH thHy’rH satLs­fiHG,’” SFhLOOLnJ aGGed. “The dis­trict is not go­ing to is­sue a per­mit unOHss Lt’s satLs­fiHG. WH want to pro­tect the rights of the nHLJh­bRrs, tRR. WH want thHP tR rHsROvH Lt.”

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