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• Coach: Randy Cuth­bert (eight sea­sons)

• As­sis­tant coaches: Bob Rosen­berger, Chuck Burgy, Derek Kunkle, Colin Cron­miller, Jay Jones, Phil Sams

• Last year’s record: 7-5 over­all, (5-2 in the Subur­ban One Con­ti­nen­tal Con­fer­ence)

• No­table losses: James Mar­rero (line­backer/full­back), Cody Reimel (line­backer), James Wor­thing­ton (line­man), Carter Peters (line­backer)

• Key re­turnees: Se­niors – John Dubyk (de­fen­sive end/tight end), Kenny Craw­ford (full­back/line­backer), John Kim (de­fen­sive back), Kyle Bigam (line­backer), Alex Krivda (quar­ter­back); Ju­niors – Mike Class (run­ning back), Shane Kryanik (line­man), Micah Stutz­man (wide re­ceiver)

• Oth­ers to watch: Se­nior – Tyler Kio (line­man), Mike Supp (tight end/de­fen­sive end), Andy Graff (line­man), Alex Fedele (line­backer), Mike Sol­lazzo (line­man); Ju­niors - Matt Pasquale (line­backer), Ryan An­ton (line­man); Sopho­more – Imeir Simmons (line­backer)

• Strengths: The start 7-2 fin­ish to the sea­son has the re­turn­ing Rams ready to roll. With a vet­eran line, a sec­ondyear start­ing quar­ter­back, and ju­nior Mike Class, the Rams can see their run­ning game be­ing very ef­fec­tive. Their de­fense also has be­come a con­stant fac­tor, lim­it­ing some of the area’s top of­fenses to sin­gle-digit out­puts. The Rams ex­pect their de­fense to be stingy once again.

• Ques­tion marks: In or­der for the Rams to keep Class and run game ef­fec­tive they are go­ing to need to prove to op­pos­ing de­fenses that they can throw the ball. The Rams are hop­ing see their ju­nior re­ceivers and se­nior quar­ter­back ma­ture and make it a bal­anced at­tack. They also need to stay healthy at cer­tain po­si­tions be­cause of depth is­sues.

• Out­look: With one of the most ex­pe­ri­enced groups in years the Rams are hop­ing to push front-run­ning North Penn for the Subur­ban One Con­ti­nen­tal Con­fer­ence. They also have their eyes set on se­cur­ing a spot in the Dis­trict One playoffs.

North Penn

• Coach: Dick Beck (11 sea­sons) • As­sis­tant coaches: Mike Ka­pusta, Jeff Childs, Ryan Ma­jor, Bill Ban­nik, Zach Raf­fle, Dave Franek, Ed Harkins, Jim Laky

• Last year’s record: 13-3 over­all (7-0 in Subur­ban One Con­ti­nen­tal Con­fer­ence; Dis­trict One Cham­pi­ons) lost in Class AAAA state cham­pi­onship game to Cen­tral Dauphin

• No­table losses: Ralph Reeves (line­backer/full­back), Corey Ernst (quar­ter­back), Dan Ge­virtz (cor­ner­back/wide re­ceiver), James Fielder (full­back), John Gar­land (line­man)

• Key re­turnees: Se­niors – Kyle May­field (run­ning back), Steve Gozur (line­backer), Joe Potko­vac (line­man), Ge­orge Shipp (line­backer), Derek Brandt (line­man), Bran­don Man­des (kicker)

• Oth­ers to watch: Se­niors – Mike Ber­stacher (quar­ter­back), Eddie Posavec (wide re­ceiver), Chris McGin­nis (run­ning back); Ju­niors – Mike Is­abella (run­ning back), Austin Shearer (quar­ter­back), Kris Akins (wide re­ceiver/de­fen­sive back), Luke Berry (full­back)

• Strengths: The Knights are not short of play­mak­ers. Their skill po­si­tions, wide re­ceivers and run­ning backs, are tal­ented and have a chance to break off a big play ev­ery time they touch the ball. While se­nior cap­tain Kyle May­field is expected to lead the charge in the back­field, the Knights are ex­cited about four or five dif­fer­ent guys who could see some hand­offs.

• Ques­tion marks: The Knights went into pre­sea­son work­outs with an open com­pe­ti­tion at quar­ter­back. The tan­dem fight­ing for the start­ing po­si­tion will be cho­sen be­cause of their abil­ity to make a play when asked and their lead­er­ship abil­i­ties. Coach Beck will choose based on who gives him the best chance to win games.

• Out­look: The Knights want to win the league ev­ery sea­son, which they have done since re­align­ment, and that goal never changes. Once playoffs ap­proach, they hope they are play­ing their best football and can make a run at Dis­trict One cham­pi­onship and find them­selves in the mix for a state ti­tle.


• Coach: Ed Gal­lagher (10 sea­sons) • As­sis­tant coaches: Barry Ben­field, Matt Brown, Tony Cipri­ano, Paul Fargo, Mike Heath, Jim Henning, Jim Rutkowski

• Last year’s record: 6-5 over­all (5-2 in the Subur­ban One Con­ti­nen­tal Con­fer­ence)

• No­table losses: Javon White (run­ning back), Tyler Scholl (run­ning back), Tan­ner Allem (quar­ter­back), Mike Dim­ming (line­man), Zakk Hecht (line­backer), Ry Yoza­l­li­nas (tight end/de­fen­sive end)

• Key re­turnees: Se­niors – An­thony Wil­liams (safety/run­ning back), Jar­rett Rein­hard (line­backer)k Colby John­son (line­backer), Kyle Wenger (wide re­ceiver/de­fen­sive back), Con­nor Newlin (line­man), Jon Hor­ton (line­backer), Jeff Wolf (kicker); Ju­niors – Ricky Young (line­man), Josh Lis­ter (tight end/de­fen­sive end)

• Oth­ers to watch: Se­niors – Ben Li­cona (line­man), Tyler Hangey (line­man), James Dun­ston (tight end/de­fen­sive end), Dan Knight (de­fen­sive back), Kenny Yoder (de­fen­sive back), Tyler McK­eon (wide re­ceiver), Troy John­son (safety); Ju­niors – A.J. Curotto (quar­ter­back), Cameron Trick (line­backer); Sopho­mores – Nate Lan­des (line­backer), Evan Sweet (line­man)

• Strengths: If there is one bat­tle, the In­di­ans ex­pect to win, it is in the trenches. Their ex­pe­ri­ence on both the offensive and de­fen­sive line, led by ju­nior Ricky Young, should be able to

ball­games. • Ques­tion marks: Los­ing the quar­ter­back to grad­u­a­tion is al­ways a dif­fi­cult chal­lenge for high school football teams and this year the In­di­ans are one of the teams deal­ing with tran­si­tion un­der cen­ter.

• Out­look: Coach Ed Gal­lagher be­lieves his team is ca­pa­ble of be­ing very com­pet­i­tive in the league and the dis­trict. The lead­er­ship group is more en­cour­ag­ing than the tal­ent it­self, but the Big Red is glad to have skills all over the field as well.

Lans­dale Catholic

• Coach: Tom Kirk (first sea­son) • As­sis­tant coaches: Dave Duggan • Last year’s record: 2-7 over­all, (2-2 in the Philadel­phia Catholic League)

• No­table losses: Evan Cough­lin (line­backer), Tim Du­gan (line­backer), Tyler Smith (line­man/full­back)

• Key re­turnees: Se­niors – Pat Duggan (quar­ter­back), Kevin Sabo (full­back/line­backer), James Ward (run­ning­back), Tyler Viers (de­fen­sive end), Dan Ped­er­son (line­backer), Evan DeHaven (line­man); Ju­nior – Mike Ia­cono (run­ning back)

• Oth­ers to watch: Ju­nior – Joe Sch­midt (run­ning back), Zach Tal­ley (tight end/de­fen­sive end), Phil Seager (line­backer), Max Wengyn (line­man), Jude Cough­lin (full­back/line­backer), Ryan Gianoni (line­backer)

• Strengths: A ma­jor­ity of the Cru­saders have been through a full var­sity sea­son and know what to ex­pect against the Philadel­phia Catholic League. Though the wins did not trans­late in 2011, play­ers re­al­ized they were more than ca­pa­ble of com­pet­ing with the teams they will see on their 2012 sched­ule.

• Ques­tion marks: A few im­por­tant play­ers are com­ing off in­juries and in or­der for the Cru­saders to have a suc­cess­ful sea­son they will need to stay healthy. The move from the AA Division to the AAA Division will be a chal­lenge, es­pe­cially with their ros­ter size be­ing half of what most teams in their league are.

• Out­look: Coach Kirk will worry about the wins and losses at a later time, but in his first sea­son at the helm he just wants his team to com­pete in ev­ery game no mat­ter what the score. Coach Kirk wants to have a chance to win in the fourth quar­ter and then see how the chips fall. The Cru­saders ex­pect to gel and im­prove as the sea­son goes along.


• Coach : Gary Pagliaro, third Sea­son • Last year’s record : 5-7 • No­table losses: Matt Schuck, Dom Defazio, Casy Save­rio

• Key re­turn­ers: Se­niors: Steve Palo QB/LB, John Mol­nar OL/DL, Gary Pagliaro OL/DL, Travis Young RB/LB, Chris Eji­monyeugwo RB/LB, Kyle Mullen SE/DB, Jimmy Mur­phy SE/DB; Ju­nior: Luke Spahits RB/LB.

• Oth­ers to watch: Se­niors: T.J. Kele­her TE/DL, Ryan Higgins SE/DB.

• Out­look : The Hat­ters come into the sea­son with six re­turn­ing starters on de­fense and five re­turn­ing play­ers on the offensive side of the ball. Look for se­nior run­ning back Travis Young to get a lot of car­ries. At 6 foot, 230 pounds, Young will be a force in the run game. The Hat­ters will also count on ju­nior Luke Spahits and se­nior Chris Eji­monyeogwo to get a lot of car­ries throughout the sea­son. The Hat­ters O-line will be an­chored by se­nior John Mol­nar, se­nior Gary Pagliaro and ju­nior Shane Delp.

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