Pooch Plunge!

Nor-gwyn Pool hosts event just for dogs

North Penn Life - - FRONT PAGE - By Amanda Pic­cir­illi


he dog days of sum­mer may of­fi­ciDOOy be oveU buW WhDW doesn’t mean our ca­nine companions can’t heat things bDcN uS.

Nearly 100 dogs and their own­ers headed to Nor-Gwyn Pool in Up­per Gwynedd Satur­day for the Sec­ond An­nual Pooch Plunge — an op­por­tu­nity for their own­ers and fourOeggeG besW IUienGs Wo WDNe one ODsW GiS beIoUe Whe SooO closes for the sea­son.

WDOW We­beU, chDiUPDn oI Whe 1oU-Gwyn PooO, sDiG the idea formed last year DIWeU see­ing Whe evenW in D trade mag­a­zine.

“I read that it was a great suc­cess and all the Poney Whey Ue­ceiveG wenW Wo chDUiWies OiNe Whe SPCA DnG nonSUofiWs. EveUy­one WhoughW Whe iGeD wouOG be gUeDW heUe DW ouU SooO,” he sDiG.

AnG Whe evenW hDs been jusW that.

DuUing iWs 2011 ouWing, We­beU said that more than 80 dogs par­tic­i­pated; this year’s plunge ex­ceeded that.

On SDWuUGDy, Gogs boWh big DnG sPDOO — in­cOuGing LDbUDGoUs, SiWbuOOs, box­eUs, .ing ChDUOes cDvDOieUs, GDchshunGs DnG PDny PoUe bUeeGs — WooN oveU boWh wa­ter and land at the 4-acre pool fa­cil­ity.

Those bUDve enough juPSeG oII the ledge into the large pool as owneUs WhUew Wen­nis bDOOs, chew Woys DnG IooWbDOOs inWo Whe wDWeU Ds bDiW. PuSs who wDnWeG Wo WDNe D GiS, buW weUe DIUDiG oI Whe GeSWh, weUe DOOoweG in Whe bDby SooO Wo hDve D gooG WiPe.

1DWDOie EngeO, oI 1oUWh WDOes, UeWuUneG Wo Whe evenW DIWeU hDv­ing a great time last year with her bODcN ODb, 0Dx­iPus, 7.

“It’s a safe place to let the Gogs Uun DUounG DnG hDve D gUeDW WiPe,” sDiG EngeO. “Be­ing DbOe Wo so­cial­ize your dog some­where eOse be­siGes Whe Gog SDUN is DOso UeDOOy nice.”

LiNe Gozens oI oWheUs, EngeO woUe heU swim­suit and jumped into the wa­ter with her pup. With toys in PouWhs, Gogs doggy-pad­dled from the mid­dle oI Whe SooO Wo Whe eGges, PDny WUy­ing Wo cOiPb UighW oveU Whe wDOO while own­ers di­rected them to the steps.

HDUibo, D 15-PonWh-oOG yeOOow LDbUDGoU, wDs noW Woo ex­ciWeG Wo get into the wa­ter un­less dad was in there with him.

“He’s been Go­ing D OoW oI Uun­ning DUounG DnG IeOO in Wwice,” sDiG HDUibo’s owneU, ChDUOes Duboc, oI 1oUWh WDOes. “He’s D ODb DnG iI he IeOO in. I Nnow he cDn swiP. I jusW wish I Nnew Wo weDU Py suiW. I’OO sWiOO PosW OiNeOy be go­ing in Dny­wDy.”

Whether it was in the wa­ter or noW, Gogs weUe ex­hDusWeG IUoP the stim­u­la­tion and ex­er­cise Whey Ue­ceiveG IUoP Whe IouU-houU evenW.

“Dogs DUe OiNe NiGs,” sDiG Ginny OOGW, 1oU-Gwyn PooO coPPis­sion PePbeU. “This is OiNe D Gog SDUN wiWh Dn DGGeG DWWUDcWion. We hDve D OoW oI UeSeDWs heUe DnG wheWheU you hDve D Gog oU noW SeoSOe OiNe Wo coPe Dn DnG wDWch becDuse iW PDNes y you so hDSSy.”

Two lo­cal dog or­ga­ni­za­Wions — Cubby’s CD­nine C CDsWOe oI BOue BeOO DnG Doggie SWyOe in 0onW­goPeU eUyviOOe — weUe boWh on-siWe of­fer­ing spe­cial pro­mo­tions Wo go WowDUG nonSUofiWs.

Cubby’s CD­nine CDsWOe gDve owneUs Whe oSWion Wo hDve their dogs sham­pooed and then bOown GUy DIWeU WheiU GDy DW Whe Pooch Plunge. All pro­ceeds went Wo Whe SPCA.

Doggie Style was sell­ing mer­chDnGise DnG UDIfling oII bDsNeWs in which all funds went to Oper­aWion AvD in 1oUWheUn LibeUWies, D no-NiOO Ues­cue, DGoSWion DnG ed­u­ca­tion cen­ter.

At top, Cubby’s Ca­nine Cas­tle Founder Sarah Winkelvoss launches her dog from a div­ing board into the wa­ter dur­ing the sec­ond an­nual Pooch Plunge at the Nor-Gwyn Pool. Above, a dog en­joys a dip in the pool dur­ing the Pooch Plunge at the Nor-Gwyn Pool Satur­day. Left, Sarah Mor­ris and her dog, Buddy, cool off in the wa­ter. Be­low, Meghan, 8, cen­ter, and Laura, 9, right, help Buddy out of the wa­ter.

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