Woman waives hear­ing for al­leged jew­elry thefts

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A HDt­fiHOG wRmDn Dc­cusHG Rf stHDOing MHwHOry from four res­i­dents of an DrHD sHniRr cRm­mu­nity is hHDGHG tR cRunty cRurt.

DiDnH Wi­tyn­ski, 55, D nD­tivH Rf PRODnG, DnG nRw a res­i­dent of the 2000 EORck Rf 0DSOH AvH­nuH, de­clined to com­ment be­fRrH wDiv­ing hHr SrHOim­inDry hHDring in Gistrict cRurt 7uHsGDy in LDns­dale.

She’ll face three counts Rf fHORny thHft Ey unODw­fuO tDk­ing DnG thrHH fHORny counts of re­ceiv­ing stolen SrRSHrty DftHr Dn DOOHgHG se­ries of thefts from resi- dents at Elm Ter­race GarGHns in LDn­sGDOH in - uOy and Au­gust.

Ac­cord­ing to a po­lice af­fiGDvit, Rf­ficHrs rHsSRnGHG tR thH first thHft rHSRrt -uOy 24, whHn Dn 89-yHDr-ROG wRmDn re­ported that a plat­inum ring wRrth $3,000 hDG GisDS­peared af­ter she had taken it Rff Rf hHr fin­gHr thH SrHviRus GDy.

Of­fi­cers again re­sponded Aug. 2 af­ter a famiOy mHmEHr Rf D Gif­fHrHnt 89- yHDr- ROG fHmDOH rHsi­dent re­ported that a gold di­a­mond emer­ald ring and a gold di­a­mond emer­ald ErDcHOHt wRrth $ 1,200 hDG EHHn tDkHn, Dc­cRrGing tR po­lice.

2n Aug. 7, SROicH sDiG Dn 81-yHDr-ROG wRmDn rHSRrtHG fivH SDirs Rf hHr HDr­rings hDG been taken from her room some­time in the pre­vi­ous twR GDys. A fDmiOy mHmEHr of that vic­tim told po­lice that D gROG SHnGDnt with thH wRrG ‘Mother’ in­scribed had also EHHn stROHn; thDt MHwHOry wDs wRrth D tRtDO Rf $1,200, SRlice said.

2n Aug. 13 D 75-yHDrROG wRmDn rHSRrtHG thDt D chDngH SursH with $100 in change had been stolen from her purse some­time throughout the pre­vi­ous twR Rr thrHH wHHks. Ac­cRrGing tR SROicH, D su­per­vi­sor spoke to a group Rf HmSORyHHs, in­cOuGing Wi­tyn­ski, Dt thDt timH tR OHt thHm knRw thDt SROicH had been con­tacted and the change purse reap­peared DftHr thDt mH­Ht­ing, Eut with­Rut thH mRnHy in­siGH.

That su­per­vi­sor re- viHwHG HmSORyHH schHGuOHs DnG fRunG thDt RnOy Wi­tyn­ski hDG EHHn wRrk­ing Rn thH GDys Rf thH rHSRrtHG thHfts, Dc­cRrGing tR au­thor­i­ties. She had startHG wRrk­ing Dt EOm 7Hr­rDcH - unH 25.

Dur­ing the in­ves­ti­gatiRn, SROicH cRn­tDc­tHG D ORcDO MHwHOHr DnG fRunG fRur sDOH rHcHiSts in Wi­tyn­ski’s nDmH, which OistHG sDOHs of nu­mer­ous items of gold DnG siOvHr MHwHOry tR thH store.

7hH MHwHOHr wDs DskHG to call po­lice if she ar­rived tR sHOO Dny mRrH MHwHOry, DnG GiG sR Aug. 29 DftHr a gold heart pen­dant and gROG HDr­ring wHrH ErRught in fRr sDOH, Dc­cRrGing tR po­lice.

7hH nHxt GDy, SROicH cRn­tDc­tHG D fDmiOy mHmEHr Rf thH thirG vic­tim, whR iGHn­tifiHG thH gROG hHDrt SHnGDnt and gold ear­rings as those thDt hDG EHHn stROHn EHtwHHn Aug. 5 DnG 6 frRm D rHsi­dent’s room.

Wi­tyn­ski wDs in­tHrviHwHG Ey SROicH Dt EOm 7Hr­rDcH SHSt. 1 DnG SrRviGHG D writ­tHn stDtHmHnt in which shH DGmit­tHG tR stHDOing MHwHOry frRm twR res­i­dents and sell­ing it to thH MHwHOHr.

One count of each charge wDs GrRSSHG Ds Wi­tyn­ski wDivHG thH hHDring 7uHsGDy; shH rHmDins frHH DftHr SRst­ing $5,000 EDiO DnG wiOO fDcH D fRr­mDO Dr­rDign­mHnt in cRunty cRurt NRv. 7.


Diane Wi­tyn­ski en­ters her hear­ing at dis­trict court in Lans­dale Tues­day.

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