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A QuDkHrtRwn mDn Dc­cused of deal­ing heroin in a 7RwDmHncin hRtHO is hHDGHG tR cRunty cRurt.

ShDnH 0ichDHO GHs­nDkHr, 24, Rf thH 400 EORck Rf SRuth 0Din StrHHt, QuDkHrtRwn, wDivHG his SrHOim­inDry hHDring 7uHsGDy Rn mRrH thDn 30 chDrgHs re­lated to al­leged drug pos­ses­sion.

He de­clined to com­ment on the charges both be­fore DnG DftHr wDiv­ing thH hHDring, Ds hH wDs HscRrtHG Ey 7RwDmHncin SROicH in DnG Rut Rf Dis­trict CRurt in LDns­dale.

All charges against GHs­nDkHr wiOO cDrry RvHr tR cRunty cRurt NRv. 7, in­cOuGing twR fHORny cRunts Rf Grug SRssHs­siRn with in­tHnt tR GHOivHr DnG 29 mis­GHmeanor counts of pos­ses­sion of drug para­pher­na­lia.

Those charges stem frRm Dn in­ciGHnt Aug. 17, whHn, Dc­cRrGing tR SROicH, GHs­nDkHr DnG twR Rthers — iden­ti­fied as Brian GRt­tOiHE DnG Brit­tDny BHn­nHr — wHrH Dr­rHstHG on al­leged drug pos­ses­sion charges.

Benner is ac­cused of hav­ing D EDg thDt cRn­tDinHG 29 bun­dles of sus­pected heroin — tRtDOing mRrH thDn 400 EDg­giHs wRrth mRrH thDn $6,000 — in hHr cDr Dt thH time of the ar­rest.

Ac­cRrGing tR SROicH, BHn­nHr DnG GHs­nDkHr wHrH in D re­la­tion­ship at the time.

AftHr thHir Dr­rHsts, GHs­nDkHr SrRviGHG D writ­ten state­ment to po­lice in which hH sDiG thH hHrRin hDG EHORngHG tR him DnG wDs ErRught tR thH hRtHO with thH in­tHnt tR sHOO it, DnG SrRviGHG sSH­cific in­fRr­mDtiRn DERut thH TuDn­tity Rf hHrRin SROicH fRunG in thH cDr, Dc­cRrGing to po­lice.

Benner and Gottlieb both wDivHG thHir SrHOim­inDry hear­ings on sim­i­lar charges HDrOiHr this mRnth DnG wiOO fDcH thHir chDrgHs in cRunty court in a for­mal ar­raign­mHnt 2ct. 24. NR nHw GDtH has been set for Ges­naker’s Dr­rDign­mHnt in cRunty cRurt DnG hH rHmDins in custRGy Dt thH 0Rnt­gRmHry CRunty CRr­rHc­tiRnDO FD­ciOity Rn D pro­ba­tion de­tainer re­lated to DnRthHr cDsH, Dc­cRrGing tR po­lice.

AORng with wDiv­ing thH hHDring, GHs­nDkHr’s EDiO wDs rHGucHG frRm $100,000 tR $5,000 tR DOORw him tR wRrk whiOH in SrisRn, Dc­cRrGing tR po­lice.

WhiOH in cRurt in LDn­sGDOH 7uHsGDy fRr thH hHDring, 7RwDmHncin SROicH OHDrnHG Rf nHw chDrgHs DgDinst GHs­nDkHr fiOHG Ey SROicH in PRttstRwn ODst wHHk thDt in­cOuGH sim­iODr charges of drug pos­ses­sion with in­tHnt tR GistriEutH DnG Rf crim­inDO cRn­sSirDcy. 7hH wDr­rDnt Rn thRsH chDrgHs wiOO EH SrRcHssHG whiOH GHs­nDkHr is in custRGy Dt thH cRunty SrisRn, Dc­cRrGing to po­lice.

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