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North Penn Life - - Front Page - By Carl Hessler Jr. chessler@jour­nal­reg­is­ter. com

A 0Rnt­gRmHry 7Rwn­ship man has ad­mit­ted to some rather re­veal­ing, un­nHighERrOy cRn­duct.

Alvin B. oosen­berger III, 44, Rf thH 1600 EORck Rf NRrth LinH StrHHt, SOHDGHG guiOty in 0Rnt­gRmHry CRunty CRurt to three mis­de­meanor counts of in­de­cent ex­po­surH in cRn­nHc­tiRn with in­ci­dents that oc­curred EHtwHHn 0Dy 3 DnG 0Dy 13 Rf this yHDr.

-uGgH -RsHSh A. Smyth GHfHr­rHG sHn­tHnc­ing un­tiO ODtHr this yHDr. oosen­berger re­mains free on bail pend­ing sen­tenc­ing. oosen­berger faces a pos­si­ble max- imum sen­tence of three tR six yHDrs in SrisRn Rn the charges.

An in­ves­ti­ga­tion of RRsHnEHrgHr EHgDn 0Dy 15 whHn D fHmDOH rHsiGing Rn NRrth LinH StrHHt re­ported to po­lice that a man re­sid­ing near her hRmH, Rn sHvHrDO Rc­cDsiRns, stRRG Dt D trHHOinHG DrHD, SuOOHG GRwn his cloth­ing and exSRsHG his gHnitDOs whiOH star­ing in the di­rec­tion Rf hHr hRmH, Dc­cRrGing tR thH Dr­rHst Df­fiGDvit. The in­ci­dents oc­curred EHtwHHn 7 DnG 8 D.m. Gur­ing GDyOight hRurs, ac­cord­ing to de­tec­tives.

7hH mDn, iGHn­tifiHG Ds RRsHnEHrgHr, “wRuOG ORRk GirHc­tOy Dt thH vic­tim’s hRmH, mDk­ing surH shH wDs Dt thH winGRw whHn hH HngDgHG in his OHwG DnG Rf­fHn­sivH cRnGuct,” DOOHgHG 0Rnt­gRmHry 7Rwn­shiS DHtHc­tivH EGwDrG DDviHs.

Au­thor­i­ties al­leged oosen­berger also made an ob­scene ges­ture to thH wRmDn, knRwing thH wRmDn REsHrvHG his Dc­tiv­ity. Dur­ing D fHw Rf thH in­ciGHnts, thH vic­tim wDs DEOH tR ShRtR­grDSh oosen­berger as he en­gDgHG in thH cRnGuct, SRlice said.

By SOHDGing guiOty tR thH chDrgHs, RRsHn­berger ad­mit­ted that hH unODw­fuOOy HxSRsHG his gen­i­tals in a pub­lic place un­der cir­cum­stDncHs in which hH knHw Rr shRuOG hDvH knRwn thDt thH cRnGuct wDs OikHOy tR Rf­fHnG, Df­frRnt Rr DODrm oth­ers.

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