‘Cosby Show’ reruns show need for bet­ter TV of­fer­ings

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AV , wDWFheG vLnWDJe eSLVoGeV oI “7he CoVEy 6how” over the past cou­ple of weeNV on D OoFDO FDEOe-WeOe­vi­sion net­work (Ts Land), IeDWurLnJ Whe enWerWDLner DnG ed­u­ca­tor Bill Cosby who to­day has a res­i­den­tial prop­erty on New Sec­ond Street Ln CheOWen­hDP, ,’ve WhouJhW of my de­parted physi­cian dad and the des­per­ate need these days for bet­ter televLVLon SroJrDPPLnJ DEouW AIrLFDn-APerLFDn OLIe.

QuLWe IrDnNOy, ,’P VLFN oI Whe VWere­oWySLFDO, JroVVOy exDJJerDWeG nonVenVe WhDW to­day ap­pears on the tube and movie screens, in­cludLnJ Whe FDrWoonLVh “reDOLWy” shows and buf­foon­ery of EODFN Pen SorWrDyLnJ un­re­fineG EODFN woPen DnG oWher PLnVWreO-OLNe FhDrDFWerV.

The in­dus­try craves for DnoWher SroJrDP, VuFh DV “7he CoVEy 6how,” WhDW reDOLVWLFDOOy re­fleFWV Whe hLJh stan­dards and val­ues of most black fam­i­lies in this DJe oI 2EDPD.

You Vee, Whe DwDrG-wLn­nLnJ WeOevLVLon SroJrDP, FreGLWeG wLWh revLvLnJ Whe sit­com in­dus­try when it EeJDn DLrLnJ 28 yeDrV DJo on 6eSW. 20, 1984, IeDWureG CoVEy DV Dn DIflu­enW EODFN ShyVLFLDn (Dr. HeDWhFOLII HuxWDEOe) OLvLnJ Ln BrooNOyn, N.Y., wLWh five FhLO­dren and his at­tor­ney wife, played by the su­perbly in- WeOOLJenW DnG OuVFLouV PhyOLFLD 5DVhDG.

“7he CoVEy 6how” wDV JrounGEreDNLnJ Ior GeSLFWLnJ D EODFN IDPLOy DV uSwardly mo­bile, pro­fes­sional DnG DLPLnJ Ior Whe VDPe WhLnJV DV LWV whLWe FounWer­parts –— ma­tric­u­la­tion into JooG VFhooOV DnG FoOOeJeV, OoIWy ePSOoyPenW JoDOV, DV weOO DV very VWronJ fa­mil­ial re­la­tion­ships.

AOWhouJh , wDV cer­tainly an adult when Whe SroJrDP firVW DLreG Ln 1984, LW wDV V(5Y reIreVhLnJ Wo wDWFh a char­ac­ter on tele­vi­sion who was so sim­i­lar to my physi­cian dad. Dr. HuxWDEOe, D noWeG JyneFoOoJLVW, eSLWoPLzeG Dr. Henry 6FoWW, Py GeDr fa­ther who passed away on 7hDnNVJLvLnJ DDy Ln 2008. DDG wDV weOO-eGuFDWeG DW the his­tor­i­cally black colOeJeV, LLnFoOn UnLverVLWy DnG HowDrG UnLverVLWy School of Medicine, as well as was witty, hu­mor­ous and rDn D EooPLnJ Jen­erDO SrDFtice.

AnG DOWhouJh Dr. HuxWDEOe oIWen VDOuWeG hLV 7ePSOe UnLverVLWy DOPD mater on the air, as well as a plethora of his­tor­i­cally EODFN FoOOeJeV, Py SDS DnG Whe WeOevLVLon GoF JuLGeG their fam­i­lies with vir­tu­ally the iden­ti­cal wis­dom, in­telOeFW, very hLJh PorDO VWDnGDrGV DnG Whe eJDOLWDrLDn in­put of their pro­fes­sional wives.

And very sim­i­lar to my IDWher, Dr. HuxWDEOe’V reOD­tion­ship with his chil­dren was proIounG, IDr-reDFhLnJ DnG fierFeOy loyal, de­spite, as I said, at times beLnJ TuLWe huPorous.

For in­stance, like Doc HuxWDEOe’V Von Theo, as a teenDJer , DSSroDFheG Dad with many cocka­mamie ideas. Once I hDG Whe JrDnG VFhePe oI EeFoPLnJ D FDE GrLver Wo eDrn D Iew exWrD EuFNV DV D FoOOeJe VWuGenW. , WoOG DDG WhDW , wDVn’W con­cerned at all about the When-reFenW rDVh oI FDEELeV EeLnJ roEEeG DW JunSoLnW. He FDOPOy JrLn­neG, OooNeG DW Pe, DnG DVNeG, “Are you ouW oI your PLnG?”

,W wDVn’W OonJ EeIore , IounG PyVeOI, DOonJ wLWh a cou­ple of my broth­ers, worNLnJ Ln hLV oI­fiFe, SreSSLnJ SDWLenWV DnG hDnGOLnJ cor­re­spon­dence du­ties. And in the process, I learned about cru­cial health is­sues DnG DDG’V OeJenGDry GeGL­ca­tion, work ethic and busineVV DFuPen, GeVSLWe EeLnJ rDLVeG Ey D VLnJOe PoWher whose fa­ther died be­fore reDFhLnJ DJe 40 IoOOowLnJ yeDrV oI VWreeW-OLIe DnG even some im­pris­on­ment.

In fact, one of the critiFLVPV oI “7he CoVEy 6how” LV Whe SroJrDP (WhDW rDn unWLO ASrLO 1992) GLG noW IoFuV enouJh on rDFLDO or Ln­nercity is­sues.

AnG, DOWhouJh , WhLnN DVpects of the land­mark proJrDP FouOG hDve Eeen Pore Ln-GeSWh, Where were oWher VhowV WhDW exSOoreG Whe over-ePEeOOLVheG VLGe oI EODFN “JheWWo” OLIe, LnFOuGLnJ NorPDn LeDr’V “GooG 7LPeV,” VWDr­rLnJ John APoV, (VWher 5oOOe DnG Jim­mie Walker.

Per­haps, to­day, with the SroPL­nenFe oI APerLFD’V firVW EODFN SreVLGenW, BDrDFN 2EDPD DnG firVW ODGy MLchelle Obama with their chil­dren, Malia and Sasha, OLvLnJ Ln Whe :hLWe HouVe DnG eVVenWLDOOy VervLnJ DV Whe worOG’V Sre-ePL­nenW DnG PoVW Sow­erIuO IDPLOy, HoOOy­wooG WySeV wLOO finDOOy re­exDPLne Whe very VuFFeVVIuO WePSODWe oI “7he CoVEy 6how.”

Don “Og­be­wii” Scott, a Mel­rose Park res­i­dent, can be reached at dscott9703@ aol.com.

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