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For mil­lions of years since the firVW HoPo VDSLenV wDONeG on Earth, men of our species de­cided that women would cook the veni­son and raise the chil­dren while men hunted. In mod­ern times, the Pen EeFoPe Whe C(2V oI PDMor com­pa­nies while their wives heat the food in the mi­crowave and, of course, raise the chil­dren.

7hLV GLvLVLon oI ODEor EeJDn Wo FhDnJe Ln 1964 when Whe UnLWeG 6WDWeV CLvLO 5LJhWV AFW SrevenWeG dis­crim­i­na­tion in em­ploy­ment EDVeG on Vex, rDFe, reOLJLon or FoOor oI one’V VNLn. 2n MDrFh 24, 1986, the Wall Street Jour­nal de­scribed a new WerP: 7he “JODVV FeLOLnJ.” ,W Ge­scribed how women and mi­nori­ties were uS DJDLnVW Dn Ln­vLVLEOe JODVV FeLOLnJ WhDW hDG Wo Ee SeneWrDWeG.

Af­ter mil­lions of years, women were EeLnJ reFoJnLzeG DnG JLven the re­spect to which they were enWLWOeG. 7hey FouOG Go Pore WhDn MuVW cook and raise the kids. Fi­nally, women were per­mit­ted to fur­ther their ed­u­ca­tion and par­take in the work­force. Women and mi­nori­ties PDNe uS Wwo-WhLrGV oI Whe SoSuOD­tion and 57 per­cent of Whe worNIorFe. BuW LW’V D slow path for a woman to be­come a CEO or have D WoS PDnDJePenW SoVL­tion.

Women make up only 26 SerFenW oI VWDWe MuGJeV and their in­come is only 74 SerFenW oI WhDW oI PDOe lawyers. They have an eDrnLnJ JDS WhDW LV 23 per­cent less than men alWhouJh neDrOy one-hDOI oI reFenW ODw VFhooO JrDGu­ates are women.

Ninety per­cent of fe­male lawyers hDve VuIIereG Vex­uDO GLVFrLPLnDWLon. ,n Whe PeGLFDO SroIeVVLon, WwoWhLrGV Dre woPen. How­ever, IePDOe GoFWorV eDrn 18 SerFenW OeVV WhDn male doc­tors.

AFForGLnJ Wo VWDWLVWLFV, PDOe Sro­fes­sors of medicine out­num­ber fe- PDOe SroIeVVorV oI PeGLFLne, 5-1.

7he JODVV FeLOLnJ oI 1986 ErouJhW to the at­ten­tion of Amer­ica that TuDOL­fieG woPen were EeLnJ GenLeG hLJher SoVL­tions on the cor­po­rate ladGer DnG GLG noW JeW eTuDO pay for sim­i­lar types of work. Women with M.B.A. GeJreeV IroP busi­ness schools re­ceive VDODrLeV WhDW Dre $4,600 less than that paid to men. Across the pond, in most Euro­pean coun­tries, women oc­cupy fewer WhDn one-Ln-10 WoS SoVL­tions in sci­ence fa­cil­i­ties.

A 2011 U.6. Jovern­ment re­port did show that as the yeDrV Jo Ey, woPen reFeLve hLJher VDODrLeV. DeVSLWe Whe JDLnV, woPen still have a me­dian weekly in­come WhDW LV 70.5 SerFenW WhDW oI Pen and earn 75 per­cent of what a man wouOG eDrn DW Whe VDPe MoE. AnG woPen hoOG onOy 16 SerFenW oI Whe WoS ex­eFuWLve SoVLWLonV Ln APerLFD’V ODrJeVW ForSorDWLonV DnG enWer­prises be­cause they usu­ally have to DFFeSW Oower SDyLnJ worN. 7he JDS be­tween women and men re­veals WhDW woPen who Dre IuOO-WLPe ePSOoy­eeV PDNe 17 SerFenW OeVV WhDn Pen DnG WhDW LnFoPe JDS EeFoPeV ODrJer DW hLJher VDODrLeV. 7hLV oFFurV even WhouJh Whe SerFenWDJe oI DOO DGuOW woPen who Dre worNLnJ hDV LnFreDVeG IroP 33 SerFenW Ln 1950 Wo 61 SerFenW Ln 1999. :oPen ODJ Ee­hLnG Pen Ln GeJreeV Ln PDWh, ShyVLFDO VFLenFeV, enJLneerLnJ DnG com­puter sci­ence.

The in­come dif­fer­ence be­tween women and men is not new. In the 18Wh FenWury, woPen were EDVLFDOOy slaves in a home. They cleaned and cooked and were treated poorly by the man of the house even if he was a hus­band. This life­style was acFeSWeG DV norPDO. ,W wDV TuLWe evLGenW Ln Whe OLIe oI :LOOLDP HerVFheO who be­came a fa­mous as­tronomer. He GLVFovereG Whe SODneW UrDnuV DnG FDWDOoJueG PDny VWDrV oI Whe heav­ens. Wil­liam lived with his sisWer CDroOLne who EeFDPe D VLnJer and an as­tronomer and wor­shiped her brother. Caro­line dis­cov­ered nine comets and did the book­keep­LnJ DnG PDny oWher FhoreV Ior :LOOLDP. Her Wer­rLEOe OLIe wDV exSeFWeG and ac­cepted by Caro­line and other woPen Ln Whe 1700V.

The treat­ment of women over the cen­turies can be mea­sured by their ODFN oI VuFFeVV unWLO Whe ODWe 19Wh FenWury. )roP Whe 1700V on­wDrG, very Iew woPen were ouWVWDnGLnJ Ln VFLenFe DnG oWher fieOGV.

Marie Curie re­ceived two No­bel PrLzeV, one Ln 1903 DnG one Ln 1911. 7he one Ln 1903 Ln ShyVLFV wDV JLven on the in­sis­tence of her hus­band, Pierre. This seemed to show the worOG WhDW woPen FDn PDNe PDMor con­tri­bu­tions as they do to­day.

In re­cent years, women have been FrDFNLnJ WhDW JODVV FeLOLnJ. UnIorWu­nately, it will still take many years unWLO WhDW FeLOLnJ LV Jone.

Health & Sci­ence Dr. Mil­ton Fried­man

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