Best to get your voter ID now

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The best ad­vice to­day is the same as be­fore the state Supreme Court ruled (well, sort of) on the soter ID law. Make sure you have proper ID be­fore Nov. 6. Make sure friends and fam­ily mem­bers do, too — es­pe­cially Whe eOGerOy DnG Whe Ln­firP. Do LW now. Don’W wDLW, EeFDuVe WDOeV oI EureDuFrDWLF GLI­fiFuOWLeV oEWDLnLnJ ,D hDve Eeen wLGeVSreDG.

7he VWDWe hLJh FourW EDVLFDOOy orGereG D Go-over Ey CoPPon­weDOWh CourW. ,W DJreeG Where FouOG Ee SroEOePV wLWh Whe ODw — SDrWLFuODrOy Whe DIorePenWLoneG VoPe hDve hDG Ln JeWWLnJ SroSer ,D. ,W DJreeG VuFh GLI­fiFuOWLeV FouOG SoVe FonVWLWu­tional prob­lems.

CoPPon­weDOWh CourW JuGJe 5oEerW 6LPSVon LnGLFDWeG 7ueVGDy he PLJhW JrDnW Dn LnMunFWLon, EuW whDW IorP WhDW wouOG WDNe wDV noW Nnown DV oI 7hurVGDy PornLnJ.

7he hLJh FourW VhouOG hDve VLPSOy JrDnWeG Dn LnMunFWLon, VuVSenGLnJ Whe ODw unWLO Whe nexW eOeFWLon DnG JLvLnJ Whe VWDWe more time to prop­erly im­ple­ment its pro­vi­sions. In­stead, it told CoPPon­weDOWh CourW Wo SreGLFW, JLven Pore Fur­renW LnIorPD­tion of state ef­forts to pro­vide IDs to peo­ple, whether a sub­VWDnWLDO nuPEer oI FLWLzenV wouOG Ee GenLeG WheLr voWLnJ rLJhWV. If it looks like peo­ple will be dis­en­fran­chised, Com­mon­wealth CourW PuVW JrDnW Dn LnMunFWLon Wo SroWeFW FLWLzenV’ rLJhWV. 7hDW ODVW worG — rLJhWV — LV Whe Ney here. MDny SeoSOe hDve noWeG WhDW JeWWLnJ Dn ,D FDrG LV noW VuFh D ELJ GeDO — you neeG one Wo GrLve, FDVh D FheFN or EoDrG D SODne. BuW GrLvLnJ DnG FDVhLnJ FheFNV DnG EoDrGLnJ SODneV Dre noW rLJhWV — voWLnJ LV.

The mo­ti­va­tion of this law is clearly po­lit­i­cal — to de­press the vote of peo­ple more likely to vote Demo­cratic. A Penn­sylvDnLD 5eSuEOLFDn HouVe OeDGer VDLG Vo Ln FoPPenWV FDuJhW on video.

7he Wwo GLVVenWLnJ PePEerV oI Whe VWDWe hLJh FourW were rLJhW on WDrJeW Ln FrLWLFLzLnJ WheLr FoOOeDJueV’ wLPSy GeFLVLon.

JuVWLFe DeErD 7oGG DFFuVeG her FoOOeDJueV oI “SunWLnJ” on the is­sue:

“, hDve heDrG enouJh DEouW Whe CoPPon­weDOWh’V VFrDPEOe Wo PeeW WhLV ODw’V reTuLrePenWV. 7here LV DPSOe evLGenFe oI GLVDr­rDy Ln Whe reForG, DnG , wouOG noW DOOow FhDoV Wo EeJeW FhDoV. 7he VWDWeG unGerSLn­nLnJV oI AFW 18 — eOeFWLon LnWeJrLWy DnG voWer Fon­fiGenFe — Dre unGerPLneG, noW DGvDnFeG, Ey WhLV CourW’V FhoVen FourVe. 6even weeNV EeIore Dn eOeFWLon, Whe voWerV Dre enWLWOeG Wo Nnow Whe ruOeV.”

JuVWLFe 6eDPuV MFCDIIery wroWe: “, FDn­noW Ln JooG Fon­science par­tic­i­pate in a de­ci­sion that so clearly has the ef­fect oI DOOowLnJ SoOLWLFV Wo WruPS Whe VoOePn oDWh WhDW , Vwore Wo uShoOG our ConVWLWuWLon. 7hDW ConVWLWuWLon hDV PDGe Whe rLJhW Wo voWe D rLJhW verJLnJ on Whe VDFreG, DnG WhDW rLJhW VhouOG never Ee WrDPSOeG Ey SDrWLVDn SoOLWLFV.” Amen. ,n Whe enG, Whe CoPPon­weDOWh CourW PDy Go Whe rLJhW WhLnJ and put this law on hold. It has un­til Oct. 2 to rule.

BuW whDWever Whe CoPPon­weDOWh CourW GoeV, exSeFW one VLGe or Whe oWher Wo DSSeDO. ,W FouOG ODnG rLJhW EDFN Ln Whe hLJh FourW’V ODS — When, Ser­hDSV, wLnG uS Ln IeGerDO FourW. 7hen we FouOG finG ourVeOveV on eOeFWLon eve wLWhouW reVoOuWLon. Don’W wDLW Wo Vee how WhLV OeJDO GrDPD enGV. Get an ID now.

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