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North Penn Life - - Opinion - By KEV HUNTER


com DOYLESTOWN — Steve Gozur FDOOeG 1orWh 3enn’s 42-7 win over Cen­tral Bucks (DsW FrLGDy nLghW “D sWeS Ln Whe rLghW GLreFWLon,” DnG, fiWt­ingly, just about ev­ery step Gozur WooN Ln WhLs FonIer­ence clash was the right one.

7he senLor rDFNeG uS 88 rushLng yDrGs on eLghW FDr­rLes, FDughW fiYe SDsses Ior 68 Pore yDrGs DnG sForeG Whree WouFhGowns — DOO on Whe grounG — Ds 1orWh Penn won its Subur­ban One LeDgue ConWL­nenWDO ConIer­ence opener in con­vinc­ing IDshLon.

“Gozur’s our all-ev­eryWhLng. He Goes eYeryWhLng — blocks, runs the ball, catches Whe EDOO,” .nL­ghWs FoDFh DLFN BeFN sDLG. “He’s hDYLng D gooG yeDr DnG we’re hoSLng he FDn FonWLnue.”

Gozur’s seYen-yDrG WouFhGown run SuW 1orWh 3enn DheDG 7-0 eDrOy on D FooO nLghW DW WDr 0ePorLDO FLeOG DnG Whe OeDG soon GouEOeG Wo 14-0 when quar­ter­back Mike Ber­sWeFher IounG WLghW enG Ge­orge ShLSS wLGe oSen Ior D 40-yDrG WouFhGown SDss on 4Wh-DnG-1, PDNLng LW 14-0 on Whe finDO SODy oI Whe firsW quar­ter.

“0DyEe , SODyeG LW Woo WLghW Wo Whe YesW Ln Whe firsW Whree gDPes DnG GLGn’W give these guys a chance (Wo PDNe ELg SODys),” BeFN sDLG. “, WhoughW we WooN D cou­ple easy passes early so we FouOG PDyEe gLYe WheP soPe Fon­fiGenFe. , WhoughW Whey GLG D nLFe MoE. , WhoughW the quar­ter­back play was SreWWy gooG WonLghW.”

7he .nL­ghWs DOWernDWeG quar­ter­backs in the win over East, as Austin Shearer, Whe sWDrWer Ln Whe firsW Whree gDPes, FoPELneG wLWh Ber­sWeFher Ior 247 SDssLng yDrGs. BoWh were shDrS, Ds SheDrer FoPSOeWeG nLne oI 13 SDsses Ior 109 yDrGs DnG Dn LnWerFeSWLon DnG Ber­sWeFher wDs 8-oI-10 Ior 138 yDrGs DnG D SDLr oI WouFhGowns.

“I think each one got to see what the other one was GoLng DnG Whe PLsWDNes WhDW Whey were PDNLng, DnG , WhoughW Whey wouOG Ee DEOe Wo DGMusW Ds Whe gDPe wenW DOong,” BeFN sDLG. “BoWh oI WheP were so eYen. BoWh oI WheP PDGe PLsWDNes DnG EoWh oI WheP PDGe nLFe SODys. ,I LW FonWLnues Wo worN like this, (I’ll continue to alWernDWe WheP).”

Gozur’s 14-yDrG WouFhGown run LnFreDseG Whe .nL­ghWs’ (2-2) OeDG Wo 21-0 Ln Whe seFonG, DnG DIWer ChrLs BurLDn’s one-yDrG WouFhGown run Ior (DsW, Ber-

stecher hit Eddie Posavec on a pretty 13-yard slant and a 28-7 lead at half­time.

In the third quar­ter, Gozur broke free for his long­est run of the night on a 30-yard score and a 14-yard run by Chris McGin­nis en­forced the mercy rule be­fore the end of the third quar­ter.

North Penn’s Court­ney Gill puts a shot past Soud­er­ton’s Bekah Ford dur­ing Thurs­day’s Subur­ban One Con­ti­nen­tal Con­fer­ence match.

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