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North Penn Life - - Opinion - By Alexan­der Gross

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7hLs wDs D FonWesW oI Fon­sLsWenW YoOOeyLng DnG sWrong OLne-GrLYe serYes. 7he 1orWh Penn girls vol­ley­ball team useG LWs sWeOODr gDPe DW Whe neW Wo EeDW SouGer­Won Ln three straight matches — 25-12, 25-9, 25-21 — Ln D Subur­ban One Con­ti­nen­tal PDWFh 7hursGDy.

0DLGens FoDFh BryDn YosW wDs SrouG oI hLs WeDP DIWer the im­pres­sive vic­tory,

“We hDG D gDPe SODn Ln place to not make any mis­WDNes DnG Wo worN hDrG DnG hDYe D Fo­hesLYe unLW,” he sDLG.

North Penn se­nior StephanLe (OeFhNo wDs Whe sWDr oI Whe PDWFh wLWh Iour DFes — 90 SerFenW Ln DnG 15 NLOOs.

“Our goal is to al­ways go ouW Where DnG PLnLPLze our er­rors, SODy our EesW DnG worN Ds D WeDP,” (OeFhNo sDLG. “(Yen Whose who Gon’W geW D OoW oI SODyLng WLPe worN reDOOy hDrG.”

DurLng Whe firsW Iew PLnuWes oI PDWFh one, 1orWh 3enn heOG D heDOWhy 10-2 DGYDnWDge. SouGer­Won PDGe a nice run with some nice YoOOeyLng eIIorWs, EuW Whe .nL­ghWs goW Iour sWrDLghW SoLnWs oII serYes wLn­nLng Whe firsW PDWFh 25-12.

BoWh WeDPs swLWFheG sLGes Ior Whe seFonG PDWFh, EuW LW WurneG LnWo D FDse oI GéMà Yu. 1orWh 3enn FDPe ouW on fire DnG TuLFNOy grDEEeG D 12-3 wLWh GoPLnDnW serYLng DnG IeroFLous SODy DW Whe neW. 7he .nL­ghWs won PDWFh Wwo 25-9.

SouGer­Won PLghW hDYe Eeen ouWSODyeG WoGDy, EuW wouOG noW Ee ouW-sSLrLWeG DnG LW showeG Ln Whe WhLrG PDWFh.

SouGer­Won FDPe ouW DnG goW oII Wo D 2-0 OeDG DnG D EursW oI PoPenWuP. 7he DwDy IDns be­gan to get into the game FhDnWLng IroP Whe EOeDFhers. 7he EDWWOe sWDyeG hLghOy FoPSeWLWLYe Ior PuFh oI Whe FonWesW DnG wDs WLeG uS DW 20-20.

BuW DnoWher YLFLous sSLNe IroP (OeFhNo seWWOeG 1orWh 3enn EDFN into their groove swing­ing the SenGuOuP oI PoPenWuP EDFN Wo Whe 0DLGens Ds Whey sWorPeG on wLWh ILYe sWrDLghW SoLnWs DnG uOWL­mately the win in three straight matches.

“,n PDWFh Whree we hDG noWhLng OeIW Wo Oose. , IeOW we oYerSODyeG EeFDuse we were so worNeG uS DnG When WhDW snowEDOOeG,” ,nGLDns FoDFh 0DrOenD 0usseOPDn sDLG. “WhDW’s IrusWrDWLng Ls we can play, we can hang with WeDPs OLNe 1orWh 3enn DnG , Gon’W Nnow why we FDn’W pull it out. But, these are greDW gLrOs.”

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