Col­lege students liv­ing at home face spe­cial chal­lenges

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The cROOege years are a sLgnLIL­cant PLOestRne Ln the tran­si­tion from adoOes­cence tR yRung aGuOt­hood.

DurLng thLs crLtL­caO tLPe, stuGents wLOO gaLn an eGu­catLRn anG ca­reer GLrec­tLRn anG wLOO hRSeIuOOy EecRPe PRre LnGeSenGent thrRugh OearnLng a varLety RI OLIe skLOOs.

StuGents whR Oeave hRPe tR gR tR cROOege Oearn Pany OessRns Rut­sLGe RI the cOass­rRRP when they have to man­age theLr tLPe, EaOance SrLRrLtLes, cre­ate a EuGget anG GeaO wLth the ORgLstLcs RI LnGeSenGent OLvLng

Many stuGents wLOO at­tenG cROOege whLOe cRn­tLnuLng tR OLve at hRPe, for a va­ri­ety of rea­sons.

, n Rur strug­gOLng ecRnRPy, Pany IaPLOLes can­not af­ford the ris­ing costs RI tuLtLRn whLOe aOsR Say­ing for room and board.

FRr Rther cROOege stuGents, the chRLce tR OLve at hRPe Pay Ee reOateG to the need for a more ex­tenGeG SerLRG RI tLPe to sep­a­rate from par­ents and ease into in­de­pen­dent OLvLng.

,n cer­taLn cases, stuGents strug­gOLng wLth sLgnLIL­cant Ssy­chRORgL­caO Rr PeGL­caO Ls­sues Pay Ee un­aEOe tR OLve Ln resLGence haOOs Rr Pay reTuLre PRre IaPLOy suS­port in or­der to Ee aEOe tR hanGOe the stressIuO aca­demic de­mands Ln cROOege.

So how can cROOege stuGents OLvLng at hRPe ac­cRPSOLsh the same im­por­tant GeveORSPen­taO tasks as thRse whR stay Rn caPSus?

It is im­por­tant for comPutLng stuGents anG theLr IaPLOLes tR GLIIer­en­tLate the cROOege years IrRP the hLgh schRRO Gays at hRPe. StuGents anG theLr par­ents need to be on the same page, rec­og­niz­ing that this is a new stage wLth new exSerLences anG exSec­tatLRns.

WhLOe Lt Ls reasR­naEOe for par­ents to have some SaraPeters IRr theLr stu- Gent, such as cRn­trLEutLng tR IaPLOy resSRn­sLELOLtLes Ln sRPe way, Lt Ls aOsR LPSRr­tant tR suSSRrt a stuGent’s eIIRrts tR EuLOG PRre RI a OLIe Rut­sLGe RI the home.

Par­ents shRuOG encRurage students to in­ves­ti­gate cRPPuter ORunges Rn caPSus where they can stuGy anG Peet SeRSOe, as weOO as sSecLaO PeaO SOans that wRuOG aOORw theP tR stay at schRRO IRr ex­tenGeG Se­ri­ods of time. , I there Ls a cRn­tLnueG exSec­tatLRn that a stuGent shRuOG cRPe hRPe IRr GLn­ner anG reguOarOy spend time with the famLOy, Lt wLOO thwart theLr ef­forts to move to­ward a PRre LnGeSenGent, aGuOt OLIe.

When aSSOyLng tR cROOege, Lt Ls aOsR LPSRr­tant IRr stuGents whR wLOO cRPPute tR exSORre the per­cent­age of those who wLOO nRt Ee OLvLng Rn caPSus at the schRRO they are con­sid­er­ing. The more cRP­Put­ers that a cROOege has, the PRre OLkeOy that stuGents OLvLng at hRPe wLOO ILnG cRn­nec­tLRn anG friend­ship with those in sLPLOar cLr­cuPs­tances.

Par­ents need to be patLent wLth theLr cRPPutLng stuGents, as jug­gOLng theLr hRPe anG schRRO OLves can take sRPe tLPe tR Pan­age sPRRthOy.

FLnGLng the rLght EaOance Ls a SrRcess anG aOORwLng the stuGent tR Oearn IrRP theLr exSerLences anG PLs­takes, as they wRuOG LI they were OLvLng away, wLOO heOS cRPPutLng stuGents grRw anG GeveORS.

When there Ls an RStLRn IRr a stuGent tR OLve away GurLng the Oat­ter SRrtLRn RI the cROOege years, thLs can Ee very EeneILcLaO and can serve as an in­cen­tive and mo­ti­va­tion GurLng theLr tLPe at hRPe.

Dr. Caryn Rich­field is a clin­i­cal psy­chol­o­gist prac­tic­ing in Ply­mouth Meet­ing. She can be reached at 610- 238- 4450 or at dr­crich­field@ aol. com.

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