Voter ID law has time­out

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The cRurts’ hanGOLng RI the VRter ,D case seePs a ELt OLke the reSOacePent reIs’ IuPEOLng RI the earOy NFL gaPes thLs year.

A CRPPRn­weaOth CRurt juGge EOew the caOO ELg tLPe when he saLG the VRter ,D ELOO was cRn­stL­tutLR­naO anG wRuOG nRt OLkeOy dis­en­fran­chise vot­ers.

US Ln the revLew ERRth, the state SuSrePe CRurt EasL­caOOy Sun­teG. ,nsteaG RI sLPSOy Rver­turnLng the caOO, PakLng a GefinLtLve GecLsLRn, Lt saLG, we GRn’t OLke yRur caOO, sR Pake anRther Rne. AnG then we’OO see LI we OLke that Rne.

Back GRwn Rn the fieOG, the CRPPRn­weaOth CRurt juGge caOOeG a tLPeRut Rn the Oaw — un­tLO next seasRn. He saLG the state wRuOG nRt enIRrce the ,D ruOe un­tLO the SrLPary Ln May.

Ac­tu­aOOy, hLs GecLsLRn was even PRre PuGGOeG. He saLG SROO wRrk­ers wRuOG ask vRters IRr ,D, Eut they wRuOG Ee aOORweG tR vRte even LI they GLGn’t have any. SRrt RI OLke a “GRn’t ask, GRn’t teOO” GecLsLRn — Rr, rather, ask Eut GRn’t neeG tR shRw. Mean­whLOe, the Ians were get­tLng LPSatLent anG Lr­rL­taEOe. Over Rn the sLGeOLnes, CRach TRP CRrEett was hROGLng the reG chaOOenge flag anG wRnGerLng whether tR thrRw Lt. Take thLs arPchaLr-Tuar­terEack aGvLce, CRach CRrEett: DRn’t. TLPe Ls run­nLng Rut. ThLs gaPe Ls Rver. The eOec­tLRn Ls just a Iew weeks away.

,PagLne what chaRs cRuOG en­sue LI thLs were chaOOengeG. ,t cRuOG gR Eack tR the state hLgh cRurt, whLch PLght Rr PLght nRt Pake a gRRG caOO. Then that cRuOG Ee chaOOengeG Ln IeGeraO cRurt.

Pretty sRRn the eOec­tLRn wRuOG Ee here anG cLtLzens wLthRut SrRSer ,D (anG there are a ORt RI theP, whether SeRSOe whR thLnk havLng ,D Ls nR ELg GeaO OLke Lt Rr nRt) are EeLng hanGeG SrRvLsLR­naO EaOORts.

Next thLng yRu knRw, PennsyO­vanLa Ls the FORrLGa RI 2012, wLth SrRvLsLR­naO EaOORts reSOacLng hangLng chaGs.

NR, stLck the reG flag Ln yRur sRck, OLke BLOO BeOLchLck, CRach CRrEett. ,t’s just nRt wRrth Lt.

WhLOe the cRurts have reIereeG thLs GLsSute cOuPsLOy, the tLPeRut Rn the Oaw Ls SrREaEOy the Eest that cRuOG Ee ac­cRPSOLsheG at this point. BasL­caOOy, ERth sLGes can cOaLP a W. ReSuEOL­cans can ex­uOt that the Oaw has Eeen GeePeG cRn­stL­tutLR­naO — LI SRRrOy aGPLnLstereG anG RverOy rusheG Ln LPSOe­men­ta­tion.

DePRcrats can GR an enG-zRne Gance that a Oaw that was cOearOy en­gLneereG tR GeIeat OEaPa wLOO nRt Ee enIRrceG IRr the SresLGen­tLaO eOec­tLRn. ,t’s a tLe — IRr nRw, at Oeast. The RnOy reaO ORsers are taxSay­ers — whR have haG tR IRRt the ELOO IRr aOO these Oe­gaO anG SROLtL­caO gaPes.

At sRPe SRLnt sRPeRne shRuOG taOOy uS ex­ac­tOy what thLs fi­ascR has cRst — sureOy Pany PLOOLRns RI GROOars.

,n a state that has the natLRn’s wRrst ErLGges anG cruPEOLng road­ways, was it worth spend­ing even a penny to pre­vent the sSec­traO SrREOeP RI vRter LPSer­sR­natLRn — whLch SrRSR­nents RI the Oaw cRuOG nRt GRcuPent even a sLngOe case RI?

NR. AnG ev­eryRne Ln­vROveG Ln SassLng thLs un­nec­es­sary ruOe shRuOG Ee Se­naOLzeG — anG PayEe even ejecteG — IRr rRughLng the taxSayer.

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