Cru­saders drop fourth straight

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The Lans­dale Catholic football team was handed its fourth straight loss Satur­day af­ter­noon. But it was the way the Cru­saders went down against Arch­bishop Ryan that con­cerned coach Tom Kirk.

“8S unWLO nRZ, Ze IRugKW in ev­ery game. We stopped figKWLng WR­day,” Ke VaLd.

Lans­dale Catholic took a 7-0 Oead Rn WKe RSenLng dULYe of the Philadel­phia Catholic League non-division conWeVW, EuW LW ZaV aOO 5aLdeUV af­ter that. Arch­bishop Ryan scored the next 34 points to rolling past LC 34-7 at GeRUge :aVKLngWRn HLgK School’s Mickey voung Memo­rial Sta­dium.

“We took a ma­jor step EaFN WR­day,” VaLd .LUN, Ln KLV fiUVW VeaVRn ZLWK WKe CUuVadeUV. “6R, I WKLnN WKaW WKLV com­ing week is go­ing to tell a lot about our team. I truly dRn’W ORRN aW VWaUWLng RuW 4-0 and los­ing a few in a row. It UeaOOy LV ZeeN-Ey-ZeeN, and we took a big step back to­day.”

LanV­daOe CaWKROLF (4-4, 0-2 3CL COaVV AAA) WuUned the ball over four times — all on in­ter­cep­tions — with 5yan (5-3, 1-2 3CL COaVV AAAA) con­vert­ing the mis­cues into 13 points. MeanZKLOe, 5aLdeUV TuaUWeUEaFN Mark lstaszewski threw three touch­downs passes to three dif­fer­ent re­ceivers and also scored on a one-yard TuaUWeUEaFN VneaN Ln WKe VeFRnd TuaUWeU.

“:e MuVW Kad EUeaNdRZnV, we weren’t able to make plays that we should’ve Pade,” LC MunLRU MLNe IaFRnR VaLd. “I Pean, LW FRuOd’Ye FaPe RuW EeWWeU, Ze MuVW Kad VRPe EUeaNdRZnV.”

Ia­cono got the Cru­saders RII WR a gRRd VWaUW, EUeaNLng RII a 42-yaUd Uun Rn WKe fiUVW snap of the game. Four plays OaWeU, Ke Uan LnWR WKe end zRne IURP 18 yaUdV RuW, SuWWLng LC aKead 7-0 aW 10:00 Ln WKe fiUVW TuaUWeU.

“I got the pitch and there ZaV EORFNeUV Rn Py LnVLde, WKey VeaOed WKeP Ln,” IaFRnR VaLd. “6R, I MuVW WRRN Py Oane and I EURNe LW.”

5yan, KRZeYeU, SuOOed eYen aW 5:07 ZKen OVWaVzewski con­nected with Con­nRU GRO­den IRU a 29-yaUd touch­down. And with just 31 VeFRndV OeIW Ln WKe TuaUWeU, lstaszewski put the Raiders uS 14-7 Ey find­Lng an RSen Travon Wil­liams for a 36yard score.

“I think this is re­ally go­ing to be a gut check for our team be­cause we got out­played in ev­ery as­pect of the gaPe,” .LUN VaLd. “I ZLVK I could say we did some­thing ZeOO WR­day, EuW Ze dLdn’W.”

OVWaVzeZVNL finLVKed 7-RI-10 IRU 169 yaUdV, WKUee touch­downs and an in­ter­cep­tion. Bobby Ro­mano Kad IRuU FaWFKeV IRU 82 yards and a score as Arch­bishop Ryan won its sec­ond straight.

-eUePLaK AgULR SaFed WKe Raiders with 96 yards on 14 FaUULeV, ZKLOe -Re DuWNLewicz had 16 car­ries for 91 yards and a touch­down.

“Ryan’s a very good team. They’re not one-di­men­sionaO,” .LUN VaLd. “7Key KaYe a WeUUL­fiF Uun­nLng gaPe, WKey ob­vi­ously showed to­day that they can throw the ball as well. They just beat us up WR­day.”

Ia­cono led the Cru­saders with 96 yards and a score Rn 10 FaUULeV. 4uaUWeUEaFN 3aW Duggan Kad 36 yaUdV Rn nLne FaUULeV and ZaV 5-RI-12 SaVVLng IRU 52 yaUdV and ZaV picked off three times.

Lans­dale Catholic looks to end its four-game skid and aOVR eaUn LWV fiUVW 3CL AAA win of the sea­son 1 p.m. Satur­day when LC hosts Car­di­naO O’HaUa.

“We’ve just got to foFuV Rn O’HaUa nRZ, IRUgeW aERuW WKe ORVVeV,” IaFRnR said. “We’ve got to come out with a strong in­ten­sity next ZeeN.”

Arch­bishop Ryan took a 21-7 Oead aIWeU 5RPanR’V LnWeUFeSWLRn RI Duggan VeW the Raiders up at the LC 18 aW 1:57 Ln WKe VeFRnd TuaUWeU. )LYe SOayV OaWeU, OVWaVzeZVki plowed over the goal line Rn a Rne-yaUd TuaUWeUEaFN NeeSeU ZLWK 10 VeFRndV OeIW.

Ryan’s ad­van­tage be­came 28-7 MuVW 1:43 LnWR WKe WKLUd, as lstaszewski hit Ro­mano IRU a 60-yaUd WRuFKdRZn pass.

“:e ZeUe NeyLng Rn 28 (Agrio) and try­ing to stop WKe Uun, PRVWOy. And WKen we had to pre­vent the big plays on thr pass and that’s ZKaW Ze’Ue VWUug­gOLng ZLWK,” Ia­cono said.

The Raiders made it 34-7 at 7:36 in the fourth af­ter anRWKeU Duggan LnWeUFeSWLRn, aV -LP ManV­fieOd ended a WKUee-SOay, 10-yaUd dULYe with his one-yard touch­down run.

IW ZaV a VOLSSeUy, Puddy path to con­fer­ence glory for the Cen­tral Bucks West cross coun­try teams and for Pen­nridge stand­out Marissa 6KeYa Rn )UL­day, EuW WKey still all made their way just fine.

The Bucks were tops in both the Con­ti­nen­tal guys and girls race and Sheva enMRyed KeU fiUVW FRnIeUenFe ti­tle as the Subur­ban lne Cham­pi­onships were held on a wet day on the course at Le­high Univer­sity.

“It added a lit­tle someWKLng WR LW,” 6KeYa VaLd RI WKe ZeaWKeU, OaugKLng a ELW and en­joy­ing a lit­tle rest as the ju­nior var­sity race got un­deU Zay. “7Ke fiUVW PLOe ZaV NLnd RI VORZ aFWuaOOy, and the sec­ond mile al­ways feels aw­ful. But I felt good Ln WKe WKLUd PLOe, and FRPLng LnWR WKe fi­naO VWUeWFK LW IeOW fine. 7KanNIuOOy, I ZaV Ln WKe VeFRnd UaFe, VR WKe (FRuUVe) wasn’t as bad. It looks a lot worse now. (Win­ning the ti­tle) feels good — it gives me PRUe FRn­fi­denFe gRLng LnWR dLVWULFWV nexW ZeeN, and I KRSe WR SuOO LW RuW WKeUe WRR.”

The only run­ners to top Sheva at the con­fer­ence race last year were even­tual state FKaPS MegKan MFGRYeUn and WeaPPaWe 7RUL GeUOaFK RI WKe 5aPV, WKe WZR-WLPe VWaWe FKaPS Ln WKe 3,200.

On )UL­day, 6KeYa WRRN RYeU WKe WKURne, aV WKe VRSKo­more crossed the line with a win­ning time of 18 min­uWeV, 33 VeFRndV, WRSSLng sec­ond-place Mad­die VilOaOEa, a IaVW IUeVKPan IURP Cen­tral Bucks West who ran an im­pres­sive 18:58.

9LOOaOEa Kad a guWVy finLVK to beat out CB South’s KaiWOLn 3RLeVz (19:00) IRU WKe run­ner-up spot.

“I’P UeaOOy SURud RI KeU, WR be able to lead all the rest of WKe YaUVLWy gLUOV,” FRaFK .LNL Bell said. “They’re all tough. They’re a tough group. They OLNe eaFK RWKeU, and WKaW helps. They feel great and they looked great. They looked re­laxed and strong. I’P SURud RI WKeP.”

7Ke BuFNV SOaFed fiYe Uun­neUV Ln WKe WRS 10 and VeYen Ln WKe WRS 20 WR ZLn WKe UaFe ZLWK 30 SRLnWV and ZUaS uS the con­fer­ence ti­tle for the VeaVRn. 1RUWK 3enn, Oed Ey IRuUWK-SOaFe AOL 9aOenWL, ZaV sec­ond in the race with 56 points.

CB West was vic­to­ri­ous on WKe ERyV VLde aV ZeOO, WKanNV to a strong pack of run­ners that have re­ally come on.

“To win the day is a speFLaO WKLng,” BuFNV FRaFK GUeg :eWzeO VaLd. “:e ZeUe KRSLng WR Ee Ln WKe PLx, and WKe NLdV Uan SUeWWy ZeOO, eVpe­cially up front. We have an out­side chance of makLng VWaWeV (nexW )UL­day), and ZLWK WKe Zay WKey Uan WR­day, I do think we have a le­gi­t­iPaWe VKRW.”

Led by Chris Berry (IRuUWK, 16:39), WKe BuFNV gRW VLx Uun­neUV Ln WKe WRS 28 for all-con­fer­ence hon­ors and finLVKed ZLWK 80 SRLnWV. CB (aVW, ZKLFK ZRn WKe FRnIeUenFe WLWOe IRU WKe VeaVRn, took sec­ond in the race with 82 SRLnWV, IROORZed FORVeOy by Pen­nridge (85) and North Penn (87). The Knights were un­de­feated in the dual meet sea­son but were nipped by bast for the con­fer­ence sea­son ti­tle by two points.

1RUWK 3enn’V 5yan GUaFe, cleared by his doc­tors to Uun Rne PRUe UaFe WKLV yeaU, bat­tled his way through the course with a stress frac­ture Ln KLV IRRW, SuWWLng IRUWK a guWVy eIIRUW and finLVKLng 10WK. 7eaPPaWe -aFN Ma­cauley ran a tremen­dous race up front to take sec­ond Ln 16:13, EeKLnd RnOy de­fend­ing state champ Con­ner 4uLnn RI HaWERUR-HRUVKaP (15:49).

7R RYeUFRPe WKeLU ULYaOV, the Bucks had their pack

work­ing. “We’ve been re­ally good as a pack and work­ing to­gether to move up in the fiHOG WRgHWKHU,” VDLG A.-. 0RUgDQ, wKR WRRk QLQWK LQ 16:57 WR KHOS WHVW fiQLVK third over­all for the sea­son. “I WKLQk WKRVH HIIRUWV fiQDOOy SDLG RII WRGDy.”

West will try to continue its magic on the Le­high course at the Dis­trict lne Cham­pi­onships on Fri­day.

“We’re kind of used to the FRuUVH, HVSHFLDOOy wKHQ LW’V ugOy,” WKH BuFkV’ WLOO BRQH said smil­ing. “It was pretty LQVDQH WRGDy, OLkH gRLQg WKURugK D VwDPS.”


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North Penn’s Emily Du­ni­gan looks to take a shot dur­ing Eastern Con­fer­ence tour­na­ment ac­tion on Satur­day.

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