Pi­o­neers sweep Cal­vary Bap­tist

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It’s not how you start, but

Kow you finLsK. This known phrase is most fiWWLnJ Ior Kow CKrLsWoSKHr DoFN rHsSonGHG DIWHr IDOOLnJ EHKLnG 6-0 Ln WKH firsW match against Cal­vary BapWLsW. DoFN WooN FonWroO EHDWing Cal­vary in three straight matches, 25-18, 25-9, and 25-20.

Hur­ri­cane Sandy didn’t sWoS IDPLOy DnG voOOHyEDOO IDns IroP EoWK sFKooOs IroP com­ing out and show­ing suSSorW Ior WKHLr rHsSHFWLvH sFKooOs DnG FoPPunLWLHs.

“,W wDs nLFH Wo sHH DOO oI WKH sup­port, our girls bat­tled but Dock is a very good team,” Cal­vary Bap­tist coach PaWrLFH )DrnKDP sDLG. “7KHLr abil­ity to play big at the net and us not be­ing able to play our JDPH wDs WKH PosW IrusWrDWLnJ SDrW.”

“We knew Cal­vary wasn’t go­ing to be as strong as some other teams that we’ve played, but I think it was KDrG Ior us HDrOy Wo sOow down our game,” Dock FoDFK 7rLsK HoovHr sDLG. “We were able to ad­just and Jo Wo D sOowHr WHPSo.”

It was an emo­tional game Ior WKH DoFN sTuDG on DnoWKHr OHvHO.

“,W wDs D WouJK GDy Ior us, onH oI our MunLor vDrsLWy player’s sis­ter died to­day so we were less vo­cal out there WKDn norPDO,” HoovHr sDLG. “WH OHDrnHG oI WKH WrDJLF nHws rLJKW EHIorH wH JoW on WKH Eus, so wH SODyHG Ior her tonight and I’m just glad we could come away with D wLn. WH DrH usuDOOy D OoW louder call­ing things out, but with the bad news we got it wDs KDrG. ,W wDs WouJK Ior us men­tally in that way, but we pulled through and we just will have to do our best to get our heads back to where they need to be and I know wH wLOO.”

DoFN sWorPHG EDFN IroP WKHLr HDrOy GH­fiFLW Ln WKH firsW match with an in­creased sHnsH oI urJHnFy SuOOLnJ ouW D 25-18 PDWFK wLn.

In the sec­ond match, Dock sWruFN firsW DnG GLGn’W WDNH WKHLr IooW oII WKH JDs. 7KHy sprinted out to a 14-3 lead and Cal­vary called a time­out sWrHssLnJ FoPPunLFDWLon. HowHvHr, DIWHr WKH WLPHout, the sto­ry­line stayed the same with Dock win­ning the PDWFK 25-9.

In the third match, Cal­vary OHIW HvHryWKLnJ WKHy KDG on the hard­wood play­ing with heart, emo­tion and an emSKDsLs on WHDP­worN. CDO­vary took an 11-8 lead, but Dock’s Kate Miller slammed back a Cal­vary serve which

took the wind out of a po­ten­tial Cal­vary come­back. Dock won the match 2520 and the game in three straight matches.

“We played with a lot on our minds tonight, but coach kept telling us to try and stayed fo­cused and to be as vo­cal as pos­si­ble,” Dock’s Kate Miller said. “We never un­der­es­ti­mate any op­po­nent and I think los­ing to them HDUOy LQ WKH fiUVW PDWFK JRW uV re­fo­cused to close them out quickly.”

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