LC ral­lies past Car­di­nal O’hara

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James Ward scored the finDO Wwo WouFKGowns Ior Lans­dale Catholic on SaturGDy DIWHrnoon, LnFOuGLnJ the game-win­ner, and he reached the end zone three WLPHs Ln DOO Ior WKH CrusDGHrs in their re­mark­able come­back vic­tory over Car­di­nal 2’HDrD.

But maybe the most mem­o­rable play in Ward’s ver­saWLOH SHrIorPDnFH wDs sLPSOy “WKH KLW.”

With the Lions try­ing to cling to a slim 28-27 lead HDrOy Ln WKH IourWK TuDrWHr, 2’HDrD TuDrWHrEDFN Dashawn Dar­den tried to com­plete a pass down the seam to run­ning back Tar­ron DunEDr. )or Dn Ln­sWDnW, DunEDr KDG WKH FDWFK, Ior what would have been a cruFLDO firsW Gown, EuW EHIorH he could get con­trol, Ward rDFHG ovHr IroP KLs IrHH sDIHWy SosLWLon, GHOLvHrHG D jar­ring tackle, and popped WKH EDOO IrHH.

The Lans­dale Catholic crowd erupted, O’Hara punted the ball away, and the rHsW Ls, wHOO, LC KLsWory.

“That was an adren­a­line rusK,” WDrG sDLG oI KLs NHy GHIHn­sLvH SODy WKDW WLOWHG con­trol to the Cru­saders the rHsW oI WKH wDy.

The Cru­saders got the ball back and moved the ball 70 yDrGs Ln 10 SODys Ior WKHLr firsW DnG onOy OHDG oI WKH GDy. 3DW DuJJDn’s 22-yDrG touch­down pass to Ward cli­maxed a 33-28 LC vic­tory in what will surely be a mem­o­rable Philadel­phia Catholic League con­test at Wis­saKLFNon HLJK SFKooO.

“We came back so many times to­day, and that was so PuFK Iun. , OovHG WKDW game,” Ward said with a big smile, still catch­ing his ErHDWK DIWHr WKH CrusDGHrs’ SosW-JDPH FHOHErDWory FKHHr. “3DW DuJJDn wDs on. HH wDs KDvLnJ D JrHDW JDPH DW TuDrter­back, hit­ting his re­ceivers, DnG wH GLG WKH rHsW. 7KH oOLnH GLG D JrHDW MoE. 7oGDy, (Pat) had all the time in the world, and that’s what made WKH GLIIHrHnFH.”

Duggan’s 44-yard touch­down pass to Mike Ia­cono brought the Cru­saders within 28-14 MusW EHIorH KDOIWLPH. Duggan was able to get the EDOO MusW ovHr WKH rHDFK oI GHIHnGHr CKrLs CoOvLn DnG LnWo WKH KDnGs oI ,DFono, wKo WKHn rDFHG Ln Ior WKH sForH.

AIWHr D WKrHH-yDrG WouFK­down run on a toss right by Ward made it 28-21 in the third, Duggan’s ac­cu­racy was again on dis­play when KH KLW WDrG Ior D 13-yDrG score that tight­ened the marJLn Wo 28-27.

The ex­tra-point at­tempt sDLOHG wLGH OHIW, EuW WKH CrusDGHrs wHnW DKHDG Ior JooG on Ward’s 22-yard catch wLWK 6:38 Wo SODy. 2nH PorH GHIHn­sLvH sWoS Hn­surHG Dn LC vic­tory, as the Cru­sadHrs HnGHG D Iour-JDPH OosLnJ sWrHDN DnG finLsKHG WKH reg­u­lar sea­son 5-4 (1-2 PCL AAA).

“Pat Duggan was phe­nom­e­nal,” LC coach Tom KLrN sDLG oI KLs 4B, wKo KLW sHvHn GLIIHrHnW rHFHLvHrs Ior 284 yDrGs DnG Iour WouFKGowns. “,W DOO sWDrWs wLWK KLP. HH PDGH soPH WHr­rL­fiF passes and our kids caught HvHryWKLnJ. WH KDvH D sDyLnJ, ‘EHWWHr WKDn your EHsW.’ And that’s how ev­ery­body SODyHG WoGDy.”

It was O’Hara that dis­SODyHG soPH oIIHn­sLvH magic early, as a 23-yard touch­down run by Thad­dius SPLWK DnG D SDLr oI 7D SDsses by Dar­den, in­clud­ing one Ior 89 yDrGs, JDvH WKH LLons (5-4, 1-2) D 21-0 OHDG.

BuW DIWHr DuJJDn’s 28yard scor­ing throw to Joe 3LnzND oII SODy DFWLon FuW LW Wo 21-7, DnG DIWHr LC DJDLn JoW wLWKLn 14 Ey KDOIWLPH, WKH CrusDGHrs IHOW WKHy wHrH sWDrWLnJ Wo JHW FonWroO.

“,n WKH firsW TuDrWHr, , think we were just shocked with the speed and the tal­ent that they had,” said LC run­ning back and linebackHr KHvLn SDEo. “WH FDOPHG down and we started getWLnJ WKH PoPHnWuP JoLnJ. We went in the locker room (DW KDOIWLPH) DnG MusW sDLG ‘this is our last home game, this is Homecoming, and we need to leave it all out on WKH fiHOG.’ 7KDW’s HxDFWOy wKDW wH GLG.”

,n WKH sHFonG KDOI, WKH Cru­saders plugged up the run­nLnJ ODnHs, JoW SOHnWy oI

pres­sure on Dar­den, and de­liv­ered some key hits down fiHOG, LnFOuGLnJ WKH rHVRunGing one by Ward.

“7KDW’V KLV MRE,” .LrN VDLG. “HH’V JRW FHnWHr fiHOG, DnG LI you can’t in­ter­cept it, let’s make sure they can’t catch it. That was a re­ally good play Ey KLP.”

LC, which will most likely face Arch­bishop Wood week, now waits for the PCL Play­off matchups to be set.

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