North Penn Life - - Real State Transfers - MONT­GOMERY COUNTY ABING­TON

1366 Roth­ley Ave., San­dra Sin­grella to Christo­pher Hawkins and Kelly Hood, $127,000.

1477 Rock­well Road, Scott Wargo and Greg Far­rell to GRSW Ste­wart Real Est Tr, $395,000.

1477 Rock­well Road, GRSW Ste­wart Real Est Tr to Kim­berly Evans, $395,000.

1229 East Ave., Katherine Lutz to Matthew Abrams and Amanda Spoto, $185,000.

1616 Park Ave., Joseph Navo to Ron­ald and Dul­ci­cleide Kies­ling, $275,000.

2339 Jenk­in­town Road, David and Miche­lene Thomas to James Hat­ton and Mary McNamee, $206,000.

268 Maple Ave., Theresa Rogers to Ryan McAleer and Al­li­son Pugh, $221,900.

1302 Edge­wood Ave., Maria and Gertrude Busz to Robert Sundling, $174,000.

4009 North Hills Ave., GR Prop PA Llc to Cather­ine Millspaugh, $225,000.

1599 Wil­liams Road, Roy and Grace Lim to Stephen McFad­den and Holly Craw­ford, $300,000.

2137 Park­dale Ave., Dorothy McClatchy and Linda Kurowski to Hi­man­shu and Ananta Modi, $200,000.

1812 Jody Road, Bon­nie and Eric Nei­derer to Rautz and Fanty Marc, $360,000.


234 N Spring Gar­den St., Spring Land 234 Llc to Ra­mon Bo­li­var and Mar­leni Ro­driquez, $334,200.

238 Trin­ity Ave., Brown St As­soc Llc to Jonah and Heather Har­ris, $398,900.


54 Old Cedar­brook Road, Fair­ways at Cedar­brook Hills Lp to Anil Brah­makku­lath and Minu Chacko, $255,000.

5 Mill Road, An­dras and Theresa Spiegel to Paul Lazrow, et al, $217,000.

7304 Oak Lane Road, Matthew Yi to Na­dia Ge­orges, $148,000.

350 Lis­more Ave., Marc Ca­ballero to Robert and Brid­get Swan­son, $235,000.

911 Mel­rose Ave., Scott and Miriam Rosen to Ed­ward adnd Abi­gail McMa­hon, $285,000.

7757 Clements Road, Deutsche Bk Nat Tr Co Tr to Keith John­son and Ri­ashe McNair, $153,000.


312 W Fifth Ave., Bryan and Mary Kibe to Don­ald Sabia, $170,000.

239 W Third Ave., James Mari­nari to Frank Costa, $229,900.

434 Hec­tor St., Jef­frey Datz and Elissa Fuller to Nat Res Nom Serv Inc, $357,000.

434 E Hec­tor St., Nat Res Nom Serv Inc to Jen­nifer Wei­dler, $357,000.

204 W Seventh Ave., US Sec of Hous­ing&Ur­ban Dev to Barry Ohler, Jr and Sr, $142,500.


153 Rosedale Court, Wil­liamstadt Lp to Matthew Dougherty, $289,750.

909 Se­na­tor Road, Wil­liam Schorle to Bryan Men­gel, $225,000.

402 Deer Run, Ti­mothy and Jes­sica Schroeck to Amelia Corino, $150,000.


18 Nor­wyn Road, Sarah and Derek Domink to Eric and Karen Sekula, $230,000.

44 Horse­shoe Lane, Robert and Mary Stambaugh to Robert and Gwyneth Gas­pari, $324,000.


572 Grapevine Drive, Lisa An­saldo to John and Heather Walsh, $291,000.

1605 Sch­wab Road, Mike­len Llc to Krunal and Kin­jal Pa­tel, $371,930.


22 Log Pond Drive, Wil­liam Doyle to Sushil Sansal, $215,000.

90 Whet­stone Road, Unit G-10, De­bra Noon and An­gela Canazaro to Al­bert Bar­tuska, $185,000.

68 Green Woods Drive, Cather­ine Trout and Wil­liam Rum­nock to Jamie and Thomas Bir­kett, $230,000.

78 Ash Stoker Lane, Elli­nor Meiss­geier to Donna Mad­den, $155,000.

3 Wood­bine Court, Lauren Woehr to Vic­tor Ro­mano, $185,000.

302 Wil­low­brook Road, Dorothy Ker­mick and Dorothy Betz to Matthew Hoffman and Ash­ley Don­ahue, $285,000.


525 Wal­nut St., Wil­liam and Maria Cro­mar to David and Bethany Payne, $255,000.


32 E Han­cock St., Fed Home Ln Mtg Corp to Howard Heitz, $113,000.

610 N Can­non Ave., Mo­ham­mad Mo­hin­ud­din and Mar­ja­han Akhtar to Wells Fargo Bk NA, $126,000.

514 Columbia Ave., Terry Hill and Ed­wared Mikewicz to Stephen and Jen­nifer wil­li­son, $170,000.

25 W Mt Ver­non St., Stephen and Jen­nifer Koehler to Michael Jaeger and Joanna Clay­ton, $246,000.

826 Cherry St., HSBC Bk USA NA Tr to Peter and Amy McMichael, $125,099.


335 Mul­berry Drive, Ian Wal­lace and Julie Droluk to Kevin and Sharon Mac Gre­gor, $284,000.

113 Bay­berry Drive, Michael and Re­becca Di­daniels to Jean Varano, $315,000.

348 NLewis Road, Som­er­set Tire Serv Inc to Roanole PA Prop Llc, 41.100,000.

3767 N Lewis Road, Glenn and Lau­rann Hol­combe to Ro­ert and Con­nie Law­son, $235,000.

115 Masters Drive, DHLP-Lim­er­ick Golf Com­mun Lp to Rouse/ Cham­ber­lin Lim­ited, $112,000.


25 Game Farm Road, Brooke Shaw to Cen­tral Penn Cap Man­age Llc, $80,300.

24 Ever­green Lane, Daniel and Melissa Miller to Brian Guglielmo, $155,000.


126 Cheshire Drive, Christo­pher and Melina Pef­fall to Ju­dith O’Leary, $175,000.

232 Towyn Court, Syed and Huya Ah­san to Gera- lyn Baniewicz, $353,000.

1621 Kel­logg Drive, Yi­we­land Wei Li to Hyuck and Grace Pak, $610,000.


617 New Gulph Road, John and Jen­nifer Seward to Wil­liam and Elaine McMa­hon, $1,125,000.

232 Stacey Road, Gary Charlestein, et al to Ita­mar and Qingyi Drech­sler, $530,000.

204 Kent Road, David Taf­fet tp Gre­gory and Kristi Artz, $1,140,000.

808 Ed­win Lane, Dona Behrend to Louis and Jean­nette Ko­zloff, $740,000.

505 Baird Road, San­dra Foote to Ja­son Wan­ders and Jes­sica Caspe, $525,000.

163 Stoneway Lane, Mar­i­lyn Devine to Na Ye and Wei Dai, $236,000.

1033 Ni­chol­son Road, Su­sanne and Sey­mour Shay to Eric Siskin and Ab­bke Lamb, $400,000.

512 Hoffman Drive, Stephen and San­dra Sheller to Stephen and Meredith Moss, $955.000.

900 Great Springs Road, Daniel and Heather Spinosa to An­drew and Carolyn Sutor, $1,000,000.

608 Mor­ris Ave., Arthur and Linda aGe­orge to Michael and Melinda Berk­man, $1,040,000.

1107 Hol­low Road, Stephen Hoch and Xaver Dreze Liv Tr to Pre­ston Moritz and Kath­leen Heisinger, $420,000.

1319 Rut­land Lane, Marten and Ni­cole Hirsch to Seth and Stephanie Hall, $817,500.

1084 Broad­moor Road, Bruce Stone, et al to Paul and Katherine Gil­bert, $500,000.

1202 Round Hill Road, Mar­shall and Amy Maltz­man to Arthur and Linda Ge­orge, $445,000.

25 Jef­fer­son St., An­drew and Brid­get Aspen to Luz Her­nan­dez, $238,000.

1201 Club House Road, Dolores and Eu­gene Labowski Re­voc Tr to Saf­fet and Brooke Cakir, $760,000.

149 Cricket Ave., Car­lene and Amy Mullin to Richard Weis­berg, $352,900.

555 Gen­eral Lafayette Road, Steven and Toby Gross­wald to Scott and Kristin Rubens, $550,000.

1923 Stone Ridge Lane, An­dre Iguo­dala to Wil­liam and Karen Mignucci, $1,250,000.

131 Edge­wood Road, Michelle Weis­berg to Mark Miller, $1,000,000.

1146 Lindy Lane, Unit 11-46, Larry and Bar­bara Frei­d­man to Ed­win Alt­man and Ann Hol­stein, $775,000.

1219 W Wyn­newood Road, Condo 508, Cather­ine Bar­bieri to Dou­glas and Me­ri­anne Wat­son, $130,000.

29 Rolling Road, June Lee and Jen­nifer LeeWinssinger to Ali­son Walker, $270,450.

1219 W Wyn­newood Road, Condo 103, Aarona Sokoloff, et al to Joseph and Maryann Mel­chiorre, $195,000.

421 Bal­ly­tore Road, Lawrence and Son­dra Dillon to Kevin and Rachel Den­gel, $630,000.

308 Bar­wynne Lane, Dorothy Phillips, et al to Barry Astr­lowsky, $590,000.


1558 Rhoades Drive, Paul and Julie Stancu to Shay and Deb­bie Levi, $385,000.

3336 Wood­land Circle, Condo 77, Justin Clough and Heather Spear to Gary and Irine Tabach, 4295,000.

1092 Ge­orge Road, Lois Whi­tacre and Doris Brucker to Kate Chong, $327,000.

2026 Shady­wood Circle, Carol Leone to Alec and Irene Musten, $550,000.

1763 Sil­ver Birch Road, Cor­nell Nar­berth Llc to Eric and Michelle Kauf­man, $627,100.


379 In­dian Crest Way, Laura Deatel­hauser to Tracy and Jenna Com­mons, $189,000.

411 Hoffman Road, Her­itage-Lower Sal­ford Lp to Bret and Ja­clyn De­cem­brino, $537,630.

517 Park Ave., Shirley and Michael Bergey to Je­nie and Jonathan Mus­sel­man, $231,000.

383 In­dian Crest Way, Roy and Denise Moyer to Matthew Regul, $199,900.


132 David Drive, Deutsche Bk Nat Tr Co Tr to Ja­son and Amanda McDon­ald, $475,199.

435 Coun­try Club Drive, Doyle and Jean Klinger to Jared and Veronica Litz, $300,000.

101 Ash­ley Circle, Fed Nat Mtg Assn to Brent Borne­man, $199,500.

911 Su­san Circle, Gen Han­cock Part En­ter Lp DBA to NVR Inc TA, $735,000.

124 Sun­rise Drive, Todd and Car­men Star to Fran­cis and Holly Flana­gan, $425,000.

400 Ever­green Court, Va­lerie Hung and Stan­ley King to Mark Markoff and Fa­time El Had­dad, $215,000.

100 Carlisle Court, Jamias Au­gusto to Adil and Ameena Khan, $412,000.

106 Pine Crest Lane, Paul and Amelia Vig­giano to Daniel and Lisa My­ers, $303,000.

1208 Lans­dale Ave., Ben­jamin Wat­son to Lai Chen and Li Shao, $217,000.


305 Iona Ave., Ron­ald and Kim Rose to Peter Collins, $205,000.

511 Home­wood Ave., Michael and Ti­mothy Curran to Ge­orge Koutroubas. $230,000.


112 Adams Lane, Kevin Hatch to Brian Gil­son and Mon­ica Marx, $280,000.

156 Maple Ave., Reif­s­nei­der Fam TR to Joseph Vodopija, $165,000.


57 Tra­verse Drive, Hyuck and Grace Pak to Sean and Sheri Cummins, $540,000.

2524 Cold Point Hill Road, Fed Home Ln Mort Corp to Gre­gory Heloskie, $137,500.

3025 Sh­effield Drive, Bar­bara Coyne and Mar­jorie Twiford to Michael An­gelo, $247,500.


943 Wal­nut St., Frank and Patricia Derby to Jef­frey Owens, $185,000.

799 Main St., Cum­ber­land Frams Inc to Su­pe­rior Credit Union, $525,000.


2037 Pier­mont Way, Skip­pack Grp Llc to Chris­tine and Peter Sadowski, $349,409.

9501 Sten­ton Ave., Thomas Egitto to Jef­frey Mar­chozzi and Jenna De­savino, $264,500.

8777 Du­veen Drive, Evans Builders Inc to Donna Caval­laro, $227,500.

421 Suf­folk Road, MGC In­vest Inc to Peter Arth­mire, $205,000.

410 At­wood Road, Scott and Paul Shoyer to Gre­gory and Julie Hi­e­s­tand, $211,500.


2035 Spring Val­ley Road, Clearview Op­por­tu­nity XVII Llc to An­drew and Tachelle Watkins, $333,000.

2507 Devon­shire Court, Robert and Martha Stephen­son to Caleb and Carrie Eckhardt, $177,500.

601 Po­plar Court, Wil­liam Trakat to Thomas Roy, $107,500.

2035 Springer Road, Fannie Mae to Michael Ep­polito, $262,500.


312 Fort Wash­ing­ton Ave., Jef­frey and Laura McGovern to Jana and Shan­non Gunby , $352,000.

1403 Seneca Run, Craig and Lau­rie Porter to Don­ald Wynne, $268,000.

1984 Audubon Drive, Harry and Seran Fereshetian to Nor­ris­ton Joseph One Llc, $195,000.

1703 Clin­ton Drive, Wil­liam and Maria Vitez to Craig and Lau­rie Porter, $527,500.

1608 Kings Circle, Floyd Garis to Yakov and Irina Toy­ber­man, $400,000.


188 Prov­i­dence Lane, Jef­frey and Kelly Cle­mens to An­bazha­gan Chin­nathambi and Savitha Subra­ma­nian, $332,000.

1211 Cob­ble­stone Circle, Stephen and Ann Fin­ley to Jeanie Kel­lock, $264,900.

768 Park Road, Mario and Jane toscano to John Pyle, $335,000.

725 Aldrin Ave., Robert and Amanda Wet­ter to Niko­leta Stathopoou­los, $412,500.


172 Mus­ket Road, Harry Rau­den­bush and Lisa Hard­ing to Michael Dro­tar, $200,000.

1146 S Mat­son­ford Road, Thomas and Linda Nolan to Nathan Trun­fio, $260,000.

487 W Val­ley Forge Road, Karen Cope and Mar­i­lyn Laz­zopina to Michael Pel­lak and su­san Don­aato, $310,000.

1110 Bri­ans Way, Mar­garet Zehner to Den­nis Martin and Beth Downsy, $540,000.


2610 Hor­sham Road, Cen­tral Penn Cap Man­age Llc to Shan­non and Ssean Durso, $191,489.

3801 Meyer Lane, Chris Ditom­maso and Nancy Slickis to ian Smith, $329,000.

2312 Park­side Ave., Ellen Brosso to Pamela Rhodes, $234,000.

325 S Warmin­ster Road, Unit A-7 Bldg 1, Richard Crouthamel to Jes­sica Lunsford, $158,000.

19 New­ing­ton Drive, Al­bert Gates Tr, et al to Meghan Ry­der, $164,000.

1920 Ter­wood Road, An­drea Ca­paldi and Thomas Gaal to Den­nis and Carol Bran­non, 4200,000.

232 Cow­bell Road, Kristin and Steve Rit­ter to Michael and Jan­ina Fendya, $259,732.


519 Quincy St., Ben­jamin Elle­busch, et al to Car­tus Fin Corp, $265,000.

17 Pin Oaks Drive, David and An­drea larosa to Kory and Janelle Van­noy, $417,000.

519 Quincy St., Car­tus Fin Corp to Igor Tentler and Maryana Gor­dini, $265,000.

60 Or­chard Court, Carol Schott to Ron­ald and Heather Deyoc, $160,000.

107 Fair­field Circle E, K Hov­na­nian at Up­per Prov Llc to NVR Inc TA, $115,000.

504 Quincy St., Jin­lin Tong to Ken­neth Buono­core, $270,000.

128 Mag­no­lia Court, Bar­bara Clarke to Daniel Farry and Danielle Dole­niak, $220,000.

511 Quincy St., Kevin andKath­leen Louie to Kofi and Naa Abo­man­ing, $277,000.

268 Gay St., Wil­liam Fender to Deutsch Bk Nat Tr Co Tr, $175,000.


2335 Hill­side Lane, Jody Parisi and Carol Rit­son to Cur­tis and Kim­berly Han­nah, $227,000.

1212 Stony­brook Drive, Condo 1212, Carolyn Ever­hardt to Erin Alder­fer and Ramza Aponte, $114,000.

558 S Schuylkill Ave. Bldg 1 Condo 558, Maria Price to Dolly Bar­ley, $114,000.

26 Cen­tre Ave, Fin Free­dom Se­nior Fund Corp to Stacy McLaugh­lin, $110,000.

127 Colo­nial Ave., Michael Schuler to Su­san­nah Gaye and An­war Dean, $210,000.

248 Carey Lane, El­iz­a­beth Czop, et al to Chris­tian Hu­ber, $207,500.

1962 Bir­ginia Lane, Nel­son and San­dra Hayashida to Ravi Sri­rangam, $280,000.


250 Ridge Pike, Bldg C Condo 356, Marie Sikowski, et al to Vladimire and Lyud­myla Grovheva, $113,300.

2223 Oak­wyn Road, Thomas and Mary Sch­wem­mer to Mary Sch­wem­mer and Wil­liam Janssen, $270,000.

722 E Hec­tor St., Kelly Walls to Eric Speelman, $220,000.

2022 Spring Mill Road, Nancy Aaron to Kath­lee andThomas Reiff, $347,000.


710 Cath­cart Road, Adam Levy to David Quar­nac­cia, $312,000.

171 Win­der­mere Drive, Al­bert and Ladonna Abre­vaya to Christo­pher and Christina Piros, $995,000.

1582 Sul­li­van Drive, John Pizza to Steven and Amy Par­adis, $206,000.

1582 Sul­li­van Drive, John Pizza to Steven and Amy Par­adis, $206,000.


4 Hamp­ton Court, Patricia Shields to Joseph Stanziano and Sarah Latta, $245,000.

109 Brin­m­dle Court, NVR Inc TZ to Er­land and Joyce Nord­strom, $370,885.

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