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Did you know that there LV D VFLHnFH to figuULng out whLFh hDLU pDUt flDt­tHUV onH’V fa­cial fea­tures most? Yep, and there are four easy steps one can un­der­take to de­ter­mine which side of the face LV thH PoVt flDt­tHULng.

This is only im­por­tant if you care about your hair and youU IDFH, DnG DV long DV there are mir­rors, I sup­pose thDt LnFluGHV PoVt oI uV.

7hLV hDLU-pDUtLng hooHy VtULNHV PH DV VoPHthLng thDt I would nor­mally not have Dny UHDVon to thLnN DEout. (YHU. But oGGly Hnough, I am aware of where I part whDt’V lHIt oI Py hDLU.

BDFN whHn , hDG D lot oI hDLU Ln hLgh VFhool, , pDUtHG Lt Gown thH PLGGlH. AlPoVt Dll thH guyV woUH thHLU hDLU thDt wDy Ln thH 1970V. Why, I even used a hair dryer for a while and then when I went oII to Fol­lHgH DnG hDLU GUyHUV wHUHn’t Fool DnyPoUH, I used to ro­tate the noz­zle up­ward on the hand dryer Ln thH PHn’V UooP to GUy Py hDLU. 6HH, , GLG lHDUn VoPHthLng uVHIul Ln Fol­lHgH EHVLGHV how to prop­erly wHDU D togD.

Then there was a 10-year time of mid-life when I GLGn’t pDUt Py hDLU Dt Dll, pUHIHUULng in­stead to wear D pHUP. (YHUy guy VhoulG wHDU bushy, curly hair while they still hDYH Lt. BHlLHYH Lt or not, there was a time when women re­ally liked men with perms, sideEuUnV DnG EHl­lEot­toP pDntV. 7o thLV GDy, ,’P not VuUH what those women were thLnNLng.

But now, thHUH LVn’t PuFh hDLU lHIt on thH olG FoFonut. AnG Dlthough thHUH VtLll LV Hnough to pDUt, , DP pHULlously close to comb-over VtD­tuV. AnG , hDYH to hDYH D con­ver­sa­tion with my hair stylist ev­ery time about where to lo­cate the part be­cause she and I have dif­fer­ent opin­ions on pDUt loFDtLon.

6HH, thH IuUthHU down to­ward the HDU thH pDUt goHV, the more it starts to look like a com­bover and the more I start to look like Dn olG guy. 6o , lLNH the part — on the left side in my case — to EH lLnHG up ULght oYHU the mid­dle of my left eye­brow, which, by the way ,has plHnty oI hDLU Dt thLV VtDgH oI life and nearly re­quires beLng pDUtHG LtVHlI.

Al­though VhH GoHV D won­der­ful job with my hair, the stylist al­ways wins the de- bate on where the part in Py hDLU goHV EHFDuVH VhH LV DlVo 7hH BlonGH AFFoun­tDnt’V hDLU VtylLVt DnG wH Dll know who ul­ti­mately calls the shots on where my hair LV pDUtHG.

6o LI you VtLll hDYH hDLU and you still part it, there is a guy out thHUH nDPHG -HIIUHy Mayo, a Eu­fora Global EduFD­toU DnG 6tylLVt, who Ln D wire ser­vice story of­fers tips on “how to gHt youU PoVt flDt­tHULng VLGH-pDUt:

(1) Ev­ery­one has a VtUong DnG wHDN VLGH oI thHLU IDFH. ((GL­toU’V notH: DnG some of us have faces made IoU UDGLo.) 7o finG youU PoVt flDt­tHULng VLGH, looN Ln thH mir­ror and hold up a piece of printer pa­per to one side of thH IDFH.

(2) Now move the pa­per to the op­po­site side and notice the fea­tures on that VLGH DV wHll. 0oYH thH pDpHU back and forth be­tween the two sides of the face un­til the VlLght GLIIHUHnFHV EHtwHHn the sym­me­try of the fea­tures DUH notLFHDElH. ((GL­toU’V notH: 3ut­tLng thH pLHFH oI pa­per in the mid­dle of your IDFH DnG FoYHULng Eoth VLGHV will work bet­ter for the ra­dio IDFHV.)

(3) The side that has more fea­tures turned in the up­ward di­rec­tion is the VtUongHU VLGH oI thH IDFH. This is the side that should be ex­posed when de­cidLng on D hDLUVtylH, PHDnLng the heav­ier side of the part VhoulG Dl­wDyV go DgDLnVt thH wHDNHU VLGH oI thH IDFH. ((GL­toU’V notH: ,I Eoth VLGHV of the face are weak, does thH hDLU pDUt thHn go EDFN to EHLng Ln thH PLGGlH? 2U LV Lt goLng to EH PoUH GLI­fiFult to Hx­plDLn to youU VLgnL­fiFDnt other why you have printer pa­per in the bath­room and you’UH FoYHULng youU IDFH with it?)

(4) 2nFH you’YH FhoVHn thH VtUongHU VLGH oI youU face, make a per­fect side pDUt Ey FoPELng IUoP thH out­side cor­ner of the eye in the front to mid­dle cen­ter in the back to en­sure sym­metUy Ln thH hDLUVtylH. ((GL­toU’V notH: WhDt Ln tDUnDtLon GoHV thDt PHDn? AnG GoHV Dny­onH ever look into the mir­ror and thLnN, “Why, , thLnN ,’YH achieved per­fect sym­me­try in my hair­style with that perIHFt hDLU-pDUt.”)

Ah­hhh. ,t’V Dll MuVt VplLt­tLng hDLUV.

Mike Morsch is ex­ec­u­tive ed­i­tor of Mont­gomery Me­dia and au­thor of the book, “Danc­ing in My Un­der­wear: The Sound­track of My Life.” He can be reached by call­ing 215-542-0200, ext. 415 or by email at msquared35@ ya­hoo.com. This col­umn can also be found at www.mont­gomerynews.com.

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