Eol­i­day shop­ping starts with Black Fri­day, fol­lowed by Cy­ber Mon­day

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This time of the year, there are many hol­i­days that don’t get the of­fi­cial recog­ni­tion like that given to Thanks­giv­ing, eanukkah, Christ­mas, kew vear’s and hwan­zaa. Ac­tu­ally, three are im­por­tant and they’re all as­so­ci­ated with hol­i­day shop­ping. Th­ese are Black Fri­day, Cy­ber Mon­day and the day be­fore umas.

Most of us will spend some time and money buy­ing a gift for some­one and it in­volves one of th­ese shop­ping days or just press­ing the keys on a com­puter and shop­ping on­line in­stead of stand­ing in line at a store.

As we spend our money and thoughts on buy­ing a gift, we might want to know how we com­pare to other hol­i­day shop­pers. Ac­cord­ing to the largest or­ga­ni­za­tion of re­tail­ers, the ka­tional oetail Fed­er­a­tion, hol­i­day shop­pers may spend $TMM on hol­i­day gifts. The ka­tional oetail Fed­er­a­tion in­volves one out of four Amer­i­can jobs as well as work­ers in 45 coun­tries.

Black Fri­day is the Fri­day fol­low­ing Thanks­giv­ing. This shop­ping day ac­tu­ally be­gan in mhiladel­phia as far back as 1961 and has been the busiest shop­ping day of the year since 2MM5. We all know Black Fri­day as the day many stores open by 1 a.m. with money-sav­ing sales.

Three days later is Cy­ber Mon­day, a day that in­volved nearly 12P mil­lion Amer­i­can shop­pers last year. And of course, one has a dif­fi­cult task of try­ing to find a mall park­ing space on Dec. 24 as peo­ple rush at the last minute to buy a hol­i­day gift. As you stand in line, see where you fit in the shop­ping scheme of things. Ac­cord­ing to the koF, 14T mil­lion Amer­i­cans will get out their credit cards, cash or checks dur­ing the Black Fri­day week­end. fn 2M11, the Black Fri­day shop­pers spent $52 bil­lion. Based on pre­vi­ous years, on Cy­ber Mon­day 2M11, 129.9 mil­lion peo­ple spent money in this coun­try on gifts or self­treats. eu­r­ri­cane pandy might de­crease hol­i­day spend­ing by 1.1 per­cent to 2.1 per­cent ac­cord­ing to the ptrate­gic oe­source Group, although koF still ex­pects holi- day spend­ing to re­main as it had pre­dicted at spend­ing of $586 bil­lion. Ap­ple fnc. pre­dicts it will sell 46.5 mil­lion imhones in the fourth quar­ter of 2M12.

fn 2M12 the ko. 1 shop­ping method is on­line; the use of the com­puter for shop­ping was the choice of 51.8 per­cent of peo­ple and this could bring the on­line pur­chase to­tal to $92 bil­lion to $96 bil­lion. fn­ter­est­ingly, 45.2 per­cent of shop­pers pre­fer to visit a store when they are shop­ping.

Ad­ver­tis­ing cir­cu­lars in­flu­enced P6.2 per­cent and tele­vi­sion com­mer­cials caught the in­ter­est of P5.4 per­cent of shop­pers. Friends and fam­ily were in­flu­en­tial on 4M.4 per­cent of shop­pers and cat­a­logs caught the at­ten­tion of P4.1 per­cent of shop­pers.

Based on past habits, a gift card is the most re­quested item. phop- pers will tilt into buy­ing jew­elry (22.5 per­cent) and toys (45.1 per­cent). phop­pers use debit cards 4P.4 per­cent, cash 25.2 per­cent, a per­sonal check 2.8 per­cent, and a store charge card 28.T per­cent.

fn 2M11, the fa­vorite gift for girls was the Bar­bie Doll and for boys it was video games. Ac­cord­ing to the koF, more than half of Amer­i­cans had al­ready started their hol­i­day shop­ping prior to Black Fri­day.

The most im­por­tant fac­tor for on­line pur­chases was the com­par­a­tive price of the item. fn­ter­est­ingly, also of ma­jor im­por­tance was the “Free phip­ping” of the on­line item.

gust like mak­ing a list and sit­ting on panta’s knee, ev­ery shop­per will have less stress by plan­ing ahead and shop­ping be­fore the mad rush.

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