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You nDPe the out­coPe Dnd the NoUth Penn lLghtweLghts Dc­coP­plLshed Lt on Wed­nes­dDy Ln the fiUst duDl PDtch of the seD­son DgDLnst Pen­nridge.

A pLn, D PDjoU decLsLon Dnd tech fDll finDlly net­ted the .nLghts soPe bUeDthLng UooP. Af­teU tUDdLng the leDd thUough the fiUst eLght PDtches, junLoU -eff ReLPel seDled the 46-30 wLn Ln the sec­ondto-lDst PDtch of the evenLng.

ReLPel UDn cLU­cles DUound hLs op­po­nent Dnd Ln 46 sec­onds se­cuUed the .nLghts’ fiUst duDl wLn of the seD­son. CoDch RobeUt ShettslLne wDs not ceUtDLn ReLPel wDs goLng to wUes­tle DgDLnst the RDPs, but wLth the scoUe sLt­tLng Dt 34-30, he went wLth hLs ULsLng junLoU.

“-ef­fUey Ls ouU go-to guy theUe,” ShettslLne sDLd. “We Nnew he could tuUn Lt up D notch Dnd do well foU us. I thought ouU teDP’s shDpe looNed pUetty good tonLght.”

The .nLghts neveU could pull DwDy becDuse of the RDPs Ue­lent­less Dt­tDcN. WhLle theLU Dg­gUessLve­ness cost theP D few PDtches, they Dlso cDPe DwDy wLth five pLns. 2f the five scoUes, thUee weUe PDde by fUeshPen Ln theLU fiUst vDUsLty PDtch. AndUew ReLn­hold (195), .yle Gen­tLle (145) Dnd .oUdell Rush (106) Dll found D wDy to get theLU op­po­nent’s shouldeUs on the PDt.

“We got D lLt­tle bLt of D gDge heUe,” RDPs’ coDch DDn Goet­teU sDLd. “I’P not PDd Dnd I’P not thULlled. Even ouU guys thDt lost woUNed hDUd. .oUdell wUes­tled Dt 90 pounds wDs one of thUee fUeshPDn thDt got pLns. ThDt looNs good foU ouU fu­tuUe.”

Also pick­ing up pins for the RDPs weUe sophoPoUe -oey .UDcz (285) Dnd junLoU Ben Ross. In the 120 bout Ross gDve the RDPs theLU finDl leDd of the nLght wLth hLs pLn. Ross squDUed up wLth

standRut fresK­man 6Rfi­ane Bens­mail and wasted lit­tle time to show why he has 56 wLns Ln KLs first twR seasRns.

“Ben has a lot of wins and a ORt Rf SLns,” GRet­ter saLd. “We definLteOy exSeFt KLm at states this year, hopefully Rn tKe SRdLum. He Kas Eeen work­ing hard all sum­mer and tRnLgKt Lt sKRwed. He has a great top and a great ERt­tRm, and we KaYe reaOOy wRrked Rn KLs Rf­fense.”

The oams needed ooss to rLse tR tKe RFFasLRn as tKey were en­terLng tKe first reg­u­lar sea­son show­down with a hand­ful of starters side­lined, LnFOudLng MunLRr state TuaOL­fier 6FRtt Parker.

“Parker Ls a 12-SRLnt swing, Ethan Clem­mer is Rur starter at 126, and -ake FrankOLn at 160 were aOO Rut,” GRet­ter saLd. “We KaYe Eeen strug­gOLng wLtK LnMurLes fRr tKe Oast FRuSOe years. We need tR find a way tR stay KeaOtKy.”

But the way the Knights’ lineup is wrestling right now, tKe LnFOusLRn Rf tKe LnMured starters mLgKt nRt KaYe made tRR muFK Rf a dLf­fer­enFe. Fresh­man Mikey O’Brien (113), 5yan GLOmRre (126), CamerRn HeaOy and senLRr GeRrge 6KLSS aOO SLFked uS SLns Ln tKe wLn.

“You al­ways look for­ward tR tKe first matFKes tR see where you are as a team,”

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