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,n a tKrLOOer, DLstrLFt One FKamSLRn CRatesYLOOe EuLOt a tKree-tRuFKdRwn Oead, tKen EareOy KeOd Rff a Oate raOOy Ey DLstrLFt 12 FKamS La 6aOOe, tR FOaLm tKe P,AA COass AAAA East­ern FKamSLRn­sKLS, 42-35, Ln a game played Fri­day night at DRwnLngtRwn West.

TKe 5ed 5aLders adYanFe tR next week­end’s P,AA CKamSLRn­sKLS fi­naO at Her­sKeyPark 6tadLum.

TKe FRn­test Eegan wLtK a de­lay of game penalty agaLnst CRatesYLOOe Rn tKe RSenLng kLFkRff, a SreYLew Rf tKLngs tR FRme fRr tKe oaiders, who were pe­nal­ized eLgKt tLmes Ln tKe first Tuar­ter, wLtK sLx aFFeSted.

And wKLOe tKe 5aLders made mis­takes, La Salle made sRme earOy Kay.

TakLng RYer at mLd­fieOd af­ter a short punt on CoatesYLOOe’s first SRssessLRn, tKe ExSORr­ers went 51 yards Rn twR SOays, tKe first a 44-yard strike down the right sideOLne frRm Tuar­terEaFk CKrLs Kane tR fuOOEaFk MLke ELfe. One SOay Oater, -Lmmy Her­rRn sFRred arRund tKe Oeft sLde Rut Rf tKe wLOdFat, and La 6aOOe Kad tKe earOy Oead.

But af­ter La Salle’s third drLYe dLed Rn dRwns at tKe CRatesYLOOe 25, tKe 5aLders turned tR tKeLr fRrte - tKe ELg SOay - tR eYen tKe sFRre.

KLFk-started Ey a 48-yard run Ey Dre BRggs, CRatesYLOOe went 75 yards Rn nLne SOays, wLtK a Ser­feFtOy desLgned sFreen Sass agaLnst a fRurtK-dRwn La 6aOOe EOLtz, EeFRmLng an 11-yard tRuFK­down pass from Em­mett Hunt tR DaT­uan WRrOey.

Ad­dLng Ln­suOt tR LnMury, La 6aOOe star wLdeRut/de­fen­sLYe EaFk 6ean CROe­man was Far­rLed Rff tKe fieOd wLtK 3:30 Oeft Ln tKe first Tuar­ter af­ter suf­fer­ing what ap­peared to Ee a knee LnMury af­ter a Sass reFeStLRn.

The oaiders, it ap­peared, were Must war­mLng uS, and af­ter a La Salle three-andRut tKey sFRred Rn tKeLr next SRssessLRn.

A 47-yard Sass SOay frRm Hunt tR WRrOey was tKe key SOay Rn a 75-yard, sLx-SOay marFK tKat ended wLtK Hunt plow­ing into the end zone frRm tKe 3-yard OLne.

,t EeFame 21-7 CRatesYLOOe Must 3:34 Oater wKen WRrOey SROLsKed Rff a sLx-SOay, 60-yard drLYe wLtK a 6-yard sFRre wLtK 5:23 re­maLnLng Ln tKe KaOf.

But La Salle had an an­swer. Kane KLt KLs first tKree Sasses Rn tKe drLYe, tKe Oast Rne a 41-yarder tR -Rr­dan MeaFKum, tR mRYe tKe EaOO tR tKe CRatesYLOOe 12. TKree SOays Oater, Kane sFRred frRm tKe 3, and tKe ExSORr­ers were wLtKLn a tRuFKdRwn.

TKree snaSs frRm sFrLm­mage af­ter tKat sFRre tKe game was tied when La 6aOOe de­fen­sLYe end 5yan Coon­a­han stepped in front Rf a Hunt at­temSted sFreen Sass and ramEOed 27 yards, un­tRuFKed, tR Say­dLrt.

That tied the game with 1:39 Oeft Ln tKe KaOf.

But a ORng kLFkRff re­turn Ey BRggs, wKLFK ended wLtK a La Salle per­sonal foul penalty, set up the oaiders at the La 6aOOe 26. Hunt fRund a wLde-RSen -Rnes fiYe SOays Oater fRr a 3-yard tRuFK­down, and the oaiders had a 28-21 Oead at tKe Ereak.

By half­time it was reSRrted tKat ERtK CROe­man and stand­out line­man Tom 6SLterL wRuOd nRt re­turn EeFause Rf LnMurLes.

AmazLngOy, af­ter sSeFLaOLz­ing in two- and three-minute drLYes tKrRugKRut tKe first KaOf, CRatesYLOOe turned LntR FORFk kLOOers Ln tKe seFRnd.

TKe 5aLders utLOLzed a 13SOay, 5:48 drLYe tR RSen tKe seFRnd KaOf, and stretFKed tKeLr Oead tR 35-21 Rn a 30yard Sass SOay frRm Hunt tR -Rnes.

Af­ter La 6aOOe faLOed tR gaLn a first dRwn, CRatesYLOOe turned Ln a 5:55 drLYe, tKat ended wLtK WRrOey sFRring from the 5, to open the 5aLders’ first tKree-tRuFK­down lead of the game, and send sRme ExSORr­ers fans sFur­ryLng fRr tKe SarkLng ORt.

TKe ExSORr­ers weren’t dRne, KRweYer, and drew wLtKLn 42-28 Rn a 46-yard strLke frRm Kane tR Her­rRn wLtK 8:06 Oeft Ln tKe game.

Things got antsy for the oaiders when La Salle FasKed Ln a Hunt fumEOe, gRLng 53 yards Rn fiYe SOays, wLtK -Rr­dan MeaFKum sFRring from the three to make it 42-35 wLtK 4:38 tR SOay.

,t gRt eYen FrazLer wKen the oaiders of­fense was held to a three-and-out and La 6aOOe gRt tKe EaOO EaFk, af­ter a Her­rRn Sunt re­turn at Lts Rwn 46 wLtK 2:48 Oeft.

UOtL­mateOy, tKe ExSORr­ers gRt as far as tKe 5aLders 19, and aF­tu­aOOy were a drRSSed Sass Rr twR frRm tyLng tKe game.

But fi­naOOy, Kane, EeLng dragged down on a third­down pass at­tempt, was in­terFeSted Ey DeYRnte 6uEer tR seaO tKe wLn.

La Salle’s Sean Cole­man catches a pass in front of Coatesville’s Ja­son To­taram dur­ing Fri­day’s PIAA Class AAAA play­off game.

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