Realestatetransfers ret Mullins, $250,000.

North Penn Life - - Real Estate -

7900 Old York Road, Condo 504-B, Har­riet Solomon and Ann Sw­ern to Les­lie Sokolow, $55,000.

1328 Ash­bourne Road, James Allen to Ivan and Erin Zi­vanivic, $190,000.

213 W Lau­rel Ave., Jose Llach to Mar­jorie Weeks, $120,000.

155 Sut­cliffe Lane, Brian and Kath­leen Rodow­icz to Ryan Emery, $301,250.

131 W Third Ave., Ge­orge Ja­worski and Beth McMe­namin to Brian McGrath and Julie Dzwil, $267,900.

148 E Eighth Ave., SMR Grp Llc to Ja­cob Kim, et al $350,000.

3148 Taft Road, Klaus and Loretta Au­gustin to Harshit Shah and Hi­ral Amin, $278,000.

3018 Swede Road, Ja­son and Rachel Long to Brenda Ring and Gary Blei­weiss, $240,000.

903 Stonybrook Drive, Condo 903, Ni­co­las Barei to Kevin Frein, $148,400.

221 Cen­tral St., RML Con­struc­tion Inc to Lisa Sher­rod, $276,400.

423 Cloverly Lane, Daniele Desan­tis to Donna Cad­dick, $285,.000.

120 Hid­den Creek Drive, Robert and Bar­baara Valeno to Matthew and Marie Br­zowski, $428,000.

1006 Hor­sham Road, Daniel and Cyn­thia Der­en­tis to Rose­mari Ban­nan and David Zag­no­jny, $189,900.

16 Curry Lane, Grace Kim to Bren­dan and Sarah O’Rourke, $235,000.

610 Stone­ham Court, Nina Siri­anni to James and Mi­caela Bran­dau, $600,000.

14 Meet­ing­house Road, James Gillin and Erich Fal­ter­bauer to An­to­nio De Leon and Mar­garet Gallelli, $225,000.

83 Green Woods Drive, Hollyann Fonarow to Marcella Divver, $237,500.

33 Wyn­mere Drive, HSBC Bk USA NA Tr to Christina Cooney, $216,500. Michael and Shira Fish­man to Melissa Murphy and Ben­jamin Samelson-Jones, $410,000.

61 W Prince­ton Road, Joseph Leube and Margery Guen­thoetr to Thomas and Julie Fan­nin, $460,000.

601 W Mont­gomery Ave., Condo 102, Ray Hurtafdo to Su­san Doino-Ler­man, $250,000.

635 Ar­gyle Road, An­gelina Moretto to Jun Tian and Hon­glei Yuan, $575,000.

1012 Mt Pleas­ant Road, Bruce Rosen­field, et al to Harold Mil­stein, $790,000.

564 Hansell Road, ßcott Kozin and Louise Dunn to Sa­muel and Lau­rie Lundquist, $819,000.

191 Pres­i­den­tial Boule­vard, Condo R-617, Ju­dith Jaron, et al to Arthur Ka­plan, $110,000.

729 Con­shohocken State Road, Alan Bessemir and Charles Bassemir to Eric Craw­ford, $340,000.

209 Booth Lane, Ralph and Adri­enne Wet­more to Kevin Steckel and Robert Riess, $1,499,000.

39 Chatham Road, James and Amy Whi­taker to Steven and Su­san Reis­bord, $320,000.

1001 City Ave., Condo W-416, Jef­frey We­in­stein and Rae Stevens to Michael Calder, $89,500.

102 Llan­fair Road, Condo 2-1, May Le­ung to Anna Scheib, $210,000.

1333 Colton Road, Lau­ren Laub to Guri and Jill Bron­ner, $1,175,000.

1001 City Ave., Condo E-701, Mark Kings­dorf to Louis and Julie Wang, $106,000.

3428 Roslyn Lane, Kathryn Moscotti to Lawrence Gold and De­bra Aisen­stein, $624,000.

319 Haver­ford Road, Ju­lia Tincu to Christo­pher and Ana Ajose, $340,000.

190 Pres­i­den­tial Boule­vard, Condo 418, Evi-Lee Gen­uardi to Alice Am­ster- dam. $725,000.

58 Rock Glen Road, Richard and Lau­ren Probin­sky to Juli Tincu,, $272,000.

1001 City Ave., Condo E-325, Anne Lazarus, et al to Lau­ren Probin­sky, $111,000.

919 Clovwer Hill Road, James and Heather Bowyer to Jill Meltzer, $410,000.

1206 Knox Road, Frank Albero and Wil­liam Proetto to Eric and Kristin Ja­cob­son, $417,000.

708 Broad Acres Road, Lynda Kahn to Phillip and Al­li­son Mel­let, $520,000.

580 Bar­rett Ave., Ed­win Elicker to She­lagh Perna, $532,500.

1527 Pow­der Milo Lane, Elizabeth and Diane Ser­pen­tine to Paul Goul­ston and Erica Della Polla, $290,000.

145 Roo­sevelt Ter­race, David and Tracy Ne­som to James Nam and Sun Park, $256,200.

1350 Garden Road, Karen and An­drew Gotlieb to Roger Korf­mann, $470,000.

855 Waverly Road, Stephen and She­lagh Perna to Mustafa Jama, $1,925,000.

120 Si­b­ley Ave., Condo 202, Jo­ce­lyn Cra­paro to Marynelle and Philip Spear, $550,000.

3731 Bur­nett Lane, Michael and Jill Murphy to Scott and Jes­sica Gresko, $445,000.

2016 Packard Ave., Karen Chipin to Thomas and Lud­milla Brani­gan, $330,000.

3615 Si­pler Lane, Charles Walsh to Colleen Gottes­man, $450,000.

2862 First St., Kath­leen War­bur­ton to Re­nee Bern­stiel, $142,000.

429 S Park Ave., Jean Kunz and Gasper Greco too Arthur Hib­bets, $190,000.

60 Oak­lyn Ave., Stacy and Dar­line Spring to Michael and Ni­cole Cam­pese, $410,000.

2006 Black­bird Cir­cle, Joel and Re­becca Cornac- coff to Bradley and Michelle Cam­pese, $410,000.

2865 Ea­gleville Road, Justin and Ni­cole Naldzin to Ni­cole and Keith Green, $280,000.

2829 Soni Drive, John and Pamela Hill to Jonathan and Melissa Ritrovato, $290,000.

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