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Wo VWHS uS and VWarW VFor­ing.”

8nforWu­naWHOy for LanV­dale Catholic, that didn’t hap­pen. The Cru­saders’ out­side shoot­ing was not there.

“That’s been our prob­lem aOO yHar,” WHin­dor­fHr Vaid. “We’ve been in­con­sis­tent froP WKH SHriPHWHr.”

LargHOy PiVVing froP WKH of­fHnVH waV WKH uVuaOOy KigKs­cor­ing Mary Kate Brokans. Brokans scored nine points, VHvHn of WKHP in WKH VHFond KaOf.

“She’s al­ways go­ing to gHW WKHir EHVW dHfHndHr on KHr,” WHin­dor­fHr Vaid, “and, game-in and game-out, it’s go­ing Wo KavH an Hf­fHFW on you.

“You gHW fruVWraWHd. , WKinN VKH goW a OiWWOH fruVWraWHd WonigKW.”

Pren­der­gast broke early in WKH firVW TuarWHr, VFor­ing Vix of WKH firVW VHvHn SoinWV. 7KH OonH LC SoinW FaPH on a frHH WKrow Ey Kim Talley.

BuW WKHn WKH CruVadHrV’ of­fHnVH goW Pov­ing. BroNanV’ OayuS goW LC wiWKin WKrHH and Miller scored the next nine points, bro­ken only by a 3-pointer by the Pan­das’ Mon­aghan.

LanV­daOH CaWKoOiF EuiOW on iWV firVW SHriod OHad, VFor­ing WKH firVW fivH SoinWV of the sec­ond quar­ter. Claire HiOO firHd in a 3-SoinWHr and Talley made a layup and Vud­dHnOy WKH LC OHad waV 1T-V.

But Pren­der­gast started to pick away at that lead. The 3an­daV VForHd 15 of WKH nHxW 20 SoinWV Wo graE a 24-22 KaOfWiPH EuOgH.

7KHn, aV WHin­dor­fHr Vaid, the Cru­saders came out a OiWWOH flaW Wo VWarW WKH WKird pe­riod. Their points were spaced around Pren­der­gast VWrHaNV of fivH, Vix and Vix points. Brokans’ 3-pointer wiWK 12 VHFondV OHfW SarHd WKH dH­fiFiW for LC down Wo ninH SoinWV HnWHring WKH fi­nal quar­ter.

The last stanza was SOayHd Wo a VWand­off wiWK both teams scor­ing 1V SoinWV in WKH TuarWHr. LanV­dale Catholic put to­gether an eight-point streak which earned it a tie at 42-42 but Bon­ner-Pren­der­gast came right back and took the lead again on a triple by Sarah Mon­aghan and a layup by Alyssa Mon­aghan.

The Cru­saders could never get closer than a two-point dH­fiFiW afWHr WKaW. And WKH Pan­das padded their lead late in WKH gaPH froP WKH fouO line with Alyssa Mon­aghan do­ing PoVW of WKH daPagH, KiWWing HigKW VWraigKW froP the stripe.

“We’ve just got to come back and prac­tice and keep SOay­ing for WKH nHxW onH,” Vaid WHin­dor­fHr. 7KH Cru­saders travel to Con­well­b­gan on Tues­day.

MiOOHr finiVKHd wiWK 17 SoinWV for LanV­daOH CaWKoOiF, the lone Cru­sader in dou­ble fig­urHV. ,n addiWion Wo AOyVsa’ Mon­aghan’s 28, Sarah Mon­agKan ad­dHd 10 for WKH Pan­das.

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