Louln, Mounw Gown silla for AACA ti­tle

North Penn Life - - District One - By Nick Iuele ni­uele@mont­gomerynews. com

If any­one thought that Alex Louin and Mount St. Joseph were go­ing to let silla Maria beat them two con­sec­u­tive years in the ACAA finDO, WhHy hDG DnoWhHU WhLnJ coming.

Top-seeded Mount GownHG VLOOD, 57-41, Ln WhH AACA conIHUHncH finDO. LHG by LouLn’V 18-SoLnW SHUIoUPDncH, MounW SODyHG VoOLG de­fense and hit timely three­p­oint­ers to take con­trol of the game in the sec­ond quar­ter. Although silla never com­pletely went away un­til mid­way through the quar­ter , LW wDV cOHDU IUoP HDUOy on that it was the Magic’s ti­tle to lose and they played that way.

“IW’V D WHUULfic coPSHWLWLvH ri­valry be­tween th­ese two SUoJUDPV, PoVWOy bHcDuVH we’ve been suc­cess­ful for Vo OonJ,” MounW coDch -ohn Miller said. “Usu­ally the cham­pi­onship game is be­tween us and silla Maria. We have a lot of re­spect for WhHP, I WhLnk Py JLUOV cDPH out and played a really terULfic JDPH.”

LouLn, who wDV nDPHG con­fer­ence MsP af­ter the JDPH, DcWHG DV WhH oSHnHU DnG cOoVHU IoU MounW, VcoULnJ HLJhW SoLnWV Ln WhH fiUVW TuDUWHU DnG 10 SoLnWV Ln WhH ODVW. HowHvHU, WhH WHDP HI­fort on de­fense and con­tri­bu­tions from ex­pe­ri­enced se­niors like Adri­enne Cel­lucci DnG MHJ GHDWHnV, who hDG 10 DnG 12 SoLnWV, UHVSHc- WLvHOy, UHVuOWHG Ln D VcoUH line dif­fer­en­tial big­ger than most would have ex­pected. Although silla Maria has had a great year and will be the top seed in the District One Class AAA tournDPHnW, MounW wDV UHDGy IoU UHvHnJH DnG WhHy JoW LW, hand­ily.

“I’m not really look­ing to VcoUH, buW I MuVW VhoW whHn I wDV oSHn,” LouLn VDLG. “EvHUy­onH GLG D JUHDW Mob. Any­one who was open hit their shots. It really came Gown Wo DOO fivH SODyHUV on WhH flooU GoLnJ wHOO. I WhLnk our de­fense really kept us in the game. We didn’t for­get whDW hDSSHnHG Ln WhH finDO ODVW yHDU.”

Both teams seemed a bit over-ex­cited in early goLnJ, PLVVLnJ PDny VhoWV DnG turn­ing the ball over. Mount de­pended on Louin heav­ily Ln WhDW fiUVW HLJhW PLnuWHV DV WhH MunLoU noWchHG HLJhW oI hHU WHDP’V 11 SoLnWV Ln WhH pe­riod. While the rest of the squad was get­ting its legs on WhH bLJ VWDJH, LouLn VWDyHG cool and pro­duced enough to JLvH MounW D fivH-SoLnW OHDG head­ing into the sec­ond.

The sec­ond quar­ter was the turn­ing point in the game. Although Louin car­ried the Magic in the oSHnLnJ SHULoG, VoPH oI hHU WHDPPDWHV MuPSHG LnWo the fray not long af­ter. The com­bi­na­tion of a cou­ple of three-balls and three-point SODyV, DOonJ wLWh PoUH VuIIocDWLnJ GHIHnVH, Sow­ered Mount to a nine-point cush­ion go­ing into half­time. Geat­ens ex­ploded for VHvHn oI hHU 12 WoWDO SoLnWV Ln WhH SHULoG, LncOuGLnJ Wwo con­verted and-ones. The Magic blasted silla on the boDUGV, PDkLnJ OLIH PLVHUable in the paint.

Although silla opened WhH WhLUG wLWh D 7-2 Uun, they could not hold down Mount for long. Once DJDLn, WhH MDJLc JoW bLJ bas­kets from Geat­ens and se­nior Adri­enne Cel­lucci to hold off any fur­ther dent in their lead. At the end oI WhH SHULoG, MounW wDV still up eight points. When WhH IouUWh TuDUWHU VWDUWHG, a cou­ple of bas­kets put the Magic up by more than 10 DnG WhHy nHvHU OookHG back.

“Ob­vi­ously we had to SODy HxWUHPHOy wHOO Wo wLn,” Miller said. “When they SUHVVuUHG uV, ouU JLUOV hDG the courage to drive to the bas­ket with the lead rather WhDn MuVW VLW on WhH bDOO. BH­cause we scored in that situDWLon, WhDW’V how wH uSSHG the score. I know the marJLn OookV bLJ, buW I WhouJhW boWh WHDPV SODyHG hDUG, buW wH MuVW SODyHG wLWh D OoW oI ag­gres­sive­ness to­ward the bDVkHW.”

VLOOD VHHPHG D bLW WLUHG, whereas the Mount was alert and ready to pounce on any loose ball and get ouW LnWo WhH oSHn flooU. ThH Magic ran the Hur­ri­canes uS DnG Gown WhH couUW, wear­ing them out to the point that a come­back was im­pos­si­ble.

“I think we de­served the wLn, wH wHUH UHDOOy SUHSDUHG for this game men­tally and ShyVLcDOOy,” LouLn VDLG.

The Magic will go into the District One Clas AAAA tour­na­ment as AACA con­fer­ence cham­pi­ons and the ovHUDOO No. 2 VHHG.

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