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Of­fice lead­ers: Sev­eral Pru­den­tial Fox & Roach, Real­tors sales as­so­ci­ates from the BluH BHll 2IfiFH wHUH rec­og­nized for be­ing WKH RI­fiFH lHDGHUs IRU De­cem­ber 2012.

The Linda Baron 7HDP wDs UHFRJnLzHG for vol­ume and units. Baron holds the Cer­ti­fiHG 5HsLGHnWLDl 6SH­cial­ist, Ac­cred­ited BuyHU 5HSUHsHnWDWLvH, H-&HUWL­fiHG, $FFUHGLWHG 6Hl­lHU 5HSUHsHnWDWLvH, Re­lo­ca­tion, and Lux­ury and Fine Homes 6SHFLDlLsW GHsLJnD­tions. A life­long res­i­dent of Mont­gomery &RunWy, sKH Ls D UHFLSLHnW RI WKH 7RS RI WKH Rock and PREA LegHnG DwDUGs.

7KH GHGnHy GU­RuS, led by Linda Ged­ney and con­sist­ing of Kelly Bot­tura, Pa­tri­cia Pez­ick, Shirley Syfert DnG -RDnnH WKLWH, wDs rec­og­nized for list­ings. Ged­ney holds the &HUWL­fiHG 5HsLGHnWLDl 6SHFLDlLsW, $FFUHGLWHG BuyHU 5HSUHsHnWD­tive, Se­nior Real Es­WDWH 6SHFLDlLsW, H-3UR, H-&HUWL­fiHG, DnG $Fcred­ited Lux­ury Home 6SHFLDlLsW GHsLJnD- WLRns. 6KH Ls D UHFLSLHnW RI WKH 7RS RI WKH Rock, Chair­man’s CirFlH DnG 3KLlDGHlSKLD Mag­a­zine’s Five Star DwDUGs.

Shep­pard hon­ored: 5LFk 6KHSSDUG, a sales as­so­ciate in the 5RyHUsIRUG RI­fiFH RI Cen­tury 21 Al­liance, wDs nDPHG $JHnWof-the-Month for De­cem­ber 2012. Rick 2SSHUPDn, PDnDJLnJ SDUWnHU RI WKH 5RyHUsIRUG RI­fiFH, PDGH WKH an­nounce­ment. Li­censed in Penn­sylvDnLD, 6KHSSDUG KDs at­tained the Grad­u­ate Real­tors In­sti­tute des­ig­na­tion.

Toll rec­og­nized: Janet Gor­den Ru­bino, vLFH SUHsLGHnW DnG man­ager of the Long & )RsWHU DHvRn 2IfiFH, an­nounced that sales as­so­ciate Kevin Toll had a record month for Jan­uary 2013.

$n DwDUG-wLn­nLnJ WRS SURGuFHU, 7Rll sSHFLDlLzHs Ln &KHster, Mont­gomery, DHlDwDUH FRunWLHs, the Main Line and the GUHDWHU 3KLlDGHlSKLD/ DHlDwDUH 9Dl­lHy DUHD. $lWKRuJK KH sSHFLDl- izes in res­i­den­tial re­sales, he is also a Real (sWDWH 2wnHG sSHFLDlLsW DnG KDs HxSHULHnFH Ln nHw KRPHs PDUkHWing. In ad­di­tion, he is li­censed in Penn­syl­vanLD DnG DHlDwDUH Ds D sales as­so­ciate.

7Rll sHUvHs Ds D wUHstling coach at Har­ri­ton HLJK 6FKRRl Ln LRwHU 0HULRn 7Rwn­sKLS, and vol­un­teers for the BlLnG 6SRUWs 2UJDnLzD­tion.

New as­so­ciate: Kevin Sturte­vant re­cently joined the Blue BHll RI­fiFH RI 3UuGHn­tial Fox & Roach, Real­tors as a sales as­so­ciDWH. LLnGD 2sWURwsky, PDnDJHU RI WKH RI­fiFH, made the an­nounce­ment.

A grad­u­ate of DelawDUH 9Dl­lHy &Rl­lHJH, Sturte­vant re­sides Ln 4uDkHUWRwn DnG serves Mont­gomery County.

Pro­mo­tion: Pru­den­tial Fox & Roach, 5HDlWRUs/7KH 7ULGHnW GU­RuS UHFHnWly Dnnounced that Ra­jeev 6DMMD KDs EHHn SURPRWHG WR vLFH SUHsLGHnW RI Dig­i­tal In­no­va­tion.

,n KLs nHw URlH KH wLll PDnDJH WKH FRPSDny’s wHE, PRELlH and so­cial me­dia ini­tia­tives.

HH wLll DlsR EH UHsSRn­sLElH IRU WKH LPSlHPHnWDWLRn DnG Rn­go­ing en­hance­ments of an Agent Pro­duc­tiv­ity 6uLWH, D FRPSUHKHn­sive suite de­signed to KHlS DJHnWs LPSURvH WKHLU SURGuFWLvLWy DnG LnFUHDsH WKHLU SHUsRnDl in­come.

6DMMD KDs EHHn wLWK Pru­den­tial Fox & Roach since 2001 and has held sev­eral roles in the tech­nol­ogy and H-BusLnHss DUHnD wLWKLn WKH FRPSDny.

$ wHll-UHsSHFWHG leader in the real es­tate mar­ket­ing tech­nol­ogy arena, he is a mem­ber of the Strate­gic Mar­ket­ing and Tech­nol­ogy $GvLsRUy GU­RuS IRU the Realty Al­liance, D nHWwRUk RI 1RUWK Amer­i­can real es­tate fiUPs.

$ UHsLGHnW RI 1RUWK Wales, Sa­jja holds a master’s de­gree in FRPSuWHU HnJLnHHULnJ IURP 9Ll­lDnRvD, Ds wHll as a busi­ness de­gree from the Univer­sity of Phoenix.

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