Black his­tory spans more than a month

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Black his­tory is im­por­tant. te sit in this pre­dom­i­nantly white news­room in a pre­dom­i­nantly white neigh­bor­hood in a pre­dom­i­nantly white sec­tion of Penn­syl­va­nia and tell you black his­tory is not only im­por­tant to African-Amer­i­cans, but should be to ev­ery­one.

As jour­nal­ists, it is our re­spon­si­bil­ity to present the news in an ob­jec­tive man­ner. If an im­por­tant event hap­pens, we have to quote more than one source. Print­ing half-truths or ar­ti­cles from one per­spec­tive would be mis­lead­ing the pub­lic.

Like­wise, it is our re­spon­si­bil­ity to ed­u­cate our­selves and our chil­dren, those in our school sys­tems and be­yond, in an ob­jec­tive man­ner. Learn­ing his­tory with­out the black ex­pe­ri­ence is a half-truth, a skewed, one-per­spec­tive ver­sion of past events.

San­i­tiz­ing his­tory by chang­ing lines, omit­ting events or keep­ing our chil­dren from know­ing the en­tire story is self-de­feat­ing. For ev­ery child who is shielded from know­ing the facts, there is an­other who will ask or won­der how black peo­ple just spon­ta­neously ap­peared in the world when their his­tory book hardly men­tions them.

Fe­bru­ary is an op­por­tu­nity to ed­u­cate or reed­u­cate one­self on the im­por­tance of blacks in his­tory. Carter d. tood­son did not cre­ate Black His­tory Month just so tele­vi­sion sta­tions would have to cre­ate eth­ni­cally cor­rect com­mer­cials and pub­lic ser­vice an­nounce­ments.

te also be­lieve he did not cre­ate it to be com­pletely ig­nored or ob­served only one month out of the year. tood­son may have hoped by set­ting aside time to ob­serve the achieve­ments and ac­tions of blacks through­out his­tory, teach­ers would sup­ple­ment their les­son plans with the involvement of blacks and the im­pact they had on his­toric world events.

So, Black His­tory Month should be used for what it was meant to be: 28 days to dis­cover what black peo­ple have contributed to the world and maybe to share your newly found knowl­edge with a friend or stu­dent. It’s im­por­tant.

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