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Thanks to a strong reg­u­lar VeaVRn tKe 6t. BaVLl AFaGemy girls bas­ket­ball team was awarded the top seed in the DLVtrLFt 2ne ClaVV AA playRffV. HRw­ever tKe 3an­tKerV still felt like work needed to be done be­fore they were go­ing to ac­knowl­edge any ac­co­lades.

Tak­ing down the de­fendLng GLVtrLFt FKaPp CKrLVtRpKer DRFN waV tKe firVt Vtep, but the Pioneers did not plan tR wLl­lLngly KanG Rver tKe tL­tle. If tKe fRXrtK VeeG waV relLnTXLVKLng tKeLr tL­tle, Lt was go­ing to go down kick­ing and scream­ing.

“7KLV LV a new ven­tXre fRr XV,” 3an­tKerV FRaFK 7erry 0anFLnL VaLG. “7KLV LV new teams we are fac­ing and the long lay­off we had hurt us in tKe firVt Kalf. 2nFe we gRt our legs we showed what we were ca­pa­ble of.”

It GLG nRt taNe lRng fRr tKe 3an­tKerV tR prRve Lt waV tKeLr cham­pi­onship to win or lose tKLV VeaVRn — tKeLr firVt aV a ClaVV AA FlXb — anG 6t. Basil’s fast start led to a 50-14 VePL­fi­nal wLn at :LVVaKLFNon Tues­day night.

An ag­greVVLve Ge­fenVe set the stage for fast break points and a 12-1 run by the Pan­thers mid­way through tKe firVt Kalf PaGe Lt an Xphill climb for the Pioneers in the sec­ond half. At the break Lt waV 6t. BaVLl 21, .ereeFe 6eXren 6.

“Kereece re­al­ized she had tR taNe FKarge Rf­fenVLvely,” 3LRneerV FRaFK 7LP (KVt VaLG. “I’P KRpLng VKe brRaGens her reper­toire in the off­sea­son and does some more VFRrLng Rn tKe perLPeter. It is really hard to be a body banger the whole game and not get to­tally ex­hausted.”

The Pioneers ju­nior scored all six of her teams points Ln tKe firVt Kalf anG finLVKeG with a team-high 10 points and eight re­bounds. The re­main­der of the team was 1-fRr-14 VKRRtLng. 0at­taVyn 6KLVler anG LaXren AnGer­son each had a pair of points.

“:e praFtLFeG tryLng tR get the ball into the post to Lau­ren anG I,” 6eXren VaLG. “BeLng a jXnLRr Fap­taLn I tKLnN I aP gRLng LntR Py VenLRr NnRwLng wKat tR ex­peFt. I am go­ing to work hard and taNe wKat I learneG tKLV year into my se­nior year.”

In LtV firVt year Ln ClaVV AA — af­ter spend­ing last year Ln ClaVV AAA — 6t. BaVLl faFeV 1R 2 DelFR CKrLVtLan Ln tKe GLVtrLFt fi­nal 5 p.P. 6atXrGay at 9Ll­lanRva’V 3avLlLRn. DelFR Ge­feateG 1R. 3 1ew HRpe-6Rle­bXry 45-30 Ln 7XeVGay’V ear­lLer VePL­fi­nal at :LVVaKLFNRn. 2nly tKe GLVtrLFt FKaPpLRn TXalL­fieV fRr tKe 3IAA 7RXr­naPent.

BeFaXVe Rf tKe KLgK level of com­pe­ti­tion they faced through­out the reg­u­lar seaVRn, tKe 3an­tKerV feel reaGy.

“:e are very FRn­fiGent only be­cause of the league (CatKRlLF AFaGePLeV) we play Ln,” 0anFLnL VaLG. “7Ke teams in our league make you play­off ready.”

The Pioneers’ bet­ter days tKLV VeaVRn Kave FRPe wKen VenLRr 6Kea 1eal waV able tR breaN tKe preVV anG finG 6eXren LnVLGe fRr VFRrLng. BXt NnRwLng KRw PXFK tKe Pioneers re­lied on their only VenLRr, tKe 3an­tKerV PaGe Lt a pri­or­ity to slow her down.

“:e Nnew tKat 15 (1eal) waV a gRRG player,” 0anFLnL VaLG. “2Xr Ge­fenVe gave tKeP a lRt Rf fitV anG tKat’V wKat I waV PRVt prRXG Rf tonight.”

“2ne tKLng we GepenGeG Rn all year waV fRr 6Kea to drib­ble through all of tKe preVVXre,” (KVt VaLG. “AgaLnVt tKLV level Rf Ge­fense we were un­able to do that and many times she drib­bled into a triple trap.”

It waV 23 teaP tXrnRverV that al­lowed the Pan­thers (15-7) tR KRlG a large aG­van­tage in at­tempts. The Pan­tKerV VKRt 19-fRr-51, wKLle the Pioneers (14-10) only tRRN 21 VKRtV, lanGLng fRXr. The Pan­thers were led by .elly 0anFLnL, wKR FaPe off the bench to score 12 points. The Pan­thers had 10 GLf­fer­ent gLrlV regLVter pRLntV, wLtK Veven NnRFNLng GRwn a three-pointer.

“2Xr Ln­ex­perLenFe jXVt really VKRweG,” (KVt VaLG. “:e Kave Rne VenLRr anG I aP ex­cited about what we can do next year.”

For Mont­gomery Me­dia / MARK C. PSORAS

Christo­pher Dock’s Lau­ren An­der­son col­lides with St Basil’s Molly Green­berg as they bat­tle for a ball dur­ing Tues­day’s District One Class AA play­off ac­tion.

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