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7Ke VLxWK-VeeGeG 1RUWK 3enn JLUOV EDVkeWEDOO WeDm came to Fort Washington FRn­fiGenW LW FRuOG knRFk RII third-seeded Up­per Dublin Ln WKe TuDUWeUfinDOV RI WKe District lne Class AAAA play­offs. The Fly­ing Car­di­nals have only lost once this sea­son, but the Maidens held a height ad­van­tage.

BuW wKDW’V Ln Dn LnFK RU two?

Ap­par­ently noth­ing for the )OyLnJ CDUGLnDOV’ IRUwDUGV. With that sup­posed strength can­celled out, the Maidens were in for a long af­ter­noon. sil­lanova and a re­turn trip to WKe GLVWULFW finDOV IeOW VR FORVe, EuW DIWeU D 42-26 ORVV, WKe nexW game (play­backs at home against Boy­er­town) will just be a chance to re­gain their rhythm be­fore states.

“It was not our day, but Up­per Dublin makes you SODy OLke WKDW,” 0DLGenV’ coach Mag­gie deMarteleire said. “They played very well. We need to recom­mit our­selves as a team. I Dm KRSLnJ WKe kLGV fiJuUe out what they need to do to make our team bet­ter.”

7Ke CDUGLnDOV’ GeIenVe GLG not give the Maidens much mov­ing around room in the fiUVW KDOI. BuW wKen MunLRU sicky Tu­masz drained her fiUVW WUey RI WKe VeFRnG KDOI there was hope. The shot EURuJKW KeU WeDm wLWKLn VLx points, but that is close as it got. The Maidens missed WKeLU nexW 16 VKRWV DnG WKe CDUGLnDOV enGeG WKe TuDUWeU on a 12-0 run.

“We weUen’W KLWWLnJ VKRWV, but it is more than that,” deMarteleire said. “oe­bound­ing is a strength of ours and it was not to­day. All we talked about was their back door VFUeenV DnG we GLG nRW ex­e­cute. It was al­most like we never went over it.”

While the Maidens musWeUeG VLx fieOG JRDOV WKURuJK WKUee TuDUWeUV, WKe CDUGLnDOV VKRW 7-IRU-9 Ln WKe WKLUG TuDUter alone. Se­nior Curtrena GRII VFRUeG VLx RI KeU JDme high 14 points and pulled GRwn IRuU RI KeU VLx Ue­bounds, as well as too many as­sists to tally.

“In the sec­ond half it may have been the best we have ex­eFuWeG DOO yeDU,” CDUGL­nals coach Mor­gan Fun­sten said. “The girls buy in and Curtrena doff is some­thing spe­cial. She can score zero points and dom­i­nate a game. She is the ul­ti­mate team player.”

doff got her for­wards in­volved in the sec­ond half as Bri Spec­tor scored all of her 10 points af­ter half­time. Spec­tor and ju­nior oe­gan dal­lagher each recorded eight re­bounds in the win. dal­lagher, who trans­ferred from Mount St. Joseph this sea­son, will now get a chance to face her former team­mates and prove to the GRuEWeUV WKe CDUGLnDOV’ WKUee seed is war­ranted.

“1eLWKeU BUL DnG 5eJDn are over 5-10,” Fun­sten said. “Maybe they are 5-11 in the pro­gram. oe­gan al­ways SODyV OLke D VLx-IRRWeU DnG BUL played great to­day. She is now SODyLnJ OLke D VLx-IRRWeU, even though they are not. That is what you need to do against D WeDm OLke 1RUWK 3enn, wKR KDV OeJLW VLx-IRRWeUV.”

Ju­nior Erin Ma­her scored VLx SRLnWV, DOO Ln WKe fiUVW KDOI, and se­nior Lau­ren Crisler led the Maidens with eight points. 7Ke 0DLGenV finLVKeG 9-IRU40 (22 per­cent) to the Car­di­nals 18-for-31 (58 per­cent). 7Ke nexW WwR JDmeV IRU WKe Maidens will de­cided whether WKey DUe WKe five, VLx RU Veven seed out of District lne for WKe uSFRmLnJ 3,AA SODyRIIV.

“We are lucky that this was not our last game,” Crisler said. “We are go­ing to learn from this and the fact we have play­backs games be­fore states is great be­cause we can get back into rhythm. We have the tools.”

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