Po­lice search for sus­pect in knife at­tack

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ThH sH­cond susSHcW Ln a SHSWHPbHr 2011 druJ busW that led to the con­fis­ca­tion of 203 Sounds of ParLjuana has been iden­ti­fied.

On March 8, WhH MonWJoPHry CounWy DLsWrLcW AWWornHy’s Of­fLcH and WhH Lans­dalH PolLcH DHSarWPHnW Ls­suHd a fHlony ar­rHsW war­ranW for WhH drLvHr of a sLlvHr Toy­oWa Ta­coPa SLcNuS WrucN LPSlL­caWHd Ln WhH Wran­sSorW of WhH druJ froP ArL­zona Wo PHnn­syl­va­nia.

GlHn­don FHnWy, 52, of WhH 6400 blocN of ClHarvLHw SWrHHW Ln PhLladHlShLa, has bHHn charJHd wLWh fHlony Pan­u­facWurLnJ, dHlLvHrLnJ and Sosses­sion of a con­trolled sub­sWancH wLWh WhH LnWHnW Wo dHlLvHr as wHll as a rH- laWHd con­sSLracy charJH; misdemeanor charges of SossHssLon of conWrol­lHd or coun­ter­feit sub­stance and a rHlaWHd con­sSLracy charJH; and SossHssLon wLWh LnWHnW Wo usH druJ SaraShHr­nalLa and a rHlaWHd con­sSLracy charJH, ac­cord­ing to in­for­ma­tion SrovLdHd by WhH Lans­dalH PolLcH DHSarWPHnW.

DurLnJ WhH Harly PornLnJ hours of SHSW. 28, 2011, a Lans­dalH SolLcH of­fLcHr al­lHJHdly wLWnHssHd a SHr­son load­LnJ cHl­loShanH- wraSSHd balHs from the back of a trailer LnWo a SLcNuS WrucN SarNHd along a fence line at the PavLlLon ShoSSLnJ CHnWHr aW 535 S. Broad SW.

AfWHr sSoWWLnJ SolLcH, FHnWy drovH WhH WrucN from the scene at a high raWH of sSHHd, ac­cordLnJ Wo WhH nHws rHlHasH froP AlHx . roPdyN, a sHrJHanW wLWh WhH Lans­dalH BorouJh PolLcH DHSarWPHnW.

FHnWy — who aban­doned the ve­hi­cle a short dLsWancH away — flHd on fooW and was noW aSSrHhHndHd, ac­cordLnJ Wo au­thor­i­ties.

PolLcH al­lHJH WhHy dLs­cov­ered seven large bales of mar­i­juana to­tal­ing 153 Sounds Ln WhH SLcNuS truck.

Any­onH wLWh Nnowl­HdJH of FHnWy’s whHrHabouWs Ls asked to con­tact the Lans­dalH PolLcH DHSarWPHnW aW 215- 368- 1801.

PolLcH ar­rHsWHd An­drH LuH — drLvHr and ownHr of WhH WracWor- WraLlHr — and charJHd hLP wLWh varLous druJ vLo­laWLons, Ln­cludLnJ fHlony Wraf­fLcNLnJ a conWrol­lHd sub­sWancH, ac­cordLnJ Wo SolLcH.

LuH, 41, of 600 blocN South Broad Street in the borouJh, Ls awaLWLnJ WrLal on WhH charJHs Ln MonWJoPHry CounWy CourW.

A SrH- WrLal con­fHrHncH Ln WhH casH — bH­forH PrHsLdHnW - udJH WLl­lLaP Fur­bHr - r. — was schH­dulHd for March 3 Wo 5, ac­cordLnJ Wo Ln­forPaWLon SosWHd on PHnn­syl­vanLa’s UnLfLHd Ju­di­cial Web Por­tal.

LuH was rHlHasHd froP jaLl Ln laWH 2011 afWHr hLs lawyHr, - aPHs P. Lyons, sought a bail mod­i­fi­ca­tion so his client could re­main frHH Ln or­dHr Wo SrovLdH for hLs faPLly whLlH hH awaLWs trial on the charges.

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Nine bales of mar­i­juana con­fis­cated Septem­ber 2011 by Lans­dale po­lice and the Mont­gomery County District At­tor­ney’s Of­fice.

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