Hat­field woman stabbed in home

North Penn Life - - Page Two - By Michael Alan Gold­berg mgold­berg@jour­nalregis­ter.com

HaW­fiHld Town­shLS SolLcH are on the hunt for a man susSHcWHd Ln WhH March 10 aWWacN of a HaW­fiHld woPan WhaW sHnW hHr Wo WhH hosSLWal wLWh sWab wounds.

Po­lice have ob­tained an ar­rHsW war­ranW for ThoPas Troy YounJ, 49, who Ls dHscrLbHd as a faPLly mem­ber of the vic­tim. He was lasW sHHn drLvLnJ a blacN 2009 Honda Ac­cord wLWh WhH PA lLcHnsH SlaWH G. S- 8099.

Ac­cordLnJ Wo SolLcH, YounJ has bHHn charJHd wLWh crLPL­nal aWWHPSWHd Pur­dHr, aJJravaWHd as­saulW, rHcNlHssly Hn­danJHrLnJ anoWhHr SHr­son, sLPSlH as­saulW, ha­rassPHnW and SossHssLnJ in­stru­ments of a crime.

Any­onH who Nnows WhH whHrHabouWs of YounJ Ls asNHd Wo LPPHdLaWHly conWacW HaW­fiHld Town­shLS dHWHcWLvHs aW 215-855-0903 or vLa HPaLl aW PolLcHTLSs@ haW­fiHld-Wown­shLS.orJ.

PolLcH saLd WhaW aW 12:38 a.P. March 10, of­ficHrs wHrH cal­lHd Wo WhH 300 blocN of WhHaW­fiHld CLr­clH Ln HaW­fiHld BorouJh, whHrH WhHy dLs­cov­HrHd a 33-yHar-old woPan Ln­sLdH WhH hoPH, whHrH shH lLvHs, who had bHHn aWWacNHd wLWh a NnLfH.

DuH Wo WhH sHvHrLWy of hHr Ln­jurLHs, WhH woPan was flown by PHn­nSTAR PHdL­cal hHlL­coSWHr Wo WhH HosSLWal of WhH UnLvHrsLWy of PHnn­syl­vanLa, whLch would noW com­ment on her con­di­tion as of March 10. AW 2 S.P., SolLcH saLd WhH vLcWLP was sWLll be­ing treated for her in­juries.

HaW­fiHld SolLcH wHrH also as­sLsWHd on-scHnH by WhH HaW­fiHld FLrH CoPSany and Vol­unWHHr MHdL­cal SHrvLcH CorSs.

By 9 a.P. March 10, Ln­vHsWLJaWors had dHSarWHd WhH scHnH and WhH yHl­low SolLcH WaSH had bHHn rH­moved from the front of the hoPH, whLch Ls Ln a Wown­housH dHvHloSPHnW off TowaPHncLn AvHnuH.

A hand­ful of nHarby rHsL­dents de­clined to com­ment on the in­ci­dent; one man walNLnJ hLs doJ, who dH­clLnHd Wo LdHnWLfy hLPsHlf buW saLd hH was a rHsLdHnW of WhH dHvHloSPHnW, saLd hH wasn’W awarH of any SrLor in­ci­dents at the home.

Submitted photo

Hat­field Town­ship po­lice have ob­tained an ar­rest war­rant for Thomas Troy Young, pic­tured, in the at­tempted mur­der of a Hat­field woman March 10.

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