North Penn falls to Cum­ber­land Val­ley

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By Mike Cabrey

A poor start left the North Penn girls bas­ket­ball team trail­ing Cum­ber­land Val­ley by 10 at half­time of Fri­day night’s PIAA Class AAAA TuarWHr­fi­nal.

But if any­body had the blue­print to come back from WhaW dH­fiFLW, LW would havH been the Maidens. Three dayV SrLor, 1orWh PHnn erased Wil­son’s 10-point ad­vanWagH aW LnWHrPLVVLon en route to a sec­ond-round wLn ovHr WhH DLVWrLFW ThrHH cham­pion.

CuPEHr­land 9al­lHy, howHvHr, WorH whaWHvHr rally SlanV the Maidens had to shreds at the vHry VWarW Ln WhH VHFond halI.

The Ea­gles opened the WhLrd wLWh a 10-0 run, HxWHndLng WhHLr ad­vanWagH Wo 20 and 1orWh PHnn nHvHr rHFovHrHd as its sea­son came to an end wLWh a 53-36 loVV aW GardHn Spot High School.

Se­nior Lau­ren Crisler had a game-high 19 points Ior 1orWh PHnn, whLFh Fould only FuW WhH dH­fiFLW Wo 11 af­ter Cum­ber­land Val­ley wHnW uS 37-17 Ln WhH WhLrd. 9LFNy TuPaVz ad­dHd 15 SoLnWV, whLlH -aFNLH BLloWWL roundHd ouW WhH DLVWrLFW OnH VLxWh VHHd’V VForLng wLWh Wwo SoLnWV.

-aFNLH FalFonHr had 17 SoLnWV Wo SaFH DLVWrLFW ThrHH fiIWh VHHd CuPEHr­land 9al­lHy.

.Hlly -HNoW ad­dHd 14 SoLnWV — 11 FoPLng Ln WhH firVW halI — whLlH 0ad­dLH Tor­rHVLn had 11 points for the Ea­gles.

1orWh PHnn, WhH VLxWh VHHd IroP DLVWrLFW OnH, finLVhHd WhH yHar 24-6 ovHrall.

ThH 0aLdHnV WraLlHd 2510 Ln WhH VHFond TuarWHr, EuW CrLVlHr had fivH SoLnWV durLng a 7-2 1orWh PHnn run WhaW FuW LWV halIWLPH dH­fiFLW Wo 27-17.

But Cum­ber­land Val­ley (25-6) waVWHd lLWWlH WLPH Ln the third to turn a 10-point PargLn LnWo a 20-SoLnW onH.

TuPaVz VForHd fivH SoLnWV durLng WhH 7-0 run whLFh FuW C9’V lHad Wo 3724 aIWHr BLloWWL’V VWHal and layup.

A -aFNLH FalFonHr WhrHHSoLnWHr Slay aW 1:05 SuW WhH EaglHV uS 16, EuW a TuPaVz WhrHH-SoLnWHr Slay and Wwo CrLVlHr IrHH WhrowV Ln WhH fi­nal sec­ond had the Maidens wLWhLn 40-29 hHadLng LnWo the fourth.

CuPEHr­land 9al­lHy, howHvHr, SuW any FoPHback thoughts to an end by open­ing the fi­nal TuarWHr wLWh a 9- 0 run — a bucket from Tor­resin gLvLng WhH EaglHV a 49- 29 ad­vanWagH.

North Penn rolled off VHvHn VWraLghW SoLnWV Wo PaNH LW 49- 36 EHIorH Cum­ber­land Val­ley used the foul line to col­lect the 17- SoLnW wLn.

In the open­ing eight min­uWHV, WhH 0aLdHnV had MuVW onH fiHld goal – a TuPaVz three cut­ting the Ea­gles’ lHad Wo 5-3 – and wHrH down 12-4 HnWHrLng WhH VHFond aIWHr a -aFNLH Fal­coner trey.

ThH EaglHV wHnW uS 25-10 on a EaVNHW IroP -HNoW, EuW 1orWh PHnn wHnW LnWo WhH halI down MuVW 27-17 aIWHr a 7-2 run FaSSHd Ey TuPaVz scor­ing in tran­si­tion in the fi­nal VHFondV.

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