North Penn Life - - OPINION - • at 1 p.m.

Crib­bage: June 3, 10, 17 and 24

• Friends of Lans­dale Pub­lic Li­brary: June 20 at T p.m.

• Mex­i­can Train Domi­noes: June 4, 11, 18 and 25 at 1 p.m.

• Lans­dale Cam­era Club: June 17 at S:PM p.m.

• MOMS Club: June 17 at 1M:15 a.m.

• Amaz­ing Moms: June 26 at 11:PM a.m.

• Home­school­ers’ Get To­gether: June 4 from 1M:PM a.m. to noon.

• Ma­gi­cians’ Club: June 3 at S:15 p.m.

• Am­a­teur Ra­dio: June 27 at T p.m. Call S1M-51T5MT4 for de­tails.

• Sum­mer Read­ing Pro­gram: June 20 to Aug. 23. oegis­ter on­line at www.lans­daleli­

• Root­sMagic Ge­neal­ogy Group: June 4 at T p.m. ooot­sMagic ge­neal­ogy soft­ware users meet to get help with the pro­gram, re­search ideas and more. For de­tails, con­tact ed­die_black­S1T@

• WRAP Well­ness Re­cov­ery Ac­tion Plan Group: June 5, 12, 19, 26 at 1:PM p.m.

• Knit­ting/Cro­chet­ing Group: Wed­nes­days at 4:PM p.m.

• Di­aloging for Peace: June 5 at S:PM p.m.

• Stitch and Chat: June 7, 21 and 28 at 1 p.m.

• Kick­off: Dig­gers on Dis­play! June 2 at 11 a.m.

• NPHS Im­prov Troupe: June 7 at S:PM p.m.

• Psy­chic De­vel­op­ment Group: June 8 at 1 p.m. Are you psy­chic? Want to finG RuW? 6LJn uS DW www. (En­ter Lans­dale’s zip code, 1944S.F Cost: $5.MM.

• “Have you had a spir­i­tual ex­pe­ri­ence?” work­shop June 15 at 12:PM p.m. Join a free dis­cus­sion spon­sored by Eckankar that will help you un­der­stand your ex­pe­ri­ences and give greater mean­ing to them.

• Philadel­phia Tea Party: June 18 at S:PM p.m. MOVIES: • Fri­day Night Movies: “Ar­senic and lld Lace” June 21; “lz the Great and Pow­er­ful” June 28.


• Book Dis­cus­sion Group: June 12 at T p.m. This month’s se­lec­tion will be “Gone Girl” by Gil­lian Flynn. KIDS’ COR­NER: • Miss Lisa’s Fam­ily Sto­ry­time: June 6 and 20 at 1M:PM a.m. For chil­dren ages 2 to 5.

• Miss Lisa’s In­fant Sto­ry­time: June 6 and 20 at 1M:PM a.m. For chil­dren 2 and un­der.

• Lit­tle Builders’ Club: June 13 at 4:PM p.m.

• Mar­velous Monar­chs BuWWHUfly 3URJUDP: -uNH 21 at 1M:PM a.m. Join the Hard­ings of Soud­er­ton as they show you the trans­for­ma­tion that takes place in the monarch’s life cy­cle. For ages 5 and up. Sign up at the li­brary be­gin­ning June 7.

• Ki­wa­nis Sto­ry­time: June 22 1M:PM a.m. De­bra

Hawk, a mem­ber of the Lans­dale Ki­wa­nis Club, will read sto­ries and com­plete ac­tiv­i­ties with the kids. This month’s theme is “Cats.”

• Bal­lRRn 0agLc: -unH 26 at 6:45 S.P. -RVK 0atLVRII, a bal­loon artist and teacher, is cRPLng bacN tR tKH LanVGalH Li­brary for an­other bal­loon work-shop. Come learn to PaNH bal­lRRn anLPalV! CRVt: $15 SHU SHUVRn. CRn­tact .uUt at .uUt’V 0agLc WRUlG IRU tLcNHtV, 215-528-9488.

• Math Mon­days: Mon­days at 4 S.P. FUHH tutRULng in ba­sic math for stu­dents.

• Dig in to ... Crafts: June 24 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

• Free Tu­tor­ing by Youth Lit: The Amer­i­can Youth LLtHUacy FRunGatLRn LV RIIHULng tutRULng tR cKLlGUHn Ln gUaGHV 1 tR 5 wKR nHHG KHlS wLtK UHaGLng. 7utRULng is pro­vided by trained vol­un­teers. Tu­tors will work with your child af­ter school for 30 min­utes per week, usu­ally FULGay aItHUnRRnV bHtwHHn 4 anG 5:30. OtKHU tLPHV Pay bH aYaLlablH. 3lHaVH VLgn uS uVLng tKH IRUP aYaLlablH at tKH lLbUaUy. 0RUH LnIRUPa­tion is avail­able at www. yRutKlLt.RUg. SPE­CIAL EVENTS: • Science in the Sum­mer Regis­tra­tion: Be­gin­ning May 1, chil­dren who will be Hn­tHULng gUaGHV twR tKURugK VLx Ln tKH Iall can bH UHgLVtered for Glax­oSmithK­line’s ScLHncH Ln tKH SuPPHU: DLVcRYHU tKH WRUlG RI GHnHtLcV. The class will be held July 8 and 9. RHgLVtUatLRn PuVt be com­pleted in per­son and LV RSHn Rn a fiUVt-cRPH, fiUVt­served ba­sis un­til classes are fil­lHG.

• Take shape of your life: May 30 at 6:30 S.P. CHUtL­fiHG KHaltK cRacK FlRVV CUaLg will dis­cuss how you can PaNH VPall, GaLly cKangHV tR LnLtLatH SHUPanHnt wHLgKt loss and im­proved health.

• Bal­loon Magic: May 29 IURP 6:45 tR 8:45 S.P. Bal­lRRn aUtLVt -RVK 0atLVRII LV cRPLng bacN IRU anRtKHU bal­loon work­shop. Come to learn how to make bal­loon anLPalV. CRVt: $15/SHUVRn. FRU tLcNHtV, cRn­tact .uUt at .uUt’V 0agLc WRUlG at 215528-9488.

• RSVP of Mont­gomery County is of­fer­ing free, FRn­fiGHnWLDO 0HGLFDUH Ln- IRUPDWLRn WR EHnH­fiFLDULHV and their fam­i­lies June 10 at 7 p.m. In­for­ma­tion about 0HGL­caUH KHaltK caUH RStLRnV anG SUHVcULStLRn GUug plans will be avail­able. To re­serve a space, please call 610-834-1040, Hxt. 20 anG lHaYH a PHVVagH VtatLng yRuU name and that you will at­tend. Your call will not be re­turned. Li­brary with the name and birth date of any new baby in your house­hold.

TEEN CLUB: Ev­ery Wed­nes­day IURP 7:30 tR 8:30 S.P: ADULT PRO­GRAMS: • Down­ton Abbey: 0RnGayV at 2 S.P.

• Adults Dis­cuss Books: OnH 7uHVGay HYHnLng HacK PRntK, 7 tR 9 S.P. at tKH lLbUaUy! BRRNV aUH aYaLlablH IRU $10 HacK: June 18 “The GUHat GatVby” by F. ScRtt FLtzgHUalG. July 30 “The 3aULV WLIH” by 3aul 0cLaLn (1RtH DatH CKangH).


• Bridge Group: Each Wed­nes­day af­ter­noon from 1 to 3 p.m. FRU HxSHULHncHG bULGgH SlayHUV.

• Teen Club (ages 12 and up): WHGnHVGayV IURP 7:30 tR 8:30 S.P. En­jRy a gRRG bRRN, PRYLH RU gaPH with friends. Check out our FacHbRRN SagH by VHaUcKLng 1RUtK WalHV 7HHn BRRN Club and like us to re­ceive up­dates and re­minders.

• Knit One, Purl Two Club — BULng yRuU yaUn anG Sat­tHUn anG cRPH jRLn tKH NnLt­tHUV by tKH fiUHSlacH HacK 7uHVGay bHgLn­nLng at 10 a.m.

• Mahjong Group — -RLn tKH gang HacK 7uHVGay aItHUnRRn bHgLn­nLng at 12:30 S.P. Ln tKH PaLn li­brary.

• Blood Pres­sure Screen­ing: FRuUtK 7uHVGay aItHUnoon of each month from 1 tR 2 S.P. 1R aSSRLn­tPHnt RU fee. The North Penn VisitLng 1uUVH AVVRcLatLRn wLll of­fer free blood pres­sure VcUHHnLngV. 1Hw Gay anG tLPH: BHgLn­nLng 0ay 16 tKH VcUHHnLng wLll alVR bH RIfered the third Thurs­day of HacK PRntK IURP 12:30 tR 1:30 S.P.

• Wii Bowl­ing for Adults: Sec­ond and fourth WHGnHVGay aItHUnRRn at 2 p.m.

• Mex­i­can Train Domi­noes — Play­ers of all abil­i­ties are wel­come to play HYHUy 7KuUVGay 1 tR 4 S.P. SPE­CIAL EVENTS: • Red Cross Blood Drive: June 10 IURP 1 tR 6 S.P. Ln the com­mu­nity rooms.

• Beef n’ Beer: Au­gust 3 from 7 to 11 p.m. at the UpSHU GwynHGG FLUHKRuVH. All SURcHHGV bHn­Hfit tKH FULHnGV RI tKH LLbUaUy. 7LcNHtV $25 Ln aGYancH, $35 at tKH GRRU. SLgn uS by cal­lLng RU VtRSSLng Ln tKH lLbUaUy.

• RSVP AP­PRISE: FRuUtK 7uHVGay RI HacK month from 1 p.m. to 3:30 S.P. 0HGL­caUH CRun­selors are trained by the State Health In­sur­ance AVVLV­tancH 3URgUaP. All cRunVHlLng LV IUHH & cRn­fiGHn­tLal. 0HHtLngV can bH LnGLYLGual RU Ln gURuSV. Call 610-834-1040 Ext. 46 with ques­tions or to sched­ule an ap­point­ment.

• Red­ner’s Save-A-Tape Pro­gram: Pick up a free cus­tomer card at Red­ner’s anG jRLn tKH SaYH-a-7aSH 3URgUaP. AItHU yRuU caUG LV UHgLVtHUHG, GURS yRuU UHgis­ter re­ceipts at the li­brary cLUcu­latLRn GHVN. WH’ll taNH care of the rest. This progUaP SURYLGHV a caVK UH­batH to the li­brary based on sales. Your card must be pre­sented at time of pur­chase for the Li­brary to re­ceive the cash re­bate.

• Get a new eReader or Smart­phone? Li­brary eBooks and au­dio­books for th­ese de­vices are avail­able for free through the li­brary! BRRNV aUH cRPSatLble with all Nooks, Kin­dles, tablets, iPods, iPhones and an­droids. Ask at the cir­cu­la­tion desk for an in­struc­tion VKHHt IRU yRuU VSHcLfic GHvice, all you need is a curUHnt lLbUaUy caUG! HaYLng tURublH gHt­tLng VtaUtHG? StRS by tKH lLbUaUy any 0RnGay aItHU 5 S.P. IRU RnH-Rn-RnH help.

• Honor the vic­tims of Sandy Hook El­e­men­tary School: Help the li­brary re­mem­ber those that lost tKHLU lLYHV by SuUcKaVLng a fiUVt-gUaGH lHYHl bRRN tR add to the li­brary shelves. In­side each book will be a VSHcLal PHVVagH wLtK tKH LPagH RI an angHl, tKH name of a vic­tim, and, if re­quested, the name of the IaPLly wKR LV GR­natLng tKH book in their mem­ory. A GR­natLRn RI $15 wLll SuUchase the book and per­son­alLzHG bRRNSlatH. FUNDRAIS­ING: • Adopt-A-Brick: FRU $100, an HngUaYHG bULcN will be in­stalled at the VetHUanV 0HPRULal Flag 3RlH. OUGHU IRUPV aYaLlablH at tKH li­brary.

• By­ers Choice: StRUyTeller is avail­able for sale at tKH lLbUaUy. $70/HacK SluV $10 LI VKLSSLng LV nHHGHG.

• Do­nate your car to the North Wales Area Li­brary: 7KH lLbUaUy wLll bHn­Hfit IURP tKH SURcHHGV RI tKH ValH RU ValYagH RI yRuU ve­hi­cle and your do­na­tion is tax de­ductable. Con­tact Point Ser­vice Cen­ter and tell them you want to do­nate yRuU YHKL­clH tR tKH 1WAL. AUUangHPHntV wLll bH PaGH to tow your ve­hi­cle, if nec­es­sary, at no cost to you. Call Point Ser­vice Cen­ter at 215-699-7,RE (8473) or email pointser­vicectr@ gPaLl.cRP.

• En­ter­tain­ment Books: Get your dis­count coupon book and sup­port the libUaUy. CRVt: $30. town Rd., Towa­mencin: Bal­lURRP GancH claVVHV: Learn the basics of the fox tURt, cKa cKa, jLt­tHUbug anG waltz. BHgLn­nHUV bal­lURRP: 7KuUVGayV, 6:30 tR 7:30 p.m. In­ter­me­di­ate bal­lURRP: 7KuUVGayV, 5:30 tR 6:30 S.P. BHgLn­nHUV lLnH GancLng: 7KuUVGayV, 12:30-1 S.P. LLnH GancLng: 7KuUVGayV, 1 S.P. 7aS GancLng: 7KuUVGayV, 10:30 a.P. CRVt LV $24 IRU VLx-wHHN VHVVLRnV. Call 215-362-7432 IRU LnIRUPatLRn anG UHgLVtUatLRn. ,nVtUuc­tRU -RKn LRng KaV bHHn tHacKLng bal­lURRP, taS anG line dance at many venues Ln­cluGLng tKH 3EA. CHn­tHU IRU RYHU 20 yHaUV.

• The cen­ter hosts tal­ented re­gional per­form­ing artists one Fri­day af­ter­noon per month. FRU PRUH LnIRUPatLRn, call 215-3627432.

• The cen­ter hosts evening dances for adults 55 years of age and older the sec­ond Fri­day of each PRntK IURP 7:30 tR 10:30 S.P. 7KH HYHnLng Ln­cluGHV a lLYH banG. 7LcNHtV aUH $8 SHU per­son and can be pur­chased at the door.

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