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What’s hap­pen­ing at the North Wales Area Li­brary, 233 S. Swart­ley St., North Wales. 215-6995410; www.nRUtKwalHVlLbUaUy.RUg. 7KH lLbUaUy LV RSHn 0RnGay anG 7KuUVGay, 1 tR 9 S.P.; 7uHVGay anG WHGnHVGay, 10 a.P. tR 9 S.P.; FULGay, 1 tR 5 S.P.; SatuUGay, 10 a.P. tR 4 S.P. KIDS’ PRO­GRAMS: • Story Hour: Tues­days at 10 a.m and Thurs­days at 2 S.P.

• Lego Club: This new club will meet each Thurs­Gay aItHUnRRn IURP 4 tR 5 S.P. 7KH 1RUtK 3Hnn HLgK School Key Club will be RYHUVHHLng anG KHlS HngLnHHU LHgR cUHatLRnV. 1R IHH. LHgR GR­natLRnV wHl­cRPH. Limited to chil­dren in third gUaGH anG uS!

• Science in the Sum­mer: July 8 to 11. RHgLVtUatLRn wLll bHgLn 0ay 1 for this Glax­oSmithK­line spon­sored Ge­net­ics progUaP. StuGHntV wKR KaYH cRPSlHtHG gUaGHV 1 RU 2 aUH Level 1 and stu­dents who KaYH cRPSlHtHG gUaGHV 3, 4 RU 5 aUH LHYHl 2. FRuU claVVHV wLll bH RIIHUHG: LHYHl 1, 10 tR 10:45 a.P.; LHYHl 2, 11:15 a.P. tR 12 S.P; LHYHl 1, 2 tR 2:45 S.P. anG LHYHl 2, 3:15 tR 4 S.P. StuGHntV must at­tend all four ses­sions.

• Baby’s First Book: A gLIt RI lLtHUacy IURP tKH LLbUaUy, VSRnVRUHG by FULHnGV RI tKH 1RUtK WalHV LLbUaUy. 7KH 3Hn­nVylYanLa OnH BRRN EYHUy YRung CKLlG 2013 VHlHc­tLRn, StRS SnRULng, BHU­naUG!, LV SUHVHn­tHG to each baby born to a Li­brary pa­tron. This statewide HIIRUt HncRuUagHV aGultV tR share and talk about books and sto­ries with chil­dren. Please stop by or call the

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