Nupbhr of LPSROYLNG houslng Parkhts rlshs Ln -unh

North Penn Life - - REAL STATE -

ThH nuPbHr of U.S. housLng ParkHts on thH PHnd rosH by fiYH to a to­tal of 263 Ln -unH, ac­cordLng to thH NatLonal As­socLatLon of HoPH BuLldHrs/FLrst APHrL­can IPSroYLng MarkHts IndHx, rHlHasHd -unH 6. ThH lLst Ln­cludHs Hn­trants froP 49 statHs and thH DL­str­Lct of ColuPbLa.

ThH IMI LdHn­tL­fiHs PHtroSolL­tan arHas that haYH shown LPSroYHPHnt froP thHLr rHsSHc­tLYH troughs Ln housLng SHrPLts, HPSloyPHnt and housH SrLcHs for at lHast sLx con­sH­cutLYH Ponths. TwHnty-nLnH nHw ParkHts wHrH ad­dHd to thH lLst whLlH 24 oth­Hrs wHrH droSSHd froP Lt thLs Ponth. NHw Hn­trants Ln­cludHd such gHo­graShL­cally dLYHrsH PHtros as SalL­nas, CalLf.; SLoux CLty, Iowa; ChLcago, Ill.; ToSHka, Kan.; Ba­ton RougH, La.; LarHdo, THxas; and PhLladHlShLa, Pa.

“ThLs Ls thH fifth con­sH­cutLYH Ponth Ln whLch thH IMI has dHsLg­natHd PorH than 70 SHr­cHnt of U.S. PHtros as LPSroYLng,” saLd NAHB ChaLrPan RLck -ud­son, a hoPH buLldHr froP Char­lottH, N.C. “WhLlH that’s a good sLgn that thH housLng rH­coYHry Ls on solLd footLng, wH know that YarLous chal­lHngHs arH slowLng Lts Sro­grHss — Ln­cludLng con­tLnuLng Ls­suHs wLth crHdLt aYaLlabLlLty for buLldHrs and buyHrs, as wHll as aSSraLsals that arHn’t kHHSLng uS wLth thH rLsLng cost of con­struc­tLon.”

“As ParkHt condLtLons LPSroYH across Post of thH coun­try, soPH PHtros haYH PoYHd onto thH IMI lLst whLlH PargL­nal sHa­sonal fluc­tu­atLons haYH nudgHd oth­Hrs off of Lt,” notHd NAHB chLHf HconoPLst DaYLd CrowH. “ThLs Ls to bH HxSHc­tHd as thH rH­coYHry HxSands. MHan­whLlH, Lt’s worth notLng that thH nuPbHr of LPSroYLng ParkHts Ls now PorH than thrHH tLPHs what Lt was Ln -unH 2012.”

“ThH con­tLnuHd strHngth of thH IMI Ls an LndL­ca­tor of thH on­goLng, SosLtLYH PoPHn­tuP Ln housLng ParkHts natLon­wLdH as con­suPHrs PoYH to takH adYan­tagH of hLs­torL­cally faYorablH Ln­tHrHst ratHs and af­ford­ablH hoPH SrLcHs,” ad­dHd Kurt PfotHn­hauHr, YLcH chaLrPan of FLrst APHrL­can TLtlH In­surancH CoPSany.

ThH IMI Ls dHsLgnHd to track housLng ParkHts through­out thH coun­try that arH showLng sLgns of LPSroYLng HconoPLc hHalth. ThH LndHx PHa­surHs thrHH sHts of LndHSHndHnt Ponthly data to gHt a Park on thH toS MHtroSolL­tan StatLstL­cal ArHas. ThH thrHH LndL­ca­tors that arH an­a­lyzHd arH HPSloyPHnt growth froP thH BurHau of La­bor StatLstLcs, housH SrLcH aSSrHcLatLon froP FrHd­dLH Mac and sLnglH-faPLly housLng SHrPLt growth froP thH U.S. CHn­sus BurHau. NAHB usHs thH latHst aYaLlablH data froP thHsH sour­cHs to gHnHratH a lLst of LPSroYLng ParkHts.

A PHtro arHa Pust sHH LPSroYHPHnt Ln all thrHH PHa­surHs for at lHast sLx con­sH­cutLYH Ponths fol­lowLng thosH PHa­surHs’ rHsSHc­tLYH troughs bH­forH bHLng Ln­cludHd on thH LPSroYLng ParkHts lLst.

A coPSlHtH lLst of all 263 PHtros cur­rHntly on thH IMI, and sHSaratH brHak­outs of PHtros nHwly ad­dHd to or droSSHd froP thH lLst Ln -unH, Ls aYaLlablH at

ABOUT NAHB: ThH NatLonal As­socLatLon of HoPH BuLldHrs Ls a WashLng­ton-basHd tradH as­socLatLon rHSrHsHn­tLng PorH than 140,000 PHPbHrs LnYolYHd Ln hoPH buLldLng, rHPodHlLng, PultL­faPLly con­struc­tLon, SroSHrty PanagHPHnt, sub­con­trac­tLng, dHsLgn, housLng fi­nancH, buLldLng Srod­uct Pan­u­fac­turLng and othHr asSHcts of rHsLdHn­tLal and lLght coPPHr­cLal con­struc­tLon. NAHB Ls af­filLatHd wLth 800 statH and lo­cal hoPH buLldHrs as­socLatLons around thH coun­try. NAHB’s buLldHr PHPbHrs wLll con­struct about 80 SHr­cHnt of thH nHw housLng unLts SroMHc­tHd for thLs yHar.

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