Har­leysville uses small ball to thump Hat­field

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No mat­ter how good a lineup is, it is not go­ing to crush the ball ev­ery sin­gle game. For those oc­ca­sions, small ball is the most im­por­tant thing to an of­fense. Har­leysville used it to put 11 runs on the board.

Af­ter a fairly even three in­nings of back-and-fourth base­ball, Har­leysville put the game out of reach with a six-run fourth in­ning en route to an 11-3 vic­tory over HDW­fiHOG. 7KH ELJ LQQLQJ only con­sisted of four hits, but with Har­leysville took ad­van­tage of free passes and used the bunt to man­u­fac­ture runs.

“We like to keep the pres­sure on a team; we didn’t score any runs against mlum­stead, so I didn’t want that to hap­pen again,” Har­leysville coach Ge­off Ball said. “We need th­ese last games, so I fiJuUHG , ZDV JRLQJ WR WDNH what they give us. Sure enough, we had a six-run in­ning. I wasn’t just go­ing to let the runs sit on base.”

Both teams had the of­fense go­ing early. Har­leysville started off with four runs in WKH fiUVW WZR LQQLQJV, LQFOuGing a three-run sec­ond. Alex Meiler opened the scor­ing in WKH fiUVW ZLWK DQ 5B, VLQJOH, while Jake Smerecki’s RBI dou­ble and a cou­ple runs on de­fen­sive mis­cues gave the home side a 4-0 lead.

HRZHvHU, HDW­fiHOG VWUuFN back in the third, scor­ing three runs of their own on Roben Qawasmy’s RBI ground out, Matt Hoy’s boom­ing RBI dou­ble and wach wei­gler’s RBI sin­gle. ,W DSSHDUHG WKDW HDW­fiHOG’V starter had set­tled down and the of­fense was on the up- swing.

All of that went out the win­dow in the fourth.

“:H ZHUH D OLWWOH flDW DQG they pulled some plays on us that we weren’t ready for,” HDW­fiHOG FRDFK BRE (GJDU said. “We were feel­ing good in the be­gin­ning, we had some en­ergy, but then our SLWFKHUV MuVW FRuOGQ’W fiQG the strike zone.”

Al­though Har­leysville led off with two hits to start the fourth, they would be the only two hits that left WKH LQ­fiHOG LQ WKH VLx-UuQ LQn­ing. Blake Gu­lar started the scor­ing with an RBI dou­ble, but then Har­leysville just WRRN ZKDW HDW­fiHOG JDvH them: four walks and a hitby-pitch. Rec­og­niz­ing that HDW­fiHOG ZDV KDvLQJ WURuEOH with the bunt, mhil Stranle and Chris Tolbr had back-to­back suc­cess­ful RBI squeeze bunts. Tyler De­s­pain fol­lowed that up by work­ing a walk with the bases loaded and Cory Wilde con­tin­ued the trend with a hit-by-pitch the next at bat. By the end of it all, Har­leysville was up 10-3 and the game wasn’t so close any­more.

Shoudt. “She had to lis­ten to me when I would come home and I would talk to her about school, dis­ci­pline, coach­ing or what­ever.”

7hH fiUsW FhDSWHU oI Shoudt’s col­le­giate coach­ing ca­reer was writ­ten when he took over the men’s pro­gram at Ursi­nus in 1976. It would bH WhH fiUsW oI Wwo sWLnWs wLWh the Col­legeville-based in­sti­tu­tion that sand­wiched a IouU-yHDU Uun DW 9LOODnovD.

MDkLng WhH MuPS IUoP high school coach­ing to WhDW oI WhH FoOOHgH OHvHO wDs noW PuFh oI D WUDn­sLWLon IoU 6houdW. As LW Ls WodDy, 8UsLnus wDs DLvLsLon ,,, IoU DWhOHWLFs Dnd sWudLHs FDPH fiUsW. HowHvHU, SDUW oI 6houdW’s fiUsW sDOHs SLWFh IUoP D UHcruit­ing per­spec­tive was to LnIoUP WhH SUosSHFWLvH sWu­dent ath­letes that his in­tent was to run the pro­gram in a man­ner that made it seem OLkH WhHy wHUH FoPSHWLng DW a higher level.

“It was a great ex­per­iHnFH bHFDusH oI WhH sWudHnW ath­letes I had and that I was able to work with them and help them be­come suc­cessIuO,” hH sDLd. “7hH boWWoP OLnH Ls, HsSHFLDOOy DW DLvLsLon ,,,, you DUH D sWudHnW DWhOHWH. We wanted to make sure that WhHy wHUH sWudHnWs Dnd DOso ath­letes and I sold them on WhH IDFW WhDW Wo FoPH Wo 8UsLnus would be an ex­pe­ri­ence. As D nuPbHU oI WhHP hDvH sDLd Wo PH sLnFH WhHn, WhHy FDPH Wo 8UsLnus, fiUsW oI DOO be­cause I con­tin­ued to call them and visit them in the reFUuLWLng SUoFHss. 6HFondOy, , told them I wanted to run the pro­gram like it was a Di­vi­sion I pro­gram even though it was Di­vi­sion III.”

,W dLd noW WDkH Oong IoU WhH sale to go through.

6houdW, D Fo-IoundHU oI WhH PHnnsyOvDnLD 7UDFk Dnd Field Coaches As­so­ci­a­tion, OHd WhH PHn’s FUoss FounWUy WHDP Wo D SDLU oI MLd­dOH AWODnWLF ConIHUHnFH WLWOHs. HH took a pro­gram that went 4-7 WhH yHDU bHIoUH hH DUULvHd and turned it into an 11-4 Mug­gHUnDuW Ln hLs fiUsW sHD­son at the helm.

Mean­while, cir­cum­stances DW 9LOODnovD oSHnHd WhH dooU IoU 6houdW Wo PDkH WhH MuPS to a Di­vi­sion I pro­gram. 7hH OHgHndDUy -uPbo EOOLoWW SDssHd DwDy Ln MDUFh 1981 and his long-time as­sLsWDnW, -DFk ByUD, Wook ovHU on Dn LnWHULP bDsLs. OOyPSLF goOd PHdDOLsW Dnd IoUPHU 98 Uun­nHU ChDUOLH -HnkLns was brought on board to take over the men’s teams whLOH WhH unLvHUsLWy wDs sWLOO sHDUFhLng IoU D FoDFh oI WhH women’s track and cross FounWUy SUogUDPs.

,W wDs D voLd 6houdW fiOOHd later in ’81 and the new posLWLon gDvH hLP D fiUsW-hDnd look at the D-I level and its UHsSon­sLbLOLWLHs. BHLng Dn HPSOoyHH oI WhH 1oUULsWown Area School Dis­trict com­bLnHd wLWh D IuOO SODWH UHcruit­ing and coach­ing on the MDLn LLnH PDdH IoU Dn HxWUHPHOy busy WLPH Ln hLs OLIH.

“, sSHnW Dn DwIuO OoW oI WLPH UHFUuLWLng Dnd Py wLIH Dnd IDPLOy suSSoUWHd whDW , did,” said Shoudt. “Through DOO WhH HIIoUW Dnd whDW noW wH wHUH suFFHssIuO Dnd WhH thing to re­mem­ber is that I wDs nHvHU IuOO-WLPH DW 9LOODnovD; , wDs DW 1oUULsWown. 7hH suFFHss wH hDd DW 9LOODnova was monumental with all that we ac­com­plished and suFFHss sHHPHd Wo hDvH IoOlowed me again.”

Among other ac­co­lades with the Wild­cats, Shoudt wDs nDPHd 1CAA DLvLsLon , 1DWLonDO 7UDFk Dnd FLHOd CoDFh oI WhH YHDU Ln 1984. The head­line-grab­bing moPHnW WhDW yHDU wDs whHn WhH women es­tab­lished a world record in the dis­tance medOHy UHODy DW WhH PHnn RHODys.

World records, col­le­giate UHFoUds Dnd FonIHUHnFH WLWOHs Dnd FonIHUHnFH FoDFh oI WhH yHDU DwDUds (sLx oI WhHP) in what was then the new BLg EDsW ConIHUHnFH wHUH the norm. Such ac­com­plish­ments were all the more im­pres­sive con­sid­er­ing Shoudt hDd onOy fivH sFhoODUshLSs Wo work with and was com­pet­ing against other col­leges and uni­ver­si­ties that had a IuOO DOOoWPHnW oI 16.

“I was get­ting girls on nick­HOs Dnd dLPHs Wo FoPH Wo 9LOlanova,” said Shoudt, who Ln­hHULWHd EOOLoWW’s dHsk Ln WhH DWhOHWLF oI­fiFHs. “You hDd Wo woUk SUHWWy hDUd LI you wHUH work­ing against col­leges that had 16 schol­ar­ships. I was giv­ing out room and board, books onOy, WuLWLon oU whDW- ever it might have been. I was noW gLvLng ouW vHUy PDny IuOO schol­ar­ships be­cause I would noW hDvH hDd Dny. ,W wDs D bDOanc­ing act.”

Shoudt’s suc­cess with the woPHn’s WHDPs DW 9LOODnovD SODFHd hLP on WhH UDdDU oI soPH oI WhH FoOOHgHs WhDW hDd D IuOO FoPSOHPHnW oI sFhoODUshLSs. ,n IDFW, hH DFFHSWHd Dn oIIHU Wo bHFoPH WhH woPHn’s FoDFh DW ,OOLnoLs IoOOowLng hLs finDO yHDU DW 98. HowHvHU, BHWWy wDs LOO DW WhH time and Shoudt opted not Wo SDFk IoU D nHw OLIH Ln WhH LDnd oI LLnFoOn.

8UsLnus uOWLPDWHOy FDPH call­ing again and Shoudt started his sec­ond ten­ure wLWh WhH BHDUs Ln 6HSWHPbHU 1985. “7hH guys , hDd Py fiUsW WLPH WhHUH wHUH so hDSSy , UHWuUnHd Wo 8UsLnus,” sDLd 6houdW. “7hHy gDvH PH D OoW oI suSSoUW Dnd wel­comed me back. I picked uS whHUH , OHIW oII, onOy WhLs time I had them to help me with re­cruit­ing.”

Shoudt brought along the women’s track pro­gram to the point it cap­tured three MAC ti­tles. It was the conIHUHnFH Uun­nHU-uS Ln 1986, LWs sHFond yHDU oI vDUsLWy com­pe­ti­tion. The men’s FUoss FounWUy WHDP, OHd Ln no sPDOO SDUW by hLs son, SLOHd uS FonIHUHnFH WLWOHs Ds wHOO. ,W PDdH IoU TuLWH D sHFond DFW IoU 6houdW DW 8UsLnus, where he re­mained through 1993 bHIoUH UHWuUnLng Wo WhH high school ranks.

Shoudt coached at Spring­fiHOd (MonWFo) unWLO 2006. He then had stints Lans­dale CDWhoOLF (2006-07) Dnd 9DOOHy FoUgH MLOLWDUy AFDdHPy (2007-08) bHIoUH ODndLng DW Spring­side.

As Ls oIWHn WhH FDsH whHn soPH­body UHPDLns DFWLvH Ln D SUoIHssLon IoU Dn HOongDWHd SHULod oI WLPH, WhHUH DUH those who doubt an in­di­viduDO FDn UHPDLn DW WhH WoS oI hLs gDPH. 7hHy sDy, DPong other things, that time SDssHd hLP by. 6houdW, wLWh hLs dLsFLSOLnH-fiUsW sWyOH, wDs not im­mune to such static.

Funny WhDW LW wDs WhH doubters who were ul­ti­mateOy sLOHnFHd Ds WhH UH­suOWs oI 6houdW’s sWyOH oI FoDFhLng con­tin­ued to speak vol­umes.

“Peo­ple told me in the 1990s WhDW , shouOd gHW ouW be­cause kids have changed,” sDLd 6houdW. “7hHy sDLd , shouOd gHW ouW oI FoDFhLng Dnd WhDW UHDOOy uSsHW PH. 6o, WhHn , IHOW , hDd Wo SUovH PysHOI DgDLn. AW 6SULng­fiHOd wH went on to the state cham­pi­onshLS Ln WhH 4x100 UHODy. , dLd WhH sDPH WhLngs , DOwDys did. Peo­ple were telling me ‘you FDn’W do LW WhDW wDy.’ WHOO, , dLd LW WhDW wDy Dnd , FonWLnuH Wo do LW WhDW wDy. , put de­mands on peo­ple and ex­pect them to do cer­tain WhLngs Dnd WhDW’s WhH wDy wH ac­com­plish things. I don’t FDUH whDW sSoUW LW Ls: you have to have dis­ci­pline to have suc­cess.”

1oW Fon­vLnFHd? Ask D hHIWy OLnHuS oI hLgh sFhooO Dnd col­lege cham­pi­ons Shoudt coached and men­tored over WhH ODsW hDOI FHnWuUy.

“OuU guys know how Wo bunW,” BDOO sDLd. “WH SUDFWLFH D OoW Ln WhH IDOO sHD­son. WhHn you’UH FoDFhLng, you gHW D sHnsH oI WhH oWhHU WHDP; whHn WhHy sWDUW gHWWLng IUusWUDWHd wLWh HDFh oWhHU, you hDvH Wo kHHS WhH pres­sure on. Once that hapSHns, you know you’vH goW WhHP. 6oonHU oU ODWHU WhHy will crack. We just had some kids do some spe­cial things tonight.”

HDWILHOd FouOdn’W PusWHU Dny more runs be­cause Stranle, whosH FoPSOHWH-gDPH, IouUsWULkHouW SHUIoUPDnFH SODyHd sHFond-ILd­dOH Wo DOO WhH Uuns, wDs so good. The three-run third was WhH onOy bOHPLsh Ln hLs ouWLng, Ds he was hold­ing down a solid HatILHOd OLnHuS whLOH hLs WHDPPDWHs were scor­ing runs.

“PhLO hDs bHHn Ln 1oUWh CDUoOLnD IoU 10 dDys,” BDOO sDLd oI hLs sWDUWHU. “WH wHUH de­cid­ing whether to start him or Meiler and I’m glad wH wHnW wLWh PhLO. 1obody hDs UHDOOy gLvHn hLP D OoW oI credit. He has pitched some UHDOOy good gDPHs IoU us, Wonight was an­other one.”

The win pushed HarOHysvLOOH Wo 12-6, suUgLng IoU D WoS-fivH sSoW, whLOH HDW­fiHOd was pushed to 9-9 and on the bULnk oI PLssLng WhH SODy­oIIs. EdgDU hoSHs WhHy FDn WuUn WhLngs DUound Ln WhH ODsW IHw games and make a run.

“This loss was tough be­cause it could knock us out oI WhH SODy­oIIs,” EdgDU sDLd. “It’s all about throw­ing sWULkHs Dnd OHWWLng youU dHIHnsH PDkH WhH SODys Dnd wH just didn’t do that tonight.”

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