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Let­ting up a big in­ning can kill a team. For Soud­er­ton, WKDW unIRrWunDWH Ln­nLnJ KDs plagued the club all sum­mer DnG WKH lDsW JDPH RI WKH sHDsRn wDs nR GLIIHrHnW.

Soud­er­ton had back-to­back bad in­nings in the sec­ond and third, never re­cov­erLnJ Hn rRuWH WR D 10-5 GHIHDW DW WKH KDnGs RI WDr­rLnJWRn 1. TKH A’s SuW sLx runs Rn 6RuGer­ton in the two-in­ning span HDrly Ln WKH JDPH. AlWKRuJK 6RuGHrWRn FuW WKH GH­fiFLW WR just two in the mid­dle in­nings, er­rors and ex­tra base hits kept them down and put an end to a rough sea­son.

“This was pretty much a FDr­bRn FRSy RI HYHry JDPH we’ve played this year,” Soud­er­ton coach Doug Brown said. “Last year I had a pretty good run, we got third in the state tour­na­ment, but this year I lost a lot RI WKRsH Juys. TKH Juys wKR came up this year worked re­ally hard, but it was just not meant to be. They just have an in­ning or two that goes bad and that’s why we were 6-1P-1.”

TKH KRPH sLGH sWruFN firsW with Bren­dan Gi­ampa’s RBI sDFrL­fiFH fly Ln WKH firsW, buW WKDW would be the only lead SoudHrWRn wRulG HnMRy WKH rHsW RI the game. Start­ing pitcher gor­dan Hay did not pitch poorly, buW JDYH uS sLx runs Ln 2 2/3 Ln­nLnJs RI wRrN, IRur RI wKLFK wHrH unHDrnHG. A PLx RI GHIHn­sLYH PLsFuHs DnG IrHH SDsses put Soud­er­ton in a 6-1 hole bHIRrH WKH bRWWRP RI WKH WKLrG in­ning, knock­ing Hay out and de­liv­er­ing an­other blow to the Flub’s FRn­fiGHnFH.

“We give up crooked num­bers and then we don’t have WKH RIIHn­sLYH SRWHnFy WR FRPH bDFN IrRP bHLnJ GRwn IRur Rr fiYH runs,” BrRwn said.

No one ever said this Soud­er­ton club lacked heart, and they showed it even GRwn fiYH runs HDrly. TKHy struck three times in their KDlI RI WKH WKLrG, Sul­lLnJ WR within two runs. Bran­don Glass punched an RBI sinJlH WKrRuJK WKH Ln­fiHlG DnG 6RuGHrWRn WRRN DGYDnWDJH RI Hr­rRrs IRr WKH RWKHr WwR runs. UnIRrWunDWHly IRr WKHP, WKHy haven’t been great at keep­ing mo­men­tum, ei­ther.

Soud­er­ton al­lowed an­other un­earned run in the top RI WKH IRurWK, IRl­lRwHG by giv­ing up two runs on a DaYLG Burns WrLSlH Ln WKH fiIWK. TKHy DGGHG WKHLr finDl WDlly in sev­enth, an­other run that was made pos­si­ble due to an er­ror. It also didn’t help that Burns was throw­ing the ball YHry wHll Rn WKH PRunG IRr WKH A’s WKrRuJKRuW WKH JDPH.

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