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New team: The goy wwicker Team led by goy wwicker, with Lor­raine Mchee and Sherry ll­son, re­cently joined the Blue Bell of­ficH RI 3UuGHnWLaO )Rx & ooach, oeal­tors. Linda lstrowsky and gohn Badala­menti, of­ficH cR-man­aJHUV, maGH the an­nounce­ment.

The team, which spe­cial­izes in the over 55 maUNHW anG fiUVW-WLmH home­buy­ers and sell­ers, was pre­vi­ously with We­ichert, oealWRUV. AOO aUH JUaGuaWHV of the Sch­licher hratz In­sti­tute for oeal Es­tate and mem­bers of the 0RnWJRmHUy, 3Hn­nVyO­va­nia and ka­tional as­so­ci­a­tions of oeal­tors.

Li­censed since 2010, ZZLcNHU, RI 6SULnJ­fiHOG Town­ship, re­ceived sev­eral per­for­mance awards with her prior EURNHU, LncOuGLnJ DLrec­tor Level, one mil­lion plus in sales, as well as eonorary Level. She holds the Se­nior oeal Es­tate Spe­cial­ist and Seller oep­re­sen­taWLvH 6SHcLaOLVW GHVLJ­na­tions.

BHIRUH HnWHULnJ UHaO es­tate, wwicker was pres­i­dent for 23 years of wwicker Ser­vice Inc., a busi­ness op­er­a­tions and fi­nancLaO cRnVuOWLnJ fiUm. 6KH aOVR VHUvHG Ln the r.S. kavy.

A 17-year ootar­ian, she has worked both at the club and dis­trict lev­HOV SURvLGLnJ cRm­mu­nity ser­vice in Mont- JRmHUy &RunWy.

Mchee, li­censed VLncH 2012, LV RULJL­naOOy from ko­rth­ern Ire­land and moved to the rnited States in 198S. She UHVLGHV Ln DUHVKHU anG is an ac­tive vol­un­teer ZLWK WKH 8SSHU DuEOLn schools, sports as­so­ci­a­tions and churches.

A UHIHUUaO aJHnW Rn the goy wwicker Team, Sherry ll­son holds a GHJUHH IURm 3Hnn 6WaWH 8nLvHUVLWy anG KaV HxSHUWLVH Ln KRmH VWaJLnJ anG SURMHcW man­aJHmHnW. A cHUWL­fiHG WKHUaSy GRJ KanGOHU anG ac­tive mem­ber in her com­mu­nity, ll­son reVLGHV Ln 8SSHU DuEOLn.

Top pro­ducer: Su­san Mcka­mara, a sales aVVRcLaWH ZLWK WKH DHvRn RI­ficH RI LRnJ & )RVWHU 5HaO EVWaWH ,nc., was named top pro­ducer for both March anG ASULO. 9LcH 3UHVLGHnW anG man­aJHU -anHW Gor­den oubino made the an­nounce­ment.

An aZaUG-ZLn­nLnJ, con­sis­tent top pro­ducer, Mcka­mara is a third JHnHUaWLRn 5HaOWRU Ln her fam­ily and spe­cial­izes in res­i­den­tial sales in the Main Line, &KHVWHU anG DHOaZaUH coun­ties, with spe­cial HmSKaVLV Rn WKH nHLJKbor­hoods of Wayne, sil­lanova, Bryn Mawr, 3aROL anG DHvRn.

Mcka­mara was named top in­di­vid­ual pro­ducer and top salesSHUVRn RI WKH RI­ficH IRU 2012. She also was UHcRJnLzHG aV WKH 1R. 3 in­di­vid­ual pro­ducer in WKH HnWLUH 3KLOaGHOSKLa 5HJLRn. 6KH LV a mHmEHU RI LRnJ & )RVWHU’V &KaLU­man’V &OuE.

As­so­ciates hon­ored: Sev­eral sales as­so­ciates IURm WKH DHvRn RI­ficH RI LRnJ & )RVWHU 5HaO Es­tate Inc. were honRUHG aW LRnJ & )RVWHU’V an­nual awards break­fast in March 13.

5HcRJnLzHG IRU &Rm­mu­nity Ser­vice for 2012 ZaV 0aUy 3aW 0c&aUWKy, ZKR ZaV aOVR hon­ored with mem­berVKLS Ln LRnJ & )RVWHU’V 3UHVLGHnW’V &OuE, RnH RI WKH cRmSany’V WRS VaOHV pro­duc­tion clubs.

0c&aUWKy cRRUGL­naWHG WKH DHvRn RI­ficH an­nuaO HROLGay )RRG DULvH WR EHnH­fiW 7/E &aUH, a nRnSUR­fiW GHvRWHG WR KHOSLnJ WKRVH less for­tu­nate in the Tredyf­frin and Easttown com­mu­ni­ties, and also helped co­or­di­nate WKH RI­ficH’V HuUUL­canH Sandy oelief ef­fort. She is a mem­ber of WKH &KHVWHU &RunWy WRmHn’V &Rm­mLVVLRn and a mem­ber of the 3Oan­nLnJ &Rm­mLVVLRn RI BLUmLnJKam 7RZnVKLS, &KHVWHU &RunWy.

Teams hon­ored: Sev­eral teams in the 3UuGHnWLaO )Rx & ooach, oeal­tors Blue BHOO 2IficH ZHUH KRnored re­cently with Top of the oock awards for WKHLU Hx­cHOOHnW VaOHV per­for­mance for 2012, SOacLnJ WKHm Ln WKH WRS 1 SHUcHnW RI aOO 3)5 aJHnWV.

5HcHLvLnJ WKH aZaUG ZHUH WKH -anH DRuJOaVV, Ged­ney Team, Linda Baron and oosen­thal teams.

7KH -anH DRuJOaVV Team in­cludes gane DRuJOaVV, -aVRn 2VWURZVNy, -HUUL )uOOHU, him oein­hard and Liza Woelfel.

Ged­ney Team mem­bers are Linda Ged­ney, .HOOy BRWWuUa, 3aWULcLa 3HzLcN, 6KLUOHy 6yIHUW and goanne White.

Mem­bers of the Linda Baron Team in­clude Linda Baron, Anne 7uOORcK, Amy ,nJEHU, goan Michel and Lance WHxOHU.

oosen­thal Team mem­bers are ohonda, Larry and oeid oosenWKaO, AOHnH DRUGLcN anG games Ware.

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