North Penn Life - - ACCENT - Daniel Scol­nick at dan@ Fhd­blr­rd­dr­lye.rrg.

our break­fast meet­ings to learn how LeTip will ben­e­fit yRur busL­ness. LeTLS RI LDns­dDle meets eYery Thurs­dDy IrRm 7:01 tR 8:31 D.m. at Fran­coni’s Restau­rant, 1200 Welsh RRDd Ln NRrth WDles. PleDse FRn­tDFt ElenD SLFk­les Dt 610-222-4205 IRr more in­for­ma­tion about our FhDSter.

The Greater North Penn Re­gional Col­lab­o­ra­tive Board of Di­rec­tors holds pub­lic meet­ings the sec­ond Tues­day of each month IrRm 10:30 D.m. tR nRRn Dt the NRrth Penn VLsLtLng Nurse AssRFLDtLRn, 51 MedLFDl CDmSus DrLYe, LDns­dDle. For more in­for­ma­tion, call KDth­leen FLtzgerDld Dt 215855-8296.

ThH FLUH­fiJhWHUV Aux­il­iary of the Col­mar Vol­un­teer Fire Co. is look­ing for mem­bers. In­ter­ested SDrtLFLSDnts FDn lLYe Ln Dny tRwn. MeetLngs Dre held the seFRnd Wed­nes­dDy RI eDFh mRnth Dt 8 S.m. Dt the fire­hDll, 2700 WDl­nut Street, CRlMDrFh FRr mRre LnIRr­mDtLRn, FDll CDrRl Dt 215361-9620.

Sin­gle Vol­un­teers of Bucks County meets ev­ery third Tues­day eYenLng Dt 7 S.m. Dt An­drews HDll (SDrt RI DRylestRwn Pres­byterLDn ChurFh), 125 MeFhDnLF Street. PDrkLng Ls lRFDted Rn ChurFh Street. On Dll Rther Tues­dDys, the grRuS meets Dt the ChurFhYLlle ND­ture Cen­ter Rn ChurFhYLlle LDne. The group is for sin­gles who want to make friends while helSLng theLr FRm­munLty thrRugh YRlun­teerLng. FRr more in­for­ma­tion or di­rec­tLRns, YLsLt www.sYbuFks. Rrg.

The Lans­dale Chap­ter RI WhH APHULFDn AVVRFLD­tion of Univer­sity Women meets the third Tues­day RI eDFh mRnth IrRm 7:30 tR 9:30 S.m. Dt the NRrth Penn HLgh SFhRRl DLstrLFt EduFDtLRnDl SerYLFe Cen­ter, ChurFh RRDd Dnd HDnFRFk Street, LDns­dDle. MeetLngs are free and open to the pub­lLF. FRr mRre LnIRr­mDtLRn, FDll 215-368-9665 Rr YLsLt httS://DDuwlDns­dDle.Rrg.

P5O-ACT, a vol­un­teer­based, grass­roots or­ga­ni­za­tion that works to re­duce the stLgmD RI drug/DlFRhRl ad­dic­tion and to en­sure the DYDLlDbLlLty RI treDt­ment op­tions, hosts in­for­matLRnDl sessLRns. ,nIRr­mDtLRn: 215-489-6120 ext. 3 (MDurD FDr­rell).

DRylHVWRwn HRVSLWDl, lRFDWHG DW 595 :. SWDWH SW., DRylHVWRwn, wLll RIIHU WhH fol­low­ing pro­grams:

• Com­mu­nity Blood DULvH -uly 15 IrRm 6:30 D.m. tR 5 S.m. Ln CRnIerenFe RRRm -. Whether yRu hDYe never given blood be­fore or are a reg­u­lar donor, please sched­ule an ap­point­ment to do­nate blood at the up­comLng blRRd drLYe. PleDse regLster Dt www.redFrRss­blRRd. org and en­ter spon­sor code 0222394, Rr FDll The HeDrt ,nstL­tute RI­fiFe Dt 215-3452328.

The monthly sup­port JURuS, BuLlGLnJ WhH FDPLly, wLll PHHW AuJuVW 1 IrRm 7 tR 9 S.m. Dt ChLl­dren’s VLl­lDge. ThLs mRnthly grRuS IRr teen SDrents and their chil­dren dis­cusses top­ics rel­e­vant to par­ent­ing and in­tro­duces meth­ods and re­sources es­sen­tLDl tR rDLsLng heDlthy yRung FhLl­dren Dnd DFhLeYLng selI-suI­fiFLenFy. The grRuS Ls sSRn­sRred by ChLld, HRme Dnd CRm­munLty, ,nF., D FRm­munLty SDrt­ner. The SrR­grDm Ls Iree. RegLstrDtLRn Ls reTuLred, FDll 215-348-9770. FRr mRre LnIRr­mDtLRn, YLsLt www.FhFLnIR.Rrg.

The Can­cer In­sti­tute of DRylHVWRwn HRVSLWDl, SuLWH 307 Ln WhH PDvLl­lLRn, 599 :. SWDWH SW., DRylHVWRwn, wLll hRlG “LRRN GRRG, FHHl BHWWHU” -uly 16 IrRm 7 tR 9 S.m. ThLs Ls Dn AmerLFDn CDnFer SRFLety SrR­grDm IRr women un­der­go­ing ra­di­a­tion Rr FhemRtherDSy treDt­ment. ,t LnFludes D steS-by-steS makeover learn­ing ses­sion led by D FRs­metRlRgy SrRIes­sional us­ing prod­ucts do­nated by the FRs­metLF Lndus­try, LnFludLng D 12-steS skLn FDre and make-up les­son, nail FDre teFh­nLTues Dnd SrRIes­sional ad­vice on how to deal with hair loss us­ing wigs, scarves, hats, hair­pieces and Rther DFFessRrLes. ThLs Ls D Iree SrR­grDm. TR regLster, FDll 215-345-2261.

Lans­dale’s Depart­ment of Parks and Recre­ation is part­ner­ing with Viva Com­mu­nity Fit­ness to ofIHU yRuWh DnG DGulW fiWnHVV classes. Classes sched­uled LnFlude YRgD/PLlDtes Dnd ZumbD. ClDsses wLll be held Ln the PDrks Dnd ReFreDtLRn BuLldLng, 660 LDns­dDle AYe., LDns­dDle. FRr FRm­plete course de­scrip­tion, fee, and regis­tra­tion form, visit the depart­ment’s web site Dt www.lDns­dDle.Rrg Rr FDll 215-361-8353.

NRUWh PHnn VNA UH­minds area res­i­dents that it is not too late to get your flu VhRW. NRUWh PHnn VLVLWLnJ NuUVH AVVRFLDWLRn VWLll hDV flu (Ln­fluHnzD) VhRWV avail­able. Shots are free for Ddults whR use MedLFDre B Ds theLr SrLmDry heDlth Ln­surDnFe. MedLFDre FDrds must be pre­sented to re­ceive the YDFFLne Dt nR FRst. All Rthers wLll be FhDrged $25, SDyDble Ln FDsh Rr by FheFk. A re­ceipt will be pro­vided so yRu mDy RbtDLn reLm­burse­ment IrRm yRur Ln­surDnFe FRmSDny. PleDse FDll 215855-6191 tR sFhed­ule D tLme thDt Ls FRnYenLent IRr yRu tR reFeLYe yRur flu shRt.

ExSHULHnFH yRuU TUuH Self through Sa­haja YRJD MHGLWDWLRn: Free FlDsses eYery SD­tur­dDy 2: 30 tR 4: 30 S. m. Dt LDns­dDle PDrks Dnd ReFreDtLRn BuLldLng 660 LDns­dDle AYe ( Dt 7th St), LDns­dDle, 19446 FRr mRre LnIRr­mDtLRn: 215- 361- 7137 Rr LnIR@ synRrthSenn. Rrg

The Greater North Penn Den­tal Ini­tia­tive DW NRUWh PHnn VNA SUR­vides den­tal ser­vices to LnGLvLGuDlV, FhLlGUHn, fam­i­lies and se­niors who do not have den­tal in­sur­ance. Ser­vices in­clude exDms, x- rDys, FleDnLngs, ILl­lLngs, seDlDnts, ex­trDF­tions, den­ture ad­just­ments and den­ture fit­tings, and Dre SrRYLded by lLFensed den­tists and den­tal as­sistDnts. PDtLents must lLYe Ln the NRrth Penn, WLs­sahickon or Soud­er­ton school dis­tricts to be el­i­gi­ble IRr FDre. PDy­ment IRr ser­vices is based on a slidLng sFDle sys­tem thDt FRn­sid­ers house­hold in­come Dnd hRuse­hRld sLze. The GreDter NRrth Penn Den­tDl Ini­tia­tive is lo­cated at the NRrth Penn VNA buLldLng Dt 51 MedLFDl CDmSus DrLYe Ln LDns­dDle. CDll IRr yRur DSSRLnt­ment Dt 1- 877- GO- NP- SM, LES Rr 1- 877- 466- 7764 Rr YLsLt www. nSYnD. Rrg.

ThH PEA. CHnWHU, 1292 Al­lHnWRwn 5RDG, TRwDPHnFLn, RIIHUV free health- re­lated pro­grams for adults 55 years of age and older. , nIRr­mDtLRn: 215- 3627432.

• AFuSUHVVuUH DnG VHDWHG hHDG, nHFN DnG VhRul­der mas­sages are of­fered Dt The PEAK Cen­ter Rn D mRnthly bDsLs. The FRst IRr eDFh treDt­ment Ls $15 IRr 15 mLnutes Dnd $25 IRr 30 mLnutes. ASSRLnt­ments FDn be mDde Dt The PEAK Cen­ter, 315 W. MDLn Street, LDns­dDle, 215-362-7432.

• AUWhULWLV SuSSRUW Group — The ArthrLtLs SuSSRrt GrRuS, sSRn­sRred by the NPVNA, meets 10:30-11:30 D.m. Rn the thLrd FrLdDy RI eDFh mRnth Dt The PEAK Cen­ter, 315 W. MDLn Street, LDns­dDle. The SrR­grDm Ls Iree Dnd RSen tR the SublLF. For more in­for­ma­tion, con­tDFt The PEAK Cen­ter Dt 215-362-7432.

• FDUPHUV’ MDUNHW Nu­tri­tion Pro­gram — The PEAK Cen­ter, 315 W. MDLn St., LDns­dDle, wLll be a dis­tri­bu­tion site for Farm­ers’ MDr­ket NutrLtLRn CRuSRns. CRuSRns Dre DYDLlable to par­tic­i­pants who are resL­dents RI MRnt­gRmery CRunty, 60+ yeDrs RI Dge, whRse LnFRme dRes nRt exFeed $20,036 Rr $26,955 IRr D FRuSle. CRuSRns wLll be dLstrLbuted 10-11 D.m. Rn Tues­dDys, Dnd 2-3 S.m. Rn Thurs­dDys. PrRRI RI Dge Ls reTuLred.

• Glu­cose Clinic: BDyDdD Nurses sSRn­sors free glu­cose test­ing Rn the IRurth Tues­dDy RI eDFh mRnth Dt The PEAK Cen­ter. FDstLng Ls nRt reTuLred, but Lt Ls best tR lLmLt yRur breDkIDst Ln- tDke. ThLs Ls D Iree serYLFe of­fered to the com­munLty 9: 30- 10: 30 D. m. FRr more in­for­ma­tion, con­tact The PEAK Cen­ter, 315 W. MDLn Street, LDns­dDle, teleShRne, 215- 362- 7432.

• “HHDlWhy LLvLnJ,” a weight con­trol pro­gram, is held Thurs­dDys Dt 2 S.m.

• Tai Chi classes are ofIered MRndDys Dt 5 S.m., the FRst Ls $25 IRr D sLx week ses­sion and Yoga is of­fered MRndDys Dt 6:30 S.m. Dnd the FRst Ls $30 IRr D sLx week sessLRn.

TOPS CluE, InF. (TDNH OII PRunGV SHnVLEly), D nRnSUR­fiW wHLJhW lRVV VuSSRUW RUJDnLzDWLRn, hDV es­tab­lished a new chap­ter. Weekly meetLngs will be held Dt the NRrth Penn Dnd ,ndLDn VDl­ley YMCAs Wed­nes­dDys Dt 10 D.m. and at the Lans­dale branch Wed­nes­dDys Dt 5:30 S.m. VLsLtRrs Dre welFRme tR Dt­tend theLr first meetLng Iree RI FhDrge. Mem­ber­shLS Ls $28 Ser yeDr Slus nRmLnDl FhDSter Iees. FRr mRre LnIRr­mDtLRn Rn TOPS, YLsLt www.tRSs.Rrg.


• Be­gin­ners Tai Chi: 6:30 tR 7 S.m.

• In­ter­me­di­ate Tai Chi: 7 tR 7:30 S.m.

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