The 1920s once more

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For the first time since the 1920s with Calvin Coolidge and Her­bert Hoover, Amer­ica will have the com­bi­na­tion of a ve­he­mently pro-busi­ness, anti-reg­u­la­tion, Repub­li­can pres­i­dent and Congress with a man­date for re­stric­tive im­mi­gra­tion poli­cies and high tar­iffs on im­ports. And a soar­ing stock mar­ket. And a Euro­pean tyrant ad­mired by Amer­i­can con­ser­va­tives.

What could pos­si­bly go wrong? Prob­a­bly noth­ing, but if it gets wob­bly, we can eas­ily fix it with another good war.

I won­der who will play the leads in the Donny+Vlady bro­mance movie. Or will it just be a re­al­ity show star­ring the happy cou­ple them­selves? It sounds to me like Vlady’s re­ported elec­tion in­ter­fer­ence is be­ing cel­e­brated as just another ex­am­ple of Donny+Vlady out­smart­ing Hil­lary+Barack.

No telling what the bro­mance will spawn. Sev­eral pos­si­bil­i­ties come to mind. One is game-over for Syr­i­ans fight­ing against their dic­ta­tor, who may be a bit of a third wheel but still one of the guys. Pales­tini­ans can fuget about hav­ing their own coun­try. Bibby will no doubt give the happy cou­ple match­ing vil­las over­look­ing Jerusalem.

What is the name of that coun­try Vlady “didn’t,” wink-wink, in­vade? If you have to think about it, you know what that means. It‘s not im­por­tant. Rus­sia, how­ever, is im­por­tant. The smart play is to work with Vlady to es­tab­lish or­der in his do­main of Eastern Europe. You scratch mine, I’ll scratch yours.

No kid­ding. It’s the first time since the 1920s the stars have been so per­fectly aligned for the busi­ness of Amer­ica, which is ________.



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