Not run­ning on empty

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Much has been said about so-called fake news. I sub­mit that your Jan. 11 op-ed page has an egre­gious ex­am­ple.

The edi­to­rial car­toon by Clay Ben­nett of the Chat­tanooga Times-Free Press de­picts an im­age sim­i­lar to a gaso­line gauge in our cars, with the draw­ing of Don­ald Trump’s head and brain and show­ing the gauge point­ing to empty. Of course, the car­toon is the drawer’s opin­ion, but I be­lieve it is so to­tally bo­gus as to fall into the cat­e­gory of “fake news.”

What­ever one may think of this man, I be­lieve stupid is not the con­clu­sion any free thinker would come to. He took on 16 ex­pe­ri­enced politi­cians in his own party and beat them all with­out a thread of po­lit­i­cal ex­pe­ri­ence. He then won the pres­i­dency handily in op­po­si­tion to the ul­ti­mate politi­cian of our times, Hil­lary Clin­ton. In the process, a po­lit­i­cal neo­phyte, he de­stroyed the Bush and Clin­ton dy­nas­ties.

Only time will tell how his pres­i­dency will go, but I be­lieve to de­pict him as “empty” of brain ca­pac­ity is pure hate speech from the far-left rad­i­cal fringe, a place in­hab­ited by Mr. Ben­nett and his like.


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