How to read the week­end stock ta­bles

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STOCK GLOS­SARY — cc: PE greater than 99. d: New 52-week low; dd: Loss in last 12 mos. g: Stock trades in U.S. money but

div­i­dend and earn­ings in Cana­dian money, and no yield or PE un­less stated in U.S. money; n: New is­sue in past 52 weeks, with high-low range from start of trad­ing; s: A split or stock div­i­dend of 25 per­cent or more in the past 52 weeks, with the 52-week high-low ad­justed. Div­i­dend be­gins with the date of split or div­i­dend; q: Closed-end fund; no PE cal­cu­lated. u: New 52-week high; v: Trad­ing halted on pri­mary mar­ket; vj: In bank­ruptcy or re­ceiver­ship or be­ing re­or­ga­nized, or se­cu­ri­ties as­sumed by such com­pa­nies; z: Sales in full, not in hun­dreds. SPE­CIAL TYPES: pf: Pre­ferred stocks, which get pri­or­ity when div­i­dends are paid; pp: Holder owes two in­stall­ments of pur­chase price; rs: Stock has un­der­gone a re­verse stock split of at least 50 per­cent within the past year; rt: Rights to buy new is­sues be­low mar­ket;

un: Sold in units that may in­clude bonds or war­rants; wt: War­rants, or op­tions granted by the com­pany; xw: With­out war­rants; ww: With war­rants; wd: When dis­trib­uted by holder; wi: When stock is is­sued. DIV­I­DEND FOOTNOTES: a: Ex­tra div­i­dend(s); b: An­nual rate plus stock div­i­dend; c: Div­i­dend from a liq­ui­dat­ing com­pany; e: De­clared or paid pre­ced­ing 12 months; f: An­nual rate, in­creased on last dec­la­ra­tion.

i: De­clared or paid af­ter div­i­dend or split; j: Paid this year, div­i­dend omit­ted, de­ferred or no ac­tion taken at last meet­ing; k: De­clared or paid this year, an ac­cu­mu­la­tive is­sue with div­i­dends in ar­rears; r: De­clared or paid in last 12 months plus stock div­i­dend; m: An­nual rate, re­duced on last dec­la­ra­tion. p: Ini­tial div­i­dend, an­nual rate un­known; yield not shown. t: Paid in stock in pre­ced­ing 12 months, es­ti­mated cash value on ex-div­i­dend or ex-distri­bu­tion date; X: Buy­ers aren’t en­ti­tled to next div­i­dend (ex-div­i­dend) or rights (ex-rights); y: ex-div­i­dend and sales in full.

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