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Fol­low­ing are some thoughts trig­gered by items read on Thurs­day’s op-ed page:

1. John Brum­mett, prom­i­nent po­lit­i­cal pun­dit, per­ma­nently per­turbed by our “pre­pos­ter­ous sec­ond-place pres­i­dent” (as­sum­ing one ig­nores the elec­toral col­lege), cre­ated an en­tire col­umn out of the pres­i­dent’s re­cent con­tention that pur­vey­ors of “fake news” are en­e­mies of the peo­ple. I won’t try to de­fend Mr. Trump’s fre­quent ill-cho­sen ex­pres­sions, but I won­der if Mr. Brum­mett thinks that pub­lish­ing any­thing other than hon­est, straight news can be clas­si­fied as friendly to the peo­ple.

2. While I agree with Veronique Odekirk’s point that only peo­ple’s ac­tions, not their very ex­is­tence, are il­le­gal, I would con­tend that the ex­pres­sion “il­le­gal aliens” is merely short­hand for “aliens in this coun­try il­le­gally,” so doesn’t nec­es­sar­ily den­i­grate their hu­man­ity (par­tic­u­larly if that con­di­tion is eas­ily reme­died with is­suance of a “green card,” mak­ing their pres­ence le­gal).

3. Earl Kennedy laments the paucity of pub­lished let­ters of sup­port for Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump and spec­u­lates that Ar­kan­sas Demo­crat-Gazette let­ter-se­lec­tors are mostly anti-Trump. Re­gard­less of po­lit­i­cal lean­ings of those se­lect­ing let­ters to be pub­lished, I sus­pect that re­ceived quan­ti­ties of caus­tic let­ters about any per­son or is­sue will nearly al­ways ex­ceed the num­ber of those con­tain­ing fa­vor­able com­ment, for it is sim­ply hu­man na­ture to qui­etly ac­cept that which we like, but burst into crit­i­cism of that which we don’t.

Fi­nally, I ap­pre­ci­ate John McPher­son’s let­ter about the distinc­tion be­tween guilt and shame—and the po­ten­tial for for­given guilt through the grace of our Lord. KEN MILLER Lit­tle Rock

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