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DEAR HELOISE: I have a pet sit­ter stay at our home to care for our beloved dogs when we travel. For my peace of mind, I change the ID tags on their col­lars to re­flect the pet sit­ter’s cell­phone num­ber in­stead of mine.

This is es­pe­cially im­por­tant when we’re on long trips, some­times out of the coun­try or on a cruise ship.

— Nancy in Cal­i­for­nia DEAR READER: Read­ers, what other pet/travel hints can you come up with?

DEAR HELOISE: What’s the dif­fer­ence be­tween white and cider vine­gar?

— A Faith­ful Reader,

Fort Wayne, Ind. DEAR READER: White vine­gar and cider vine­gar are both made of acetic acid.

White vine­gar typ­i­cally has more acid (be­tween 5 per­cent and 8 per­cent), is more sour and gen­er­ally is more ef­fec­tive in clean­ing.

Cider vine­gar is de­rived from ap­ples and has a golden color, and can in­clude a harm­less residue in the bot­tle, from the heat­ing process, called “mother of vine­gar.”

Cider vine­gar of­ten is pro­moted as a health agent, al­though many of th­ese claims are not proven.

Vine­gar is cheap, read­ily avail­able and safe. Freeze any va­ri­ety of vine­gar in an ice-cube tray, and toss a few down the garbage dis­posal pe­ri­od­i­cally to freshen it. Run the dis­posal with cold wa­ter to chop up the vine­gar cubes.

DEAR HELOISE: I go to out­door farm­ers mar­kets, and I am as­ton­ished how some peo­ple act to­ward ven­dors and oth­ers. I have seen peo­ple with $50 or $100 bills ex­pect­ing change for a $2 pur­chase. Be con­sid­er­ate of the ven­dors.

Also, when vis­it­ing with friends at the mar­ket, step to the side, and don’t ex­tend pet leashes or baby strollers out. This is a trip­ping haz­ard.

— A Reader, Ohio

DEAR HELOISE: My friend and I live to­gether. If we’re both at home and she needs me, she calls me on my cell­phone. If I’m in a dif­fer­ent part of the house, I will know to come help her.

— Guilda M., Florida

DEAR HELOISE: Liv­ing close to the beach and with dirty, sandy feet from time to time, I found a way to eas­ily scrub them up, shiny-clean.

I keep a bot­tle of in­ex­pen­sive sham­poo in the shower, grab a heavy wash­cloth, load it up with sham­poo and scrub away. — Susie in Cal­i­for­nia

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