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In­for­ma­tion is from state Health Depart­ment records. Restau­rants are listed in or­der of in­spec­tion date. All reports are from reg­u­lar food ser­vice in­spec­tions un­less oth­er­wise noted. Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions are de­fined as items re­lat­ing di­rectly to fac­tors that lead to food-borne ill­ness and must be cor­rected im­me­di­ately. Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions are de­fined as items that re­late to main­te­nance of food op­er­a­tions and clean­li­ness.

WASH­ING­TON COUNTY April 28 Golden Dragon Buf­fet

4101 W. Sunset Ave., Spring­dale No vi­o­la­tions.

May 5 Core Pub Har­Ber

7022 W. Sunset Ave., Suite 3, Spring­dale

Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Food should be pro­tected from con­tam­i­na­tion; chips in a bowl lacked a cover.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None

June 19 White Oak Sta­tion

2584 N. Gregg St., Fayet­teville Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: The women’s re­stroom has dam­aged tiles; floors must be main­tained to a smooth and eas­ily clean­able sur­face.

June 21 Farmington Se­nior Ac­tiv­ity Cen­ter

340 W. Main St., Farmington Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Su­gar scoop han­dle was in the su­gar; dur­ing pauses in food prepa­ra­tion or dis­pens­ing, uten­sils shall be stored in ac­cor­dance with es­tab­lish­ment reg­u­la­tions.

Briar Rose Bak­ery

28 E. Main St., Farmington Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: There were no paper tow­els in bath­rooms, which must be pro­vided with a sup­ply of in­di­vid­ual, dis­pos­able tow­els or a con­tin­u­ous towel sys­tem that sup­plies the user with a clean towel or a heated air dry­ing de­vice at each sink in the restau­rant. Bug spray must be ap­proved for food ser­vice. Chem­i­cal spray bot­tles were not la­beled.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: The bread must be stored cov­ered on wire racks. Out­side garbage can was open when not in use.

June 23 Rais­ing Cane’s Chicken Fin­gers

859 E. Mill­sap Road, Fayet­teville Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: The grill cook placed bun on grill with bare hands; ready-to-eat foods that are not cooked to 165 de­grees should not be han­dled with bare hands.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None


121 W. Town­ship St., Fayet­teville Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Ser­vice line mac ta­ble is hold­ing cold items at 45-50 de­grees when po­ten­tially haz­ardous food should be kept at 41 de­grees or above.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Tow­els were wet with san­i­tizer and stored on the counter top when they should be stored in san­i­tizer so­lu­tion or used to only wipe plates.

Waf­fle House

2311 W. Martin Luther King Blvd., Fayet­teville

Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Raw shell eggs do not have dis­card time mark­ing.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Cur­rent re­tail food per­mit is not posted con­spic­u­ous to the cus­tomer.

Fayet­teville Re­gional Park

2600 W. Judge Cum­mings Road, Fayet­teville

No vi­o­la­tions.

Walker Park

10 W. 15th St., Fayet­teville No vi­o­la­tions.

White River Base­ball Com­plex

1820 S. Arm­strong Ave., Fayet­teville No vi­o­la­tions.

Khana In­dian Grill

2101 N. Col­lege Ave., Fayet­teville

Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Walk-in cooler hold­ing foods at 45 de­grees, ther­mome­ter stated room hold­ing at 43 de­grees, dig­i­tal ther­mome­ter stated tem­per­a­ture hold­ing at around 42 de­grees; po­ten­tially haz­ardous food shall be cold held at 41 de­grees or be­low; cor­rected on site to en­sure walk-in cooler is hold­ing at 41 de­grees or be­low, all foods in cooler will have a cook step of 165 de­grees be­fore cook­ing.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Spray bot­tle of wa­ter not la­beled. Wa­ter in spray bot­tles must be la­beled to pre­vent ac­ci­den­tal con­tam­i­na­tion; cor­rected on site.


1777 W. Martin Luther King Blvd., Fayet­teville

No vi­o­la­tions.

June 24 Ge­orge’s Ma­jes­tic Lounge

519 W. Dick­son St., Fayet­teville Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Food out­side orig­i­nal con­tainer must be la­beled; flour was not la­beled. Sin­gle-ser­vice cups must be stored six inches off the floor.

Pun­jabi Kitchen - Mo­bile

2576 W. Sunset Ave, Spring­dale Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: There are no paper tow­els at the hand wash­ing sink. Im­proper cool­ing meat was cov­ered at 101 de­grees; must vent con­tainer and spend two hours to get from 135 de­grees to 70 de­grees, then four hours to get to 41 de­grees. The food per­mit was not posted or on­line in food safety.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: There was not a ther­mome­ter for the cooler. Must in­vert forks so food sur­face is not touched. There was a lack of chlo­rine test strips.

June 26 TJ’s Sand­wich Shop

1218 N. Gar­land Ave., Fayet­teville No vi­o­la­tions.

La Huerta

2356 N. Col­lege Ave., Fayet­teville Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Bar hand wash­ing sink lacks an ad­e­quate sup­ply of hand cleanser avail­able. Sliced toma­toes in flip top re­frig­er­a­tor stor­age tem­per­a­ture is at 49 de­grees.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: One ceil­ing light fix­ture in ware wash­ing area lacks repair/replacement

Jimmy John’s

3379 N Col­lege Ave, Fayet­teville Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Roast beef in cold hold­ing unit was hold­ing at 50 de­grees and all other meat was at 41 de­grees.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None

Rom­ina’s Bak­ery

1900 S. First St., Suite 3, Rogers Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: There are miss­ing la­bels on prepack­aged breads and desserts; must have list of in­gre­di­ents in or­der by weight, name of busi­ness, ad­dress and any pos­si­ble food al­ler­gies in­cluded.

Grub’s Bar and Grill

220 N. West Ave., Fayet­teville Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Sev­eral ready to eat foods stored in the walk-in re­frig­er­a­tor lack cor­rect dis­card date mark­ing.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Food em­ploy­ees lack hair re­straints. Ceil­ing light fix­ture lacks shield­ing in dry food stor­age.

Rolando’s Restau­rant

509 W. Spring St., Suite 220, Fayet­teville

Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Bar hand wash­ing sink lacked the em­ployee hand wash­ing no­tice posted. Sev­eral plas­tic con­tain­ers have some in­te­rior sur­face dam­age from hot food con­tact.

June 27 Fast Trax

210 E. Pride­more Drive, Lin­coln No vi­o­la­tions.

Sim­ple Si­mon’s Pizza

308 E. Pride­more Drive, Lin­coln Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Raid is for res­i­den­tial use only; toxic sub­stances must be ap­proved for food ser­vice.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None

East Side Grill

1838 N. Cross­over Road, Fayet­teville

Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: There was one em­ployee cup that did not have a lid. Two food em­ploy­ees wear­ing dis­pos­able gloves han­dled raw pro­teins, then changed gloves but failed to wash hands prior to glove change to han­dle cooked food.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Scoop han­dle was stored down­ward in the ice cream con­tainer.

Whole Foods Mar­ket

3425 N. Col­lege Ave., Fayet­teville Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: El Rey choco­late bars and Mocha My Day nut mix lacks an al­ler­gens; the al­ler­gens for a food prod­uct shall be listed on the la­bel of the foods.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Salmon mix was placed for sam­pling and lacked a cover; food for sam­pling shall be pro­tected by a sneeze guard or lid.

Whole Foods - Deli/Bak­ery

3425 N. Col­lege Ave., Fayet­teville Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Knives stored in knife block had food residue on the sur­face; food con­tact sur­faces shall be cleaned be­fore and af­ter use. Grilled veg­eta­bles and canned veg­eta­bles were placed on the buf­fet line at 50 de­grees; foods shall be cooled down to 41 de­grees be­fore be­ing placed on the buf­fet line. Buf­fet hold­ing cold items at 47 de­grees when the tem­per­a­ture should be 41 de­grees or be­low. Sour cream had a dis­card date of June 25 and had not been dis­carded yet; prod­ucts shall be dis­carded af­ter the dis­card date.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: The foods for ser­vice were stored on a rack in the walk-in cooler with­out a cover; dur­ing prepa­ra­tion, un­pack­aged food shall be pro­tected from en­vi­ron­men­tal sources of con­tam­i­na­tion.

North Street Mini Mart

758 W. North St., Fayet­teville Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Soda ma­chine has a buildup of residue; ma­chine should be cleaned with a fre­quency to pre­vent buildup.

June 28 Frederick’s One Stop Mart

U.S. 62, Prairie Grove Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Po­ten­tially haz­ardous foods and time and tem­per­a­ture con­trol for safety foods must be 41 de­grees or be­low; these can be used up for 4 hours then must be thrown out; in­spec­tor and restau­rant ther­mome­ters read 49 de­grees.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Food work­ers should wear hair re­straints and cloth­ing that cov­ers body hair.


2179 W. Martin Luther King Blvd., Fayet­teville

Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: There was a log of ground beef that was thaw­ing on the counter; foods should be thawed un­der re­frig­er­a­tion or un­der cool run­ning wa­ter; meat was placed in the cooler. The cut­ting board had deep cuts in the sur­face; multi-use food con­tact sur­faces must be eas­ily clean­able. The tile be­hind the stove is miss­ing in places; floors and joint shall be smooth and eas­ily clean­able.

By­pass Mini Mart

2817 N. Gar­land Ave., Fayet­teville Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: A spray bot­tle did not have a la­bel when all bot­tles should be la­beled to in­di­cate chem­i­cal.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: The soda noz­zles lacked clean­ing when soda noz­zles should be cleaned with a fre­quency to pre­vent buildup.

Sam’s Club

3081 N. Arkansas 112, Fayet­teville Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Sam­ples of cream dip held on ice was at 47 de­grees; po­ten­tially haz­ardous foods shall be held cold at 41 de­grees or be­low.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None

Mel’s Diner

109 W. Buchanan St., Prairie Grove Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: There are tiles miss­ing un­der cook­ing equip­ment.

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