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I man­aged to slip in the back door of the wa­ter­ing hole just as the prodi­gal pro­fes­sor Phineas Phog­bot­tom elicited a rau­cous round of laugh­ter from his equally evil-minded lib­er­als. Their laugh­ter was in re­sponse to his not­ing of the de­struc­tion of the Ten Com­mand­ments on the grounds of the state Capi­tol.

As I lis­tened, Phineas re­lated his story of trav­el­ing some of the western states, at­tend­ing gath­er­ings of other evil lib­er­als that he found there. Ut­terly dis­gust­ing to think about: All them lib­er­als sit­ting around bad-mouthing our won­der­ful pres­i­dent, hold­ing hands and singing “Kum­baya” and other li­brul hip­pie songs.

As my anger grew at his sac­ri­lege, I fi­nally stood up and shouted, “The most righteous Sen. Ja­son Rapert will stand guard over the re­place­ment Ten Com­mand­ments un­til they build a 10-foot wall around it to pro­tect it and make you dang li­bruls pay for the wall!”

Thank God our Ten Com­mand­ments replica in Pos­sum Poot is mounted on an arch that noth­ing can harm. Our GOP (God’s Own Party) is strong in Pos­sum Poot. STEVE GIB­SON

Lit­tle Rock

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