Broke com­mand­ment

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I be­lieve in let­ting the peo­ple de­cide. Pun­ish the ones who de­stroy Arkansas’ Ten Com­mand­ments mon­u­ment.

With a note of in­ter­est and irony as I read my Bi­ble, the Ark of the Covenant con­tained the orig­i­nal tablets of the Ten Com­mand­ments. And look­ing in­side was a no-no from God.

The sixth com­mand­ment says “Thou shalt not mur­der.” But 1 Sa­muel says that God killed 70 who looked. Did God vi­o­late the sixth? The­olo­gians, let us know. WIL­LIAM C. KRAMER

North Lit­tle Rock

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