Su­per Quiz: Food and drink

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1. What two in­gre­di­ents are in­di­cated by the name “coq au vin”? 2. Term for finely cut cab­bage that has been fer­mented

3. A plan­tain is a va­ri­ety of ————.

4. What is the term for the most pop­u­lar type of flat­bread?

5. This thick soup with a French name is tra­di­tion­ally served cold. 6. A set of ribs served to­gether is known as a ————.

7. “Eau de vie” is French for “spir­its” and lit­er­ally trans­lates to ————.

8. What is con­sid­ered the long­est con­tin­u­ously made soft drink in the U.S.?

9. What fruit is a hy­brid be­tween a pomelo and a man­darin?


1. Chicken and wine

2. Sauer­kraut

3. Banana

4. Pizza

5. Vichys­soise

6. Rack

7. Wa­ter of life

8. Ver­nors Gin­ger Ale

9. Or­ange

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