Turn­ing a blind eye

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Sen­a­tor Cot­ton, I watched you make a mock­ery of the Se­nate In­tel­li­gence Com­mit­tee in June when it seems you pre­tended to in­ter­ro­gate Jeff Ses­sions. Could you be any more ob­vi­ous, Sen­a­tor—crack­ing jokes and ex­chang­ing small talk about spy nov­els, all the while cozy­ing up to your buddy, Mr. Ses­sions?

Let me share an­other story with you about a young man from Arkansas who rises to power quickly. He for­gets that power is a gift largely due to the priv­i­lege of grow­ing up in a great coun­try, a priv­i­lege that af­forded him es­sen­tial op­por­tu­ni­ties de­nied to oth­ers. He is cor­rupted by his own in­sa­tiable greed and de­vel­ops a close al­liance with a ma­lig­nantly nar­cis­sis­tic president while main­tain­ing a blind eye and deaf ear to the rest of hu­man­ity. And all the while he pre­tends he is just a char­ac­ter in some out­landish story. He is disin­gen­u­ous to his core and se­cretly votes to de­stroy health care for mil­lions of peo­ple. Many suf­fer and thou­sands die. He goes down in his­tory as a con­demned traitor.

But hey, this is only fiction, right? We can laugh about it over Scotch and wa­ter, watch­ing video clips of you along­side the mega­lo­ma­niac president you are so fond of, no?

But I am not laugh­ing, Tom. Nei­ther are mil­lions of oth­ers just like me. My life is a never-end­ing night­mare from which I never awaken, far re­moved from the fairy-tale ex­is­tence of your own small life.


Eureka Springs

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